Valentine’s Day Is for Lovers (of Pot): Date Ideas for Stoners

Valentine's Day Dinner Setting
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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or your fifteenth, this lovers’ holiday comes with a whole bundle of norms and obligations. You know what I mean: getting dressed up and going out to a fancy restaurant, being extra romantic, posting disgustingly sappy Facebook statuses, maybe even popping the big question. It can be difficult to live up to the expectations of society’s favorite Hallmark holiday, especially if you don’t fit society’s image of a perfect couple. But that’s what we’re here for. Leafbuyer has some ideas for you.

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Three Date Ideas for Stoner Couples This Valentine’s Day

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1. Get dressed up and go out to a fancy restaurant

valentine's day romantic dinner

I know, I know! “But you just said that was a society-imposed obligation!” And I stand by that statement. But just because society expects you to do something, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. If you like getting dressed up and going out to a fancy restaurant together, then by all means, throw on that outfit that you wore to your cousin’s wedding (the one you thought you’d never have a reasonable opportunity to wear again!), put some product in your hair, and hit the town. Take a few long puffs of your favorite indica hybrid to add an extra layer of relaxation to your big night out, and use this time to slow down and focus on the things you appreciate about each other.

Not your cup of cannabis tea? Let’s look at this activity from a different perspective. Get dressed up and go out to a fancy restaurant… in character. Pick out a light sativa that gets your brain buzzing and decide on who you want to be for the evening. Roll into The Richly Palette (or whatever the smarmiest place around is called) as Doctor and Colonel Salenbacher and spend the evening trying to remember your character stories and accents. Just remember, pretending to be a wealthy, uppity couple doesn’t make it okay to mistreat your servers. Be polite, tip well, and have a lovely time.

Note: If you’re super daring, try playing the surprise game with your favorite edibles. Take the best dosage for a fun and non-debilitating high (you know yourself best, so I’m not going to make any dosage recommendations here) and then order a Lyft to take you to dinner. If you plan it just right, the high will sneak up on you somewhere between appetizers and the main course. And the best part is, you have your own chauffeur for the ride home, too (even if it’s just Derek in the green Outback).

Whether you’re hitting the fanciest restaurant in town for a romantic dinner or a ridiculous game, just remember to make a reservation first. I hear the 14th can be pretty busy.

2. Find Your Skyline

san francisco, california skyline

Okay, so maybe a high-end foodery doesn’t fall within your budget (or style), but you still want to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day with your significant other. Try this date on for size: look up the best view of your city’s skyline, park one or two miles away (if you’re not already that close), light up a joint, and go for a walk. I don’t know why more couples don’t do this, because walking together is a combination of all the best things. It’s a way to decompress, feel more energized, and share some real quality time together without technology or household chores nudging their way into your focus. Take deep breaths (not just when you’re puffing) and hold hands. Shotgun a hit and keep it going after the smoke is gone. When you reach your viewpoint, take it in together.

Don’t live anywhere near a city, or can’t stand the traffic? We’ve got just the thing. Head out to a clearing, lay down a blanket, and look up at the stars. Pass a doobie and talk about your dreams as individuals, and as a couple. Find out what you wonder. Try to understand each other better. Use this Valentine’s Day to be present with yourselves and with each other. (Bonus: if you’ve got a pickup truck, turn the bed into an actual bed with padding, blankets, and lots of pillows.)

3. Take a Cannabis Tour

outdoor cannabis grow house, great for a valentine's day celebration tour

Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, so why not take a day off and spend your PTO visiting local marijuana attractions with your valentine? Whether you’re looking to tour as many dispensaries in the area as you can or hoping to see the inner workings of a growing facility, lots of cannabis businesses in legal states are happy to show you around. Learn about the business of bud, buy some “souvenirs,” and make sure you hit at least one food cart on the way. You and your significant other will have a great time playing hooky and learning about the ins and outs of marijuana!

One of the best things about Valentine’s Day is that you get to choose how to celebrate it, if you even choose to celebrate it at all. More than anything, this holiday is a great opportunity to appreciate your relationship, both with your significant other and with the wonderful world of weed.

NOTE: Using marijuana products in public is still illegal in many states. Be sure to check and abide by your state marijuana laws, and keep in mind that the federal government is still being a total tool about all of this.