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Lemon Haze Strain

Sativa Hybrid Lemon Skunk x Silver Haze
  • 22.3% THC
  • 0.23% CBD
  • 0.0% CBN
medicinal use Anxiety ANXIETY
medicinal use Nausea NAUSEA
medicinal use Headache HEADACHE
medicinal use Lemon LEMON
medicinal use Earthy EARTHY
medicinal use Fruity FRUITY
medicinal use Uplifted UPLIFTED
medicinal use Energized ENERGIZED
medicinal use Happy HAPPY

Lemon Haze is a high testing sativa dominant hybrid. It is a 60/40 ratio, and the dominant genetics are clearly sativa. It usually tests around 22 percent THC. This is a popular strain amongst recreational smokers because of it's citrusy and earthy flavors, which make for a smooth and flavorful smoke or vape session.

Overview of Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze is an extremely tasty sativa dominant flower. Its genetics are 60/40 sativa, and its flowers display a nice blend of both. The buds are slightly tapered, but chunky- allowing for the bolder definition of color and texture. The fluffy bud should be vibrant green with hues leaning toward yellow, with rusty orange pistils and particularly defined trichomes. A good batch of Lemon Haze is what most people think of when they picture a potent nug.

The strain Lemon Haze is amongst the most popular strains in today's market. Its lemon peel scent and skunky undertones take the smoker's tastebuds by surprise. Not only do you get the citrusy taste you were expecting, but you really taste the skunk's earthy flavors as well. There's no doubt limonene dominates the terpene profile of Lemon Haze, lending it energizing qualities.

Lemon Haze is known to be a heavy hitter. This is typically a high testing flower, usually coming in with a THC content around 22 percent. Its CBD content is less impressive, topping out at about 0.5 percent. Lemon Haze isn't a cup-winning strain, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming a favorite of consumers on the West Coast.

Potential Positive Effects of Lemon Haze

The overall high of Lemon Haze is extremely uplifting and happy. This cannabis strain's sativa dominance offers a clear-headed cerebral high which can spur creative inspiration and inspire energy for any number of activities. Lemon Haze uplifts without overly diminishing cognitive abilities- although consumers do find themselves laughing a lot more than usual. Upbeat social situations are an ideal setting to let Lemon Haze brighten up the day or night. This strain can sometimes be a creeper, taking up to 15 minutes to manifest noticeable effects.

Potential Negative Effects of Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze's sativa influence can overpower some consumers prone to paranoia and racing thoughts. On the other side of the coin, this strain's indica heritage may come into play and send you off to dreamland if you consume too much.

The Lineage of Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze. Both are sativa dominants with very citrusy flavors. Lemon Skunk is a cross between two Skunk plants that stood out for their lemon flavors. Silver Haze is a cross between Northern Lights and Skunk.

Growing Lemon Haze

This strain typically grows to about 80-130 centimeters tall indoor and about 130-170 centimeters tall outdoors. Even though Haze strains usually grow quite tall, the indica genes in Lemon Haze keep it from growing in height. The average flowering time for Lemon Haze is around eight to nine weeks. You can shorten this time artificially, but you will see a decrease in yield. The average yield of an outdoor Lemon Haze plant is about 400-450 grams per plant.

Where to Find Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze is practically a household name among cannabis lovers, and shoppers shouldn't have trouble finding great deals on this strain in any state with a medical or recreational marijuana program.

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