Marijuana Bouquets and Puns for a Cannabis Valentine’s Day

This year, go big or go home on Valentine's Day.

It’s easy to go under the radar with traditional gifts, like candy and a plush bear. Chocolate? Roses? Predictable. These standard gifts get the job done, though they come with an asterisk; they are essentially saying: I love you, but I'm going to show it in the most basic way possible.

There is a way out.

Instead of going for normal, think outside of the box. Think, instead, hot box.

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Maybe you check out Leafbuyer’s Valentine’s Day deals to get your partner a treat that doesn’t break the bank.

Or maybe you look into a marijuana bouquet this year. That's right: the way to ultimate creative expression might just be through your mutual love of weed.

First Thing's First: Upgrade the Flowers

bouquet of marijuana buds

If someone says they don’t like receiving flowers, there’s a pretty high chance they are not being totally truthful. Sometimes, it just takes the right kind of flowers.

This year, upgrade those roses and tulips and lilies for something more personalized and preferred: a marijuana bouquet.

Imagine the scene: your partner, expecting the usual Valentine's Day goodies, is shocked with the surprise of a lifetime. A bouquet, grand and large and full of purple and green hues, is made almost entirely out of marijuana. For many, it’s a dream. For some, it can easily be a romantic reality.

In California and Colorado, there are a few vendors that have transformed the Valentine's Day experience with marijuana bouquets of their own, to the shock and awe of gift recipients.


putting together a bouquet of flowers

Cannaquet is one marijuana bouquet company specializing in cannabis arrangements and creations. Located in Los Angeles, Cannaquet's creations are made from dried top-shelf weed. You can order bouquets with either an eighth, fourth, or half ounce. Larger sizes are available upon request.

Cannaquet's signature bouquets, available for Valentine's Day or any special occasion, combine their cured marijuana with silk flowers and small touches of other non-perishable décor. Their cannabis is premium quality, and sourced from local licensed growers.

These marijuana bouquets come wrapped and packaged to preserve freshness. Since the weed is totally dried, there's no watering involved, and they can last for as long as you'd like them to. Their website says that keeping them inside and out of direct sunlight will lengthen their shelf life.

To find out price or place an order, contact Cannaquet on their website; you have to have a valid California ID to be considered, and be either over 21 or over 18 with a doctor's recommendation.

Lowell Herb Company

bouquet of purple flowers to be made into a marijuana bouquet

Another big-name in marijuana bouquets is Lowell Herb Company, based in the Los Angeles area. In February 2017, Lowell debuted their weed bouquet delivery service as a Valentine's Day special, and they were met with a wave of intense popularity. Since then, the company has expanded their offering to 365 days a year.

The arrangement is made with an ounce of the Purple Princess strain, with gorgeous accents of wildflowers and eucalyptus plant fragments. Its beauty comes with a definite price tag, at about $400 a pop.

These extravagant smokable gifts, being both visually exciting and enchanting to smoke, are in limited supply. Lowell caps their orders at 500 bouquets, and limits their sales to Californians with medical marijuana cards (updates are pending, given the recent recreational status of weed in California, as of 2018). To purchase, go to their website and place an order online.

Buds and Blossoms

macro shot of cannabis

Bud and Blossoms, located in Denver, rose to fame in recent years after supplying cannabis-inspired floral arrangements for wedding ceremonies in Colorado. Bec Koop, the florist responsible for these creative and elegant designs, started the business to fill a niche after the state legalized recreational marijuana in 2012.

Since then, the company has rebranded and gone through a few changes. Now, marijuana bouquets have become a part of all kinds of ceremonies and events; brunches, yoga retreats, and yes, Valentine's Day gifts (hint, hint). Inquiries, included prices and logistics, can be made online at the founder's website.

As with the other marijuana bouquet suppliers, these creations are limited to patrons that live in Colorado and are over the age of 21 with a valid form of identification. Be warned: traveling across state lines with pot is a huge no-no and will result in a drug smuggling offense.

Try Making a Marijuana Bouquet Yourself

woman holding pretty marijuana bud



Marijuana bouquet companies – especially those that have delivery services – are still hard to come by. While those few florists mentioned above are making waves and paving the way for personalized weed surprises, it’s still an industry with room to grow. If you don’t live in those areas, you can essentially forget about making these orders.

However, don’t despair. You can still give the ultimate cannabis gift by making your own marijuana bouquet.

As they like to say, a little DIY never hurt nobody.

Method One: Twist on the Classic

marijuana bouquet made from cannabis bud

Perhaps the easiest method of making a marijuana bouquet for Valentine's Day is to buy a regular bouquet of flowers, and build upon it with the missing essentials. Place freshly cut cannabis flowers into the mix, stems and all, for a homemade approach to the grand gesture. Be sure to pack it full! Pick out the recipient's favorite strains, or go for ones that will be attractive against the hues of the petals. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Method Two: Cannabis Box

chocolates next to marijuana bud

Option two comes with an easier way to arrange the weed. Take a box of chocolates, and replace the chocolates with nugs of marijuana, in each of the holes. Make sure to re-wrap the chocolates in a different container, so that the two of you have something to munch while you are smoking that gift later on.

Method Three: Joint Art

pile of marijuana joints for valentine's day gift

Joints are a surprisingly easy way to get your message of love across to your partner. They can be molded and manipulated into several different Valentine's Day shapes, like hearts or flowers. A marijuana bouquet might be in the cards yet, if you have the will power to design a whole basket of pre-rolled joints.

Cheesy Cards Can't Be Beat

valentine's day card and present

The final touches on any cannabis gift are arguably the most important. Anyone can gift marijuana, but can they also give joy? Humor? Love? All of those qualities are possible with a handmade card, a perfect side dish for a weed bouquet.

The ideal recipe for a cheesy Valentine's Day marijuana card is fairly straight forward and easy: combine love, authenticity, weed, and some kind of pun. Mixed together, and you get a cute, adorable, and funny memento for your loved one to keep and admire for ages to come.

To wet your rolling papers, here are a few cannabis puns to include in your card this year, addressed to your sweetie.


  • My love for you is budding
  • Two buds of a flower should stick together
  • High-ly in love with you, 365, 420 days a year
  • Would doobie my Valentine?
  • You're so dope
  • Weed be dope together
  • Girls just want flowers
  • Have a highly enjoy-a-bowl Valentine's Day
  • Love is a joint effort
  • You're the smoke to my high
  • You're smokin!
  • Cannabe your Valentine?

Shop Local

stack of chocolate for valentine's day

Give your lover a taste of cannabis through local retailers. When creating your marijuana bouquet for your ultimate weed-themed Valentine's Day celebration, refer to Leafbuyer for the best deals and updates from hometown dispensaries.

This year, show your love with a little marijuana loving. Your partner will think it's totally dope – a highlight of their year.