The Glass Blunt: Say Farewell to Rolling Papers

The innovation and creativity of overzealous pot smokers seem to have no limits. We have seen a flurry of inventions for the cannabis user over the past few years. With new technology, there has been a huge transformation in the way in which we consume weed.

With augmentations to old gadgets and new devices continually entering the market, the industry appears to be in a full-fledged modernization era. One of the most recent creations that have been receiving raves is the Glass Blunt.

A Consumer Favorite, Simplified

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The device promises to change the way we roll up. It eliminates the need for papers and is a simple, clean way to burn a blunt. The twisted glass blunt is an intricate piece of cannabis smoking equipment that will make the smoke you inhale less harmful and allow you to get the true, authentic taste of your weed.

The, an online retailer, has emerged as the leader in the industry and carries a variety of styles of the twisted glass blunt. With whimsical names like the OG Edition, The Classy Blunt Edition, the Tropical Philly Edition, and the Custom OG Edition, marijuana smokers from all corners of the world will undoubtedly continue to besiege the site in search of their very own twisted glass blunt. The company is also releasing their Swisher Mini model within a week! With the different models that Glass Blunt Store offers, there is a style for everyone!

Glass Blunts’ Styled and Priced for All Smokers

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Not only does the sell the twisted glass blunts, but they can furnish you with devices designed to clean and service your device. Customers can even get a 10 percent off deal by signing up for the company’s newsletter.

The device allows you to tightly pack your weed into a tube which helps to get a better pull without burning through your weed to quickly. It contains eight small holes to draw from. The apparatus itself measures four inches in length and roughly 5/8 inches in diameter. This lets you carry it with you and conveniently grab a puff on the go.

Here is How to Use the Glass Blunt

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Using the glass blunt is simple:

First, you remove the screw, grind your pot, and pack into the tube tightly. It can hold as much as 1.5 grams at a time. Once your weed is in you should start putting the screw back in. In a careful counter-clockwise motion, twist until the screw is completely in. It truly only takes a few seconds, far less time than it takes to roll the perfect blunt.

Also, unlike the traditional joint, it doesn’t go out causing you to have to relight over and over. Once you’re done, let it cool down. Remove the screw and dispose of any ashes that may have accumulated. Place the cap back on and store it safely in the microfiber bag that comes with it.

Be mindful that you should handle it carefully because the glass can break. The good news is carries replacements. Also, over the course of time, the glass can become dirty with resin much like a bong. You should clean your device as soon as possible because if the resin isn’t cleaned almost immediately, it’ll be difficult to remove.

glassbluntstore_kitThe twisted glass blunt is winning a lot of new fans. Customers indicate that it is easy to use, compact, and the silicone cap makes it hard for others to detect the smell of marijuana. It is also far more hygienic when smoking and sharing it with others. Plus, you have the option of buying a number of replacement tubes so that you can store it and have it ready just like when we roll multiple blunts.

Also, it’s not too early to think about 4/20 for those friends who smoke weed. The twisted glass blunt would make a perfect gift.


Changing How We Smoke One Blunt At A Time

Marijuana Blunt Smoking
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This new innovation eliminates the need to ever buy or use papers again. Just stuff it with your herb, twist, and you’re ready to go. It burns for hours and is the ideal new future of smoking pot. It will soon become a must have for the cannabis connoisseur.

You can kiss those papers goodbye forever. You can insert it into any standard 14MM bong or other similarly sized devices. This lets you smoke through a water tool. If you smoke your herb using the twisted glass blunt, you are guaranteed to get a much cooler, pure, and tasty smoking experience.

This product is simple, and I am amazed my mouth agape– that no one thought of it until now. It does just what is supposed to do neatly and effectively. It is stylish with its gold finish which adds a touch of class. Order yours today from

Your new glass blunt comes with one Twisted Glass Blunt, one microfiber bag, one cleaning brush, and two rubber caps.