The Best Strains to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Feast

photo of part of a thanksgiving dinner spread with green beans, cranberry sauce, turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie

Thanksgiving is arguably the second-best stoner holiday, ranking just below the fan favorite 420. Turkeys and pilgrims may not exactly seem like cannabis icons, but with good people, good food, and (most importantly) good weed, it's easy to see why stoners enjoy celebrating their very own Danksgiving. The only problem? Choosing the best strains for Thanksgiving can be hard, especially when there are so many great strains for you to pick from. Leafbuyer's list of the top five best strains for Thanksgiving gives you a wide range of cannabis strains, all of which are known for their incredibly powerful appetite-inducing effects. Indica or sativa, mellow or energetic, potent or more laid-back – the choice is entirely yours! So choose a strain and get ready for your most relaxing and delicious Thanksgiving yet

Best Strains for Thanksgiving

Critical Massimage of a turkey for thanksgiving with mashed potatoes, green beans, and stuffing next to it

Critical Mass is one of the best strains for your Thanksgiving celebration due to its balanced high and ability to induce a ravenous appetite. As the offspring of Afghan and Skunk #1, Critical Mass offers the best of each well-known parent strain while also delivering its own unique blend of pleasant effects. Critical Mass boasts an impressive THC content of 22.34% making it perfect for seasoned stoner celebrations. Since this strain is indica-leaning, don't expect to get too much work done this Thanksgiving. While not a couch-lock strain, Critical Mass does present notable effects of relaxation and mood enhancement. You'll never be happier (or hungrier) than if you manage to get your hands on some Critical Mass for your Danksgiving celebrations, especially if you enjoy well-balanced strains that pack an impressive punch. Choose Critical Mass for this year's Thanksgiving celebrations if you want a stoney, stress-free holiday (and a good night's sleep).

Fat Nelson

Every Thanksgiving celebration needs a chef and, much like the name would suggest, Fat Nelson is the perfect strain to amp up your Thanksgiving cooking game. This cannabis strain is known for its intense stress-relieving effects, perfect for handling a full day of cooking (and all those pesky visiting relatives). Fat Nelson's potent, hard-hitting high will leave your mind feeling clear and maybe even a little energized. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Fat Nelson is a strain that you can smoke all the way from morning up until well-after Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, you don't have to be in the kitchen to smoke this fantastic cannabis. But if you are, Big Nelson is the absolute best strain for Thanksgiving dinner.

Cheeseimage of mac and cheese in a pan with a cheese grater and cheese partially out of frame

Cheese may sound like part of the appetizer menu, but it’s actually a potent indica strain that elevates your mood, relaxes your body, and increases your appetite. If it sounds like the perfect strain for Thanksgiving, that's probably because it is. Even though Cheese is an indica-leaning strain, it won't leave you feeling couch locked or send you to sleep in the middle of your holiday celebrations. Expect to feel an instant rush of euphoria alongside a deeply relaxing body high. This year, ditch the traditional cheeseboard (gouda, cheddar, fancy french bries, etc.) and instead set out an arrangement of choice Cheese nugs. Your guests will love it and so will you.


Trainwreck seems like it would be a hard-hitting indica (if names were anything to go by), and while it is potent, its effects are clearly sativa in nature with a cerebral head high to match. This strain is perfect if you want to avoid a stereotypical stoner lull in the conversation. Since Trainwreck is known to keep chitchat flowing smoothly, it's great to smoke throughout Thanksgiving night. Consumers of Trainwreck report a late onset high that presents as a sudden rush of euphoria followed by a general feeling of overall mood enhancement. It’s good for keeping a crowd lively, entertained, and in good holiday spirit. This strain might be a train wreck, but with it, your Thanksgiving dinner will be anything but.

Blue Lightsimage of blueberry pie with a lattice top and a rolling pin, blueberries, and cinnamon partially out of frame

Blue Lights is everything you want for a night of stoned holiday celebrations: stress-relieving, euphoric, and perfect for kicking back and relaxing with loved ones. The offspring of notable strains Blueberry and Northern Lights, Blue Lights lives up to its lineage with its strong indica effects and pungent blueberry scent and flavor. While Blue Lights first presents with almost sativa-like qualities, such as mood enhancement and chattiness, it will eventually fade into a comforting body high likely to send you into a deep sleep. Pair this strain with dessert to take full advantage of its sweet terpene profile as well as its creeping sedating effects. Blue Lights may not be the best strain for your Thanksgiving dinner but it truly is the perfect strain for Thanksgiving dessert.