4 Strains for Smoking Before Going to the Movies

cinema movie tickets and popcorn - what is the best cannabis for smoking before going to the movies

Many moviegoers believe there is a perfect snack to accompany each genre of film. Maybe chocolate goes well with action and gummy bears complement comedy, while popcorn is suitable for nearly every genre. So, what about smoking before going to the movies?

Before heading to the movies, choose a cannabis strain that will add to the feature film, enhancing the overall viewer enjoyment. There are top picks for high-producing weed that will produce everything from the giggles to a surge of creativity, perfect for a big-screen flick.

Follow this guide to ensure premium smoking before going to the movies.

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Big Buddha Cheese

Strain Type: Sativa
Movie genre: Comedies

As its name suggests, Big Buddha Cheese is a fun strain for a night of good-feelings. The strain is award-winning, with a sweet, fruity, and spicy taste. The smell of the smoke is pungent, so be sure to smoke before heading out to the movie theater.

Pair this sativa, which is known for giving consumers a happy, uplifted, euphoric, energetic, and giggly high, with a movie that has a matching upbeat tone. A light-hearted comedy is an ideal choice, though Big Buddha Cheese will bring a special dose of happiness to any screening. 

Big Bud

Strain type: Indica
Movie genre: Dramas 

If you've been anxiously waiting to watch the Oscar-nominated hit of the year, get a Big Bud high before heading to the theater. Also toting a reputation for winning awards, Big Bud (sometimes called Kannabia Special) produces a high that responds nicely to long and sultry films exploring themes with emotional depth and substance

Consumers will experience an increase of focus and arousal, while feeling slightly tingly and uplifted, and maybe a little hungry (keep those non-infused snacks on hand). The floral aroma of the bud is a foreshadowing of an introspective, meditative, and relaxing high, common for indica strains. Big Bud is the perfect pregame for a night out at the movies, especially for flicks seeping with heavy drama.

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Blue Dream

Strain type: Sativa
Movie genre: Any 

Blue Dream is a sativa that is meant for smoking before going to the movies. This strain goes well with several different movie types, because its high is so complementary with nearly all films: Movie-goers will feel happy, focused, creative, energetic, and uplifted after smoking Blue Dream.

Blue Dream utilizes those same whimsical feelings by opening the mind, while simultaneously relaxing the body. This makes for a calm movie-watch experience, while the mind can fully interact with the plot of the movie.

Gorilla Glue #4

Strain type: Hybrid
Movie genre: Action/Adventure 

Gorilla Glue #4, named the "Best Hybrid" in the 2015 Cannabis Cup, is a positive addition to a movie night, though it's not recommended for beginners. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a high THC content, meaning it will provide a strong addition to the movie-going experience.

Viewers will feel relaxed, happy, and euphoric while being glued to the big screen. There will be an initial cerebral rush, heightening the cinematic experience with focus before the relaxing nature of the strain calms the body down. Gorilla Glue #4 mixes physical relaxation with mind stimulation – perfect movie conditions.