Where to Find Marijuana Ice Cream in Colorado

four ice cream cones

Edibles are an ever-growing category of cannabis-infused goodness. From savory to sweet, options line the shelves of dispensaries, filling the hearts and stomachs of consumers with delicious medicated bliss. Infused candy? What kind? THC Chocolate? You bet. Marijuana ice cream? Oh, most definitely.

Marijuana ice cream is fairly new to the edibles scene, though is growing in popularity. Many people are realizing that weed, when infused into foods, can be blended into the dish's dominant flavor. For example, a pot brownie tastes like cacao rather than flower – sweet instead of dank.

It's a real possibility that no one wants to get a skunky tasting ice cream cone. Here's the good news: nobody has to. These days, marijuana ice cream – especially in Colorado, where recreational marijuana has been legal since 2012 – is a reality. Marijuana ice cream in Colorado is delicious, with wide-ranging flavors that are appetizing and creative, without reminding consumers that they are licking frozen cannabis.

Brands to Check Out

When it comes to marijuana ice cream in Colorado, these brands prove that quality is vastly more important than quantity.

Blue Dream Ice Cream

bowl of chocolate ice cream

Blue Dream is probably the largest and fastest-growing marijuana ice cream phenomenon in Colorado. The brand, which has become known for their top-tier ice cream sandwiches as well as their status as the first infused ice cream company in the state, is all about making people happy. Blue Dream Ice Cream puts the product first, ensuring quality and one-of-a-kind experiences for people wanting to beat the heat, tantalize their taste buds, and experience an infusion of THC.

Blue Dream both produces and distributes (thanks to their partnership with Colorado Wholesale Distribution) ice cream products for both the medicinal and recreational markets, turning out ice cream sandwiches (a major fan favorite), bourbon vanilla, chocolate chip, and strawberry ice cream cups, and caramel and fudge sauce packets, also infused with the power of THC. Blue Dream is made with real dairy ice cream, with strong, rich flavors.

Find this marijuana ice cream in Colorado dispensaries across the state.

Cannabis Creamery

ice cream cone in the air

Cannabis Creamery is making a name for themselves as a premier marijuana ice cream in Colorado. Their pre-packaged cups of dairy, perfect for a quick pick-me-up from a dispensary, have a wide and unique catalogue of flavors. You can't beat the likes of vanilla, chocolate, cookie dough, mint chocolate chip, Kona coffee, and vegan passion fruit sorbet.

Cannabis Creamery has also expressed interest in expanding their product line to include ice cream sandwiches, though their cups have already made a reputation as a hard-hitting punch of potency. When you want traditional ice cream flavors, yet crave an herbal enhancement, Cannabis Creamery is a solid, not to mention delicious, option.

Cann Eye Dream Ice Cream

ice cream scoops

As the marijuana ice cream industry continues to grow in Colorado, an outside company is hoping to grow and expand. Located in California, Cann Eye Dream Ice Cream is a delicious infused ice cream producer with plans to infiltrate other legalized states; in the meantime, they deliver.

Cann Eye Dream ice cream is vegan and organic, with a very important not-so-secret ingredient: weed. They have both THC and CBD options, and pride themselves on creating a delectable product that does not taste like marijuana. They are sold in 150 and 200 mg cups, perfect for a single serving that's out-of-this-world tasty and effective.

Popular flavors include Puffin Pistachio Gelato, Lavender Love Sorbet, and wild berry and coconut. Cann Eye Dream is yummy, while still maintaining many of the best qualities of smoking weed.

Another Way

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If you are in serious need of a marijuana ice cream fix, and you're not able to access your favorite store-bought brands, there's another option. Making infused ice cream is possible in the comfort of your own kitchen, though the recipe is a little extensive, will take a bit of a time investment, and is hard to figure out the right dosing for. However, chocolate chip or vegan banana might just be on the menu, if you'd like it to be.

Be sure to look up your favorite ice cream-carrying dispensaries on Leafbuyer.com, or find your own ingredients for an at-home creation. Marijuana ice cream in Colorado is an easy and truly delicious reality.