What Are Dab Mats?

What Are dab mats? Shatter on a rig

Cannabis concentrates are quickly taking over the marijuana market. As we see more concentrate companies, with new and unique products, we have also seen an increase in dabbing accessories. From a brand-new rig to futuristic Puffco Peak, dabbing requires a lot of tools. One accessory that’s becoming popular in the dabbing community is dab mats. People are wondering though, what are dab mats?

What are Dab Mats?

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At nearly every smoke shop or dispensary, you will find dab mats on the shelf. These mats come in all different shapes and sizes, and some even have unique designs on them. While they are a great way to decorate the designated dab area, they do have an actual purpose. Dab mats help to keep the space organized, as well as keep runaway concentrates from sticking to the table. Anyone without a dab mat who has been dabbing in the same spot for a while should understand. Dabs get everywhere, especially when consumers are smoking down on high-quality shatter.

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Along with keeping dabs off the table, dab mats are a protective layer sitting between a couple hundred-dollar dab rig and the table. Everyone has that friend who is just not careful with other people’s things. The dab mat is there to keep the bottom of your rig from being slammed down and potentially broken. Overall, dab mats are meant to help you keep clean while ensuring the safety of your rigs. Plus, they look awesome.

Types of Dab Mats

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There is a dab mat that fits nearly every consumer’s needs. The most basic type of dab mat is a silicon dab mat. While these are excellent for withstanding the heat of nails or dab tools, they’re lackluster in appearance. Many smoke shops and dispensaries will carry custom dab mats that have wild designs on them. These mats tend to be similar to a mouse pad for a computer. Dab mats are now such a popular cannabis accessory that consumers can find their favorite characters, like Rick and Morty, on dab mats almost anywhere. The greatest part of having a dab mat is that it is a perfect centerpiece for your dabbing set-up.

Is it Worth Getting a Dab Mat?

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Yes, dab mats are worth it! Even though they may not be a necessity, they are a tremendous precautionary tool to keep your dab rig safe. Plus, dab mats are inexpensive. You don't need the most costly dab mat to get its use. In fact, many smoke shops have silicone mats that cost as little as $10. This mat won’t be very big, but it gets the job done. Anyone who wants the best of the best with an interesting design is going to fork up a little bit of cash – around $20-$40 worth. Dab mats are cost-effective and are ideal for those consumers who dab consistently. If the mat saves your $300 rig, then it will have been a worthy investment. Scoop up a dab mat with your favorite old-school cartoon or modern masterpiece on it the next time you are in a head shop.

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