Everything You Need to Make the Ultimate Smoke Spot

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You can smoke weed almost anywhere: outdoors, indoors, and maybe even on doors if the opportunity presents itself. But just because you can smoke anywhere doesn't mean you should light up a fat joint wherever and whenever. That's why every stoner, casual and hardcore, needs a chill smoke spot to relax, unwind, and get super-duper stoned. Whether it's in a bedroom, a treehouse, a backyard, or the basement of your parent's place, you can turn any environment into the ultimate smoking room with a little hard work, imagination, and, of course, great weed.

Once you realize how nice it feels to smoke weed in a chill space dedicated to getting high, you won't want to go back. So, break open the piggy bank, find some thrift stores near you, and get ready to start planning your dream smoke spot. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be yours to smoke weed in as you please!

The Right Spot

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Choosing the right place to transform into your dream smoke spot is essential. Pick poorly and the rest of the process will be just that much harder with much less rewarding results. The most important components of an ideal place to smoke are vicinity, privacy, and potential. For instance, you wouldn't want to pick a busy park six miles from your house. Instead, consider where you live and put some good thought into where you want to smoke weed for the indefinite future.

Ideally, your selected space should belong to you, so you don't end up decorating everything perfectly just to have it taken away because the property owner doesn't appreciate some hooligan smoking weed behind his house. An apartment balcony, a bedroom, a basement, a backyard, or even a large closet are better bets than another person's property. So, with all that in mind, it's time to start thinking about what to put into your ideal smoke spot!

Chill Lighting

Never underestimate the effect good lighting can have on a room, much less a chill stoner den. It doesn't matter if you like natural lighting, soy candles, or lava lamps – a smoke spot isn't done until the lights are up! And if you think overhead lighting is good enough, I'm here to tell you it simply isn't. Nothing changes a room quite like a purposeful lighting setup. Decide if you want your dream weed room to be dim, well-lit, or anywhere in between, and go out looking for the lights that will achieve the effect you want. And remember that lava lamps are stereotypically associated with stoners for a reason – they're groovy, fascinating to watch while baked, and make a great addition to just about any smoke spot.

Hanging lights, colored light bulbs, black lights, and LED strips are also fantastic for adding ambiance to your weed-smoking experience. If you haven't smoked weed with cool lighting yet, you're in for a real treat – just sit back, take a puff, and enjoy watching the smoke billow in your awesome, personalized lighting.

Comfy Seats

Anyone with experience smoking weed in the great outdoors knows just how uncomfortable sitting on a rock/stump/floor during a smoke session can be. It doesn't matter how many times you adjust and re-adjust your position – uncomfortable seating just doesn't get any comfier. That's why agreeable seats are essential to any smoke spot, especially one you plan to spend a lot of time in. You don't have to drop a ton of money on an expensive leather armchair to achieve this effect. Anything from a circle of pillows on a rug to beanie bags to actual, bona fide chairs will work!

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to seating but remember that a large nest of blankets in the middle of the floor (while certainly comfortable) isn't nice to look at. The perfect weed-smoking room should be cozy, yes, but don't forget to make it look nice too! There's no point to making a personalized place to smoke weed if it isn't going to be aesthetically pleasing, after all.

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Some Ventilation

This part of your personal smoke spot is important and, depending on your chosen space, either very easy or a bit of a pickle. Anyone can figure out how to ventilate a room with windows and a built-in fan, but getting weed smoke out of an enclosed space is a bit trickier. If you're planning to put your smoke spot somewhere with poor ventilation options, you have a few choices: switch to vaping, get an air filter, or make/buy a sploof (i.e. a device you blow your smoke through). Any combination of these options will work and you're more than welcome to come up with your own idea if ventilation is a something you're good at.

If you're thinking of skipping this step because sitting in a smoke-filled room for hours upon hours (upon hours) doesn't sound all that bad, just know that the reality is simply unpleasant. The walls of your weed room may turn yellow from smoke exposure, the smell of charred weed will inevitably linger, and, most importantly, you'll inhale way more smoke than necessary. So, invest in ventilation now – you won't regret it later!

Odor Neutralizer

It's no secret that many cannabis consumers enjoy the smell of weed, but there's a big difference between the scent of fresh nugs and that of old, singed, built-up resin. To stay ahead of the weed-smell game, it's always a good idea to equip your smoke spot with an odor neutralizer. This can be anything from scented candles to potpourri to the ever-classic can of Febreze. You might even consider buying a scentless odor neutralizer which can often be found in smoke shops and online.

Whatever method you choose to keep your weed-smoking space smelling fresh and clean, it's bound to make a difference. Anyone who has experienced the unique smell associated with walking into a dirty smoke room will agree that scent makes a world of difference. And if the room you spend a lot of time in doesn't smell overwhelmingly of weed then neither will you. No more walking into class, work, or anywhere else smelling like the good end of a skunk. With an odorless smoke spot, you can be confident that you don't smell like your favorite herb, even if some of you may wish you could.


If you've ever gotten high only to realize you have absolutely nothing to do, you'll know being stoned and bored sucks. There's only so long you can sit in contemplative silence after smoking, which is why entertainment is essential for any complete smoke spot. This is especially important for the weed-lovers out there looking to entertain guests in their special cannabis corner. And if you've spent all this time, effort, and money souping up a room to smoke weed in, chances are you'll want to show it off! Entertainment is the centerpiece of any social stoner experience. So, don't forget to add a radio, a television, some video games, or maybe even a bookshelf to your smoke spot. Whatever you find entertaining, add it in! From board games to drawing supplies to musical instruments, you can add it all! Just make sure not to clutter the place up with entertainment – you need to leave room for decor, after all.

Personalized Decorations

Personalized decorations for the ultimate smoke spot vary since each person is going to want a very different look. The most stereotypical stoner in the world might choose tie-dye, Rasta colors, lava lamps, and weed leaves practically everywhere. What you choose to decorate your smoke room with may incorporate some (or all) of the traditional stoner decor but remember that this is your personal smoke spot. If you're feeling yellow walls with purple furniture and impressionistic paintings, then that's entirely your prerogative!

After all, this is the room you're going to smoke most of your weed in – the whole point is that you like it. Don't let yourself be restricted by the stoners who came before you when there's a whole world of decorations out there. Some of the best personalized decor options for crafting the ultimate smoke spot are as follows: posters, paintings, pillows, knick-knacks, blankets, rugs, and furniture in general (to name just a few).

Paraphernalia and Weed

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What would the ideal smoke spot be without paraphernalia and weed itself? An empty husk of a room, that's what! The final, most essential step of turning a well-decorated, nice-smelling, ventilated room into a space for you and your weed is just that: weed. You'll find that most stoners have a box, drawer, or some other nifty container for storing all their cannabis and cannabis-related items. If possible, consider unpacking that box and using the more aesthetically pleasing bongs, pipes, and other paraphernalia as decor for your room. This step might not be an option if you live with people who disapprove of cannabis, but smoking devices definitely add a nice finishing touch to any smoke spot. Just make sure to keep your weed equipment clean since the last thing you want to do is stink up your fancy new smoking room with dirty pipes.

And lastly, fill your ultimate smoke spot with all your favorite weed strains and the best cannabis products on the market.

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