Dabbing Etiquette 101

basic dabbing etiquette

We all know that there are a particular set of principles and stoner etiquette that every homie should follow when smoking with a group of buddies. While getting baked isn’t quite what it used to be, even puffing on cannabis concentrates requires some simple dab etiquette when dabbing in a circle. The principals or "rules" of dabbing are relatively apparent and should be innate for most seasoned stoners. Nevertheless, every group has the one buddy who just doesn’t get it. Sometimes those friends need a little refresher in the lesson of dab etiquette.

Have no fear, cause Leafbuyer is here to correct the disrespect!

Basic Rules of Dabbing in a Group

Sparking up a joint and passing it around the circle is, and will always be, a tradition in the cannabis community; however, the evolution of marijuana products seems to be making the sesh circle a bit smaller.

It is up to the cannabis community to make sure that even dabbing continues to promote social interaction. It starts by following the basic dab etiquette listed below:

For the Dab Master

dabbing cannabis concentrate

  1. Whoever owns the rig or concentrates being smoked by the group should be the dab master — the gatekeeper of all dabs — for the session.
  2. The dab master must vow to ensure everyone in the group is offered a dab and receives thy dab before leaving the dab throne.
  3. Make a designated dabbing area, so the dab rig is not at risk of breaking.
  4. Ensure there is a seat for the current dabber to take their dab comfortably.
  5. The dab master should offer to retrieve the dab for the dabber or to allow the dabber to size up their own dab.
  6. If the dab master is getting the dab ready, it is best to start with a smaller serving — a dab the size of a tip of a ballpoint pen. The dabber may ask for more if they so desire.
  7. If the dabber would like to scoop their own dab, they should make sure not to take massive dabs, especially if it is not thy dabs.
  8. The dab master should heat the nail with a torch for a set amount of time that is best for the nail. Some nails require more heat than others; it just depends on the quality of the nail (20 seconds is a good average).
  9. Using a timer, wait for the nail to cool to the desired temperature and tell the dabber when the nail is ready for blast off (40 to 50 seconds after heating is a good average).
  10. Once the dab melts off the tool completely, the dab master should have the carb cap ready to make the process easy for the dabber. It is also proper dab etiquette to take the dab tool from the dabber at this time.
  11. When the dab is complete, the dab master should clean the nail thoroughly with a swab. Make sure there is no leftover concentrates on the nail to ensure a clean hit for the next dabber.
  12. Repeat the same process for the entire group until all who wish to dab have dabbed!

Following the above rules will ensure that the host, or dab master, maintains the social dab etiquette necessary to enjoy dabbing in a group. This process guarantees that everyone gets to dab and that everyone dabs correctly with the host’s rig. Plus, it puts the responsibility of the rig and dabs in the hands of one person, rather than in the hands of 10 different baked friends.

For the Group

taking a dab out of rig

While the host has a list of dab etiquette to follow, so do the dabbers in the group.

  1. When dabbing in a group, make sure to bring a gram of your own to share. Never show up empty handed expecting to smoke on someone else’s dime.
  2. If scooping your own dab, be reasonable and do not overdo it with someone else’s gram.
  3. Listen to the dab master and do not drop the dab on the nail until it is ready. Doing so will hurt your lungs, as well as dirtying up the nail.
  4. Hand the dab tool to the dab master and do not set it down on the table. It makes the table sticky and causes a mess.
  5. Offer to clean the dab nail, although the dab master will probably handle it themselves to make sure it’s done correctly.
  6. Let the next dabber know it’s time to get to baked!

Again, the above rules are best for when in a large group to ensure a smooth process. Many consumers know how to dab appropriately and can take care of most of this process on their own. Nevertheless, friends mess up all the time, but the above dab etiquette will limit the risk of dabbing in a group.

Ancillary Tools and Unique Rigs that Make Dabbing in a Group Easier

cannabis dab rig in smoke

The most common method of dabbing concentrates is by using a glass or silicone rig. While the rig is an excellent and effective dabbing method, there are a few different tools and modern-day rigs to make dabbing in a group as smooth as possible.

  • Electric Nail — Removes the need for a torch and allows for faster, easier dabbing.
  • Quartz Dab Dish — A dab dish allows for larger dabs, which multiple people can share and keeps the nail clean.
  • Dab Mats Keeps the table clean and adds another layer of protection for the rig.
  • Portable Rigs — Dabber, Vape Pens, Silicone Rig, or the Puffco

All of these ancillary smoking tools are great for dabbing in a group. The Puffco, in particular, is the best electric rig for dabbing in a group. It is easy to use and allows for multiple people to dab at once. It fits perfectly in one hand, is easy to pass around a circle, and isn't made of all glass (so is more durable than a traditional rig), which makes it the ideal way to dab in a group!


Dab etiquette is something that every cannabis consumer should at least be aware of and should  keep in mind if they're ever in a dabbing situation. Some hosts or seasoned stoners may have a dab etiquette of their own, but this list is an excellent place to start. As dabbing continues to evolve, the cannabis community hopes that it will continue to enhance the social connection surrounding cannabis consumption!


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