A List of the Perfect Cold Weather Munchies for Every Craving

When cold weather hits, many of us take the opportunity to enjoy a cozy smoke sesh. Whether that's in front of a blossoming fire or in the carefully planned warmth of a master architect's blanket fort, smokers all over the world are unwinding with their favorite strains.

Of course, these winter sessions are going to bring on a serious case of the munchies for most of us, so planning out your menu is going to be critical. To help you out, we've conferred amongst ourselves and come up with a few different moods you'll encounter during the cold weather munchies, and we’ve suggested a couple of our favorite food solutions. Read on to find ideas for when you're....

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In the Mood to Indulge

assorted donuts for cold weather munchies

It's widely known (and experienced first-hand) that winter brings out our most intense cravings for decadence. We tend to seek out eating experiences that delight all our senses, and create a sort of post-consumption afterglow. When you've smoked a nice heavy indica, one of these munchies will catapult your senses into a state of bliss.

Caramel Apple

caramel apples covered in nuts for the perfect cold weather munchies

The union of luscious caramel layered over the perfect tart apple is definitely one to reckon with. Pair with a mild-flavored, grassy smelling strain like Lamb's Breath for a definitive pop on your palate.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

cutting a slice of chocolate fudge cake to satisfy the cold weather munchies

Some of us don't care for the balancing act involved in a caramel apple, and for us unsubtle-eaters there's often nothing like a chocolate fudge cake. They're easy to come across in any store, and are unbeatable for sheer indulgence. Hell, you can even approximate the experience with a Hostess snack in a pinch! Pair with the deeply cocoa-flavored Chocolope strain to double down on the delectable.

Feeling Thirsty

winter mug steaming outside

After a stirring debate, we came to the consensus that beverages do indeed count as munchies. Even a CBD-infused drink could count as a munchie! If you disagree with this controversial statement, please skip to the next section for more traditional cold weather fare.

REAL Hot Chocolate

real cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and cocoa

We've all had a hot chocolate we found less than satisfactory, so that's why the key to this beverage is to do it the old fashioned way, with real chocolate and milk. There's no room for water if you want to do it right! We advise you to get out the double boiler before lighting up, as hot chocolate down the shirt or pants is not as fun as hot chocolate in the stomach. Pair with a luscious bowl of Wedding Cake for a smooth and creamy experience.

Hot Cider

hot winter cider for cold weather

The holidays aren't complete without a mug of hot spiced cider. Sweet and spicy combine to warm your up like nothing else, and a cinnamon stick thrown in there basically counts as fancy if you're into that. Pair with a nice joint of Afghani for a double measure of warming spice.

Craving Salt and Fat

cheesy grilled cheese

Here's where the trouble starts. Once you get a hankering for salty, fatty foods it's hard to satisfy – especially in the grip of cold weather munchies. These two solutions will fill you up and bring on the food coma immediately, so be sure you're ready for the heavy hitters.


plate of homemade nachos, a great cold weather munchies food

This classic stoner snack can be bulked up to suit a cold weather appetite, by adding steak, beans, and avocado. Or, you can take the simple route and dip chips in a lukewarm cup of cheese sauce. Whatever floats your boat! Pair with a racy sativa like Green Crack for a cerebral experience that allows you to appreciate each component individually.


slab of barbecue ribs

While nachos are more of a snack, barbecue anything is your chance to satisfy your munchies with a meal. Crisp skin, tender meat, plus sweet and savory flavors lead to the kind of mouth riot perfect for an after-smoke spread. Pair with unusual fruity flavors like Grape Ape for a mouthwatering cold weather meal.

Bonus Idea: BBQ nachos! Did we blow your mind?

Headed Out in the Cold

thermometer showing cold weather

While being bundled up in the warmth is certainly the ideal winter scenario, life necessitates that you get up and go even while it's freezing outside. After another spirited discussion, we ended up with two very opposite munchies to try before you've got to head into the cold.

Clementine Oranges

bowl of clenentine oranges

There was some vocal opposition to this one, but as we were reminded – healthy stoners do exist, and they deserve a rep too. Clementines are ideal after smoking because their tang wakes up the senses and helps contribute to a more productive high. Extend the energized feeling of citrus with a strain high in limonene, like Lemon Haze.

Steak & Ale Pie

half of a steak and ale pie

Citrus is great for a burst of energy for errands or a short outing, but if you plan for a day of sustained activity after your cold weather smoke sesh, a steak and ale pie has everything you need to keep up the good work all day. Pair with a strain high in myrcene, a terpene found abundantly in hops. AK47 will put a spring in your step that can last long into the day.

Wrapped Up by the Fire

sitting by the warm fire after eating some cold weather munchies

When you're lucky enough to be cozied up in a big hoodie or burritoed in a plush blanket, you need munchies that you can grab and eat easily with one hand. These snacks require minimal hand-out-of-blanket time.

Chocolate Truffles 

chocolate truffles

Why save these decadent little desserts just for Valentine's Day? Pick up a box for cheap in the cold weather, and marvel at their ease of consumption for those wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket. They have portion control built right in, which can be handy when you're pairing them with a munchies-inducing indica like White Rhino.

Dipped Strawberries

chocolate dipped strawberries

Anyone who's had a good chocolate or yogurt-dipped strawberry knows they speak for themselves. Tart, tangy strawberry and creamy coating make for a singular experience with a short and simple hand-to-mouth trajectory. A smooth smoke like Champagne Kush is the perfect pair for an evening of indulgence.

Got any favorite cold weather munchies? Let us know in the comments. Happy holidays from Leafbuyer!