6 Dope Ideas for Weed Halloween Costumes

halloween costume mask and weed

October is upon us; an enchanting month full of cobwebs and pumpkins that culminates with the best parties of the year. Halloween is the perfect time (next to 4/20) for a stoner to show their love for cannabis through the pure expression of a weed Halloween costume.

Cruising up to a Halloween party dressed as a giant bong with dreadlocks gets all the other smokers excited and lets everyone know that you're the baddest blazer at the bash.  Making your own Halloween costume is a sign of foresight and dedication, showing that you like pot, like Halloween, and like to be the canna-belle of the ball.

So, with an eye toward the DIY crowd, I present to you six dope ideas for weed Halloween costumes:

A Giant Bong, Pipe, or Rig

If you really want to make a silly statement and get involved in some serious craft-work, then you have the right attitude for one of these costumes. By wearing a giant bong costume, you become a bona fide beacon of bud, so don't be surprised if you attract the attention of everyone; stoners and nonsmokers alike. Bonus points if you can blow smoke out of the right hole.

Construction: Most bongs, pipes, and rigs are round so you will want to start off with a large cardboard tube, a plastic barrel, or some other cylinder for the body of the costume. Another smaller-diameter cylinder will be needed for the stem and bowl-piece. I recommend using moss from the craft-store to fill the bowl because it’s cheap and easy to glue.

A Joint or Blunt

Want a weed Halloween costume that will give the old-timers a chuckle? Then saunter into the next spooky soiree dressed as grandpa's favorite Doobie brother. If you roll up as a Joint or Blunt, expect to see a lot of faces light up as you pass them... on the left. After seeing you twist it up on the dance floor, even a mummy will know it's a wrap for best costume.

Construction: Even though there is a difference between Blunts vs. Joints, both costumes are constructed similarly.  The diameter tube needed for a joint or blunt is much smaller than a bong, this will be a lot lighter to wear and gives you a wider selection of material to choose from.  Instead of cardboard, you can shape out your THC-tube with construction paper. Joint-jockeys need to remember to bring their costume ends to a point, so no one mistakes you for a Marlborough.

A Bag of Weed

Are you ready to go back to the beginning? This is no chicken-and-egg case, I can scientifically prove that the bag of weed costume came before the bong and before you learned how to roll.  You can take comfort that a giant bong or joint would be nothing without you. That's why showing up to the party, looking like a phat-sack of green, shows everyone that you know where it all starts. You're an O. G.- Original Ganja-Bag.

Construction:  You are going to need a translucent, semi-pliable, plastic sheet of sorts for your bag.  An easy DIY material is a clear shower curtain; this you can cut to length and use spray adhesive or hot glue to double over and attach edges. Craft-store moss can be used as buds to fill your bag or you can always paint another fluffy substitute green.

Weed Doctor/Nurse

Perhaps you are more interested in a lower-key costume, one that allows you to fit inside a car or a costume that does not take thirty hours to make.  I have just the prescription for you; Weed Doctor or Weed Nurse.  With these costumes, you can show your appreciation for those heroic recommenders of medical marijuana, those primary pot practitioners, and your every day Dr. Feelgood!

Construction: The biggest piece of this weed Halloween costume is the getting a long white coat or nurses' uniform. This is also the first costume on the list with an obvious 'sexy-costume' variant for any RNs; Registered Naughty girls. “Hello, Nurse!”

You will also want to include a pot leaf or green cross to your uniform to shore-up any doubt about your dank doctor costume. The addition of a doctors' bag, stethoscope, or tongue-depressor will only heighten the gag.

'Towelie' from South Park

Oh, hey guys...I have no idea what's going on... ... ... These just a few of the idiotic and icon lines you will be able to quote from South Park Colorado's most absorbent pot smoker.

This costume is great if you like the show but even better if you enjoy talking like a space-cadet.  If you really want to get into character, make your friends smoke you up, before you can answer such questions as: Where are we? Where is the bathroom? What is the Wi-Fi password? and Oh, hey guys... What's going on?

Construction: The key to a great Towelie costume is to get the right towel color. Shade names can vary but you're looking at the lavender, lilac, light purple, periwinkle...uh...Oh, hey guys...Where was I? *Inhales loudly.

*Exhales slowly. So, a periwinkle towel with white stripes is the body of Towelie, for true authenticity, make sure to have white legs and yellow shoes. On top of that towel are two large bloodshot eyes and a spaced-out expression that reads "...I have no idea what's going on..."

Cheech and/or Chong

Who is the most dynamic dope duo? That's right, Cheech and Chong (sorry, Bluntman and Chronic).  These two stars from the 70s and 80s popularized stoner comedy for generations and are still iconic today.  And you don't need to know that "Dave's not here," to know that two dope-ass weed Halloween costumes is better than one. With just a little bit of coordination and some facial hair, you and your best bud can leave every other costume up in smoke.

Construction:  The clothing basics for both of these costumes can be found at a thrift shop or they might be tucked in your closet already. Cheech is most often portrayed with a red beanie and red suspenders. Khaki pants, a yellow tank-top, and two-part caterpillar mustache will complete your Cheech transformation

Chong is usually portrayed as wearing a blue-jeans, a denim jacket, and a bandana. He also has a messy head of black hair, a beard, and glasses. These two are the Monty Python of weed, so be ready to sling quotes from dope movies all night long.

Honorable Mentions

So, there you have six of the best weed Halloween costume ideas to show off your love of cannabis and the culture. There are always other cannabis costume ideas that can be made or bought. Some of these were left out because they were not do-it-yourself enough, or that they were too easy, too hard, too corny of a joke, or the celebrity was not easily duplicated. Here are some of the runner-ups:

  • Pot Leaf
  • 'Pot-Head' (flowerpot on your head)
  • Vape-Pen
  • 'Stoned' Hippie
  • 'Rastafarian'/ Bob Marley
  • Bluntman and Chronic
  • Pot Leaf Suit/Businessman
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Whiz Khalifa
  • Willie Nelson

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