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California has a tendency to go big. From global companies to Hollywood, the west coast giant is a force recognized the world over. As consumers continue to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, the scale of California’s massive population (nearing 40 million) has encouraged thousands of marijuana dispensaries to open. This often leaves medical consumers with more choices than they know what to do with.

In the bright and sunny neighborhood of Sylmar, known to locals as the “Top of Los Angeles,” is Greenlight Discount Pharmacy. They have established a decade-long relationship with the community, making it not only a great place to stop in and get meds but a place where the community is, in essence, the customer service model.

At Greenlight, you get more than a friend with great cannabis; you get a neighbor who cares.

From the Products to the Prices, Greenlight Sees You Through

greenlight discount logo caliLos Angeles County is a sprawling metropolis with hundreds, if not thousands of dispensaries. The initial laws and regulations supporting the medical marijuana industry left several gaps wherein businesses looking for a hot buck could open, accept cash, and be closed by the time authorities come knocking.

Several regulatory crackdowns have happened in Los Angeles County, including the Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) in 2007 and Proposition-D in 2013, and Greenlight Discount Pharmacy has remained entirely compliant through both regulatory shock-tests.

Greenlight Pharmacy CaliWhile this has little to do with the deals, pricing, or products carried, it further illustrates an organization-wide commitment to protecting public health and welfare in the local community, down to their business model. Even more, this shows the value Greenlight Discount Pharmacy puts on being there, remaining open, and staying consistent with the medical marijuana community.

For individuals with chronic, but non-life threatening illness, having reliable products in a rapidly evolving industry, where businesses open and close all the time, is both rare and essential.

In other words, Greenlight Discount Pharmacy offers a peace of mind and a feeling of trust.

For medical consumers, this creates an environment of unparalleled comfortability, rivaled only by the level of care and attentiveness each staff member has for the needs of the community, down to the individual person. The staff brings a gentle humor and excitement, culminating in a customer experience that is charmed and unique, comfortable and accepting, and able to accurately reach the needs of each medical consumer who walks into their care.

Come in a Medical Cardholder, Leave a Friend

The staff is not only adaptive to the needs of each person, but each budtender is able to engage in a thorough discussion of the emerging research on cannabis. They relay information from the different effects of individual cannabinoids to the details of strain genetics or growing science, and even the evolving legal situation the marijuana industry functions on.

It is not just a tangible depth of knowledge held by each staff member, it is how they are trained to use it that sets Greenlight Discount Pharmacy apart from the handful of competitors in the Sylmar area. Budtenders at Greenlight navigate the complex needs of their medical consumers without having to pause, suggesting that caring is something they do consciously, while information and product knowledge are something more akin to muscle memory.

The result is a friendly, educational experience where you can feel 100% comfortable that your best interests, your needs, are at the center.

A Variety of Products (and the Deals to Go with Them)

greenlight discount pharmacy counterGreenlight Discount Pharmacy is one of Sylmar, CA oldest, fully compliant medical marijuana dispensaries.

Home to a huge inventory of products, including concentrates, flower, edibles, and topicals, Greenlight’s expert staff is able to help guide consumers to their perfect meds with ease. Once inside, jars of freshly grown flower, too numerous to count, line the top of illuminated display cases.

The cases are filled with various pre-rolled joints, edibles, smoking accessories, topicals, and concentrates. The walls are even packed with various products hang behind the counter.

While medical marijuana consumers each require specific amounts of certain products, Greenlight Discount Pharmacy has products which broadly cover all bases.

In addition to a comprehensive inventory, their spectacularly knowledgeable staff, a superiorly comfortable environment, and the unfaltering sense of trust in their community, Greenlight is able to give back to consumers. They offer deals and specials so complimentary to the experience of being a medical consumer; it is almost as though you received a gift.

At Greenlight Discount Pharmacy, medical consumers can enjoy four (4) gram 1/8ths all day every day. Greenlight offers consumers a five (5) gram 1/8th happy hour everyday from 12pm-6pm, which includes a spin at the prize wheel. Store hours are 10 am to 8 pm, seven days a week! Prizes from the wheel include free edibles and grams as well as purchase discounts such as 5% off.

Greenlight offers a special VIP text reward program and daily raffles, helping you keep the green in your pocket and your pipe.

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