How to Roll an Inside Out Joint

Are you looking for an innovative and frankly impressive new way to roll your joints? Does smoking less paper and more weed sound good to you? Then learning how to roll an inside out joint may be just what you need to add a little pep in your stoner step! You'll impress all your stoner friends and family when, instead of rolling your joints the old-fashioned way, you turn that paper over and do something few have done before.

But why would you want to roll an inside out joint (AKA a backflip joint), other than to look cool? Well, looking cool is a big part of it if we're being honest. However, the perks are equally as attractive with these particular joints. What other kinds of joints use less paper, after all? And since less paper means less non-weed smoke, you can feel good smoking backflip joints knowing you're saving your lungs a little bit every time. Rolling your joints inside out is unique, less smokey, and even has a surprise flaming finale you won't want to miss out on.

So take a little time out of your busy day to roll a joint the inside out way. It's unique, easy to learn, and has the added bonus of an impressive flame-filled finish! You'll never roll your joints right side out again once you master inside out joints. And, unlike inside out clothing, inside out joints really are cool.

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Tools for Rolling an Inside Out Joint


Rolling a backflip joint requires all the same tools a normal joint would need. No extra stress, no extra supplies, and only a little extra skill is needed! Just make sure you have your favorite weed on hand, some good, high-quality rolling papers, a grinder, and either a lighter or some matches (or however else you personally choose to make fire). Filters are optional as far as tools for rolling an inside out joint, but that doesn't mean they aren't highly recommended. Adding a filter to your joint not only saves you money on weed but also saves your lips from burns and sticky resin buildup. So save yourself time, money, and pain and get yourself some joint filters – you won't regret it!

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How to Roll an Inside Out Joint

tools to roll a joint

Before getting started learning how to roll an inside out joint, make sure to lay out all of your tools on a flat and relatively hard work surface. Wherever you normally roll your joints is a great place to roll the inside out kind. If you don't have a desk, countertop, or hard floor available, a large book should work! Your weed, grinder, papers, lighter, and recommended (but not required) joint filter should be close enough to grab when you need them. Nothing ruins the mojo of a good inside out joint quite like having to stop and search for a lighter for fifteen minutes! When you have your tools and your workstation sorted, you can get to rolling a joint inside out:


grinding up weed

  1. First, you'll want to grind up your weed. Make sure you've chosen a dank strain to go with this awesome rolling technique! When you're done grinding, set the weed aside and focus on your rolling paper.
  2. This is the most important step of your inside out joint, so pay close attention! Hold your rolling paper like you usually would with the joint glue (the shiny strip you lick at the end) facing upwards. If your paper is already folded down the middle, then fold against the pre-existing line in the opposite direction. For those of you using flat rolling papers, fold the bottom edge of the paper behind the top so that only the half with the joint glue faces you.
  3. Use your thumb and forefinger to press along the new fold until you're sure it will hold. Don't press too hard – just enough to keep the paper in the right shape without you having to hold it together. You don't want to fight the paper while you roll!
  4. If you're using the optional joint filter, (again, joint filters are highly recommended) then this is the step where you get that out and roll it up. Anyone not using a joint filter should ignore this step entirely.
  5. Now it's time to roll your joint! Grab your weed and hold the rolling paper open with the joint glue still facing toward you. This step should look just like when you roll a normal joint, but with the paper inside out!
  6. Fill the rolling paper with your ground weed like you would a normal joint. Include your filter as well, if you have one. Then get everything nice and tightly placed inside the rolling paper and remember that some weed spillage is absolutely normal. In fact, losing a little weed in the joint rolling process is almost impossible to avoid. Everyone does it, so there's no use crying over spilled weed!
  7. With your weed situated in the inside out rolling paper, fold the glue side of the rolling paper over the weed and tuck it as evenly as possible underneath the opposing paper. The glue strip should be situated flatly and tightly beneath the rolling paper furthest from you before you start to roll.
  8. Roll the joint like you normally would but make sure to remember where the glue strip is! Once the joint is rolled to your satisfaction, lick the paper on top of wherever your glue ended up. This should make it stick well enough to hold the joint together.
  9. Set the inside out joint to the side and let it dry for about a minute or until all moisture is gone. There should be a quarter inch or so of leftover joint paper sticking out. Don't worry, that won't be there for long!
  10. When the joint is dry, grab your nearby lighter. And remember, you're not ready to smoke quite yet, so hold your horses. Backflip joints require one extra (and objectively awesome) step. You wouldn't want to miss out on the grand, flaming finale!
  11. Position your joint with the excess paper flap on top and light it on fire. That's right – you need to burn off all that extra paper! And while it burns, take a moment to appreciate how much smoke you just saved your lungs. You can also appreciate the cool visuals of a flaming joint (which is equally impressive).
  12. Now all that's left to do is light up and enjoy the hard-earned reward that is your perfectly-rolled inside out joint! And don't forget, the more you practice this particular technique the better you'll be.

There you have it, the one and only inside out joint! With any luck, you'll all be smoking one of your own soon enough. And if your backflip joint doesn't turn out the first time or if you're still a bit confused on how to roll an inside out joint, there's no need to worry. After all, that's what TV was made for. Just check out the video version of this article, courtesy of Leafbuyer TV! Once you watch that video and you'll be rolling inside out joints lickity-split.

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