Top 5 Cannabis Coloring Books for the Artistic Stoner

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Being bored and high is never a fun combination but, lucky for us, there's a solution to this common stoner problem — just get yourself a cannabis coloring book for adults! That's right, coloring books aren't just for kids anymore, and the world is full of beautiful coloring books for any age (and level of sobriety). From trippy designs to artistic masterpieces, you can color it all while high as a kite! You just need some basic coloring tools like pencils, markers, or even crayons — plus, of course, a coloring book. But of all the cannabis coloring books out there, how do you decide which option is the absolute best creative outlet for an artistic stoner?

If you want to enjoy some high-quality cannabis and get your coloring game on, Leafbuyer is here to help with this list of the top 5 cannabis coloring books! We've already selected the best, most artistic, and the trippiest coloring books for you. So, treat yourself to a creative outlet that's bound to keep any artistic stoner engaged for hours with a cannabis coloring book.

Best Cannabis Strains for Coloring

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If you plan to spend hours getting high and coloring in your adult cannabis coloring book, chances are you'll want to spend a little extra time choosing the perfect strain for the occasion! After all, not every weed strain helps get the creative juices flowing and some heavy-hitting indica strains might even kill your drive to do anything at all! So, instead of diving into the creative process, try visiting your local dispensary first to see what kinds of awesome products they have available for you.

The best weed for coloring is sativa strains with creative properties. And, if you want to get a little more fancy with your strain selection, you can look around your local cannabis selection for a citrusy strain since limonene (the terpene responsible for that punchy lemon flavor) is reportedly great for getting the imagination flowing! The potency of your coloring book cannabis experience is entirely up to the artist in question since every cannabis consumer has a different level of tolerance. Whatever you end up deciding to smoke, it's bound to go well with your adult coloring book experience!

Best Cannabis Coloring Books

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Now that we've established which strains are best for coloring while high, it's time to get onto the main event — Leafbuyer's comprehensive compilation of the best cannabis coloring books available now! There's something for everyone here in this top 5 list — for artistically-inclined stoners to get their creative groove on the right way. All you have to do is get your hands on some high-quality cannabis, assemble your coloring tools, and decide which of these top 5 cannabis coloring books is best for you (and yes, it can be all of them)!

1. Color Me Stoned: A Cannabis Coloring Book for Adults

The first on our list of top cannabis coloring books is Color Me Stoned: A Cannabis Coloring Book for Adults by Donna Locicero. As the title suggests, this coloring book is chock-full of weed-themed designs for even the most stoned of stoners to get lost in for days. Add life to the blank pages of Color Me Stoned, and you'll never have a boring session of getting baked ever again (or at least for as long as the 60 pages last you). If you're looking specifically to color in some marijuana leaves, then this is definitely the top cannabis coloring book for you! Either way, we suggest a little bit of Blue Dream to go along with your Color Me Stoned experience.

2. Day Trip: The Stoner's Psychedelic Coloring Book

Another excellent choice among our top 5 cannabis coloring books is Day Trip: The Stoner's Psychedelic Coloring Book from SKeirArt. This 40-page collection of trippy, fun, and sometimes downright weird illustrations is the perfect place to break loose and let your high influence your art! For the experienced cannabis connoisseur, try smoking some LSD (the weed strain, that is) while tackling the task of coloring all 40 of this cannabis coloring book's wonderfully illustrated, stoner-friendly scenes. You're bound to leave boredom behind with this top cannabis coloring book!

3. Sloths Who Smoke & Drink: These Sloths Love to Party

Sloths Who Smoke & Drink: These Sloths Love to Party is bound to bring life to any smoke session with its adult-only humor and 14 single-sided blank pages just waiting for your touch of color. Kristin Harris, the creator of this sloth-y coloring book, also includes a test page for your colors in the booklet so you can color your sloths knowing exactly what shade they'll be! You might want to choose this top cannabis coloring book if you love sloths or if you're interested in trying your hand on the classic 420 sloth page. For a creative and potentially humor-enhancing experience, get baked off a little Chemdawg '91 and sit down for a good ol' coloring session with the Sloths Who Smoke & Drink coloring book!

4. Stress Less Coloring: Psychedelic Patterns

For a more mellow artistic experience, we recommend Stress Less Coloring: Psychedelic Patterns by Adams Media as a definite contender in our top 5 cannabis coloring books. It's great to get high and relax after a long day at work (or after any day in general) and this coloring book to combat stress is as effective as it is beautiful! This book offers 100 pages full of fun, creative, and relaxing illustrations to fill with any colors you want. For the ultimate coloring experience with Stress Less Coloring, we suggest AK-47 for a high that matches the mood of the book perfectly! You can get lost in the pages of this top cannabis coloring book and destress as you go — it's the perfect activity for a stressed-out stoner.

5. The Stoner's Coloring Book: Coloring for High-Minded Adults

Last (but certainly not least) on our list of the top 5 cannabis coloring books is The Stoner's Coloring Book: Coloring for High-Minded Adults by Jared Hoffman. Everyone can enjoy this 40-page compilation of 9 different artists who came together to create the ultimate coloring book for stoners! Whether you feel like coloring in some elves, poets, gurus, or anything in-between, this is the perfect coloring book for you. So, channel your inner creative spirit and get ready for a truly monumental cannabis coloring book experience with The Stoner's Coloring Book. As the title suggests, this booklet is great for just about any kind of high — but we here at Leafbuyer recommend getting high on some Lemon Haze to truly appreciate the trippy and all-around visually stunning coloring adventure of this top cannabis coloring book.


Try any of these top 5 weed-themed coloring books and get the weed to match — just go online and see what's available near you! If you're looking for a quality coloring experience while baked, then this list is foolproof to give you the entertainment you're looking for.