Four Ways to Get Weed Out of Your System

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Whether you’re looking to get a new job, or you’re about to be drug tested at the one you have, knowing how to get weed out of your system is an important part of being a pot smoker. Here are four ways you can help weed out of your system.

Despite the medical properties of marijuana and the safety involved with enjoying it recreationally as compared to alcohol, employers can still drug test you and fire you over having weed in your system.

The Natural Method

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The easiest way to get weed out of your system (if you have the time of course) is to flush naturally. The easiest way to do this is, of course, to stop smoking. With an increased water intake, thewill flush from your system naturally. The amount of time this takes is dependent on your body and your lifestyle.

Active people will flush quicker. For us couch potatoes, that takes a much longer time. However, for a lot of us currently relying on marijuana as medicine, this isn’t really an option.

Dilute Your Urine

Have you ever puked from drinking too much water? Welcome to the dilution method of getting weed out of your system.

I have, and I have no shame. The dilution method isn’t a sure thing, don’t get me wrong, but if you don’t smoke all too often, the dilution method will definitely help you bring the weed out of your system.

Basically, you’re going to want to start drinking TONS of water and pee like crazy. This is going to overhydrate you and turn your pee clear, which 9 times out of 10 will not count as a good sample. The best way to add some color is to take a couple B vitamins, just NOT niacin.

I keep Vitamin b12 in my kitchen for several other reasons, but it’ll help give you that passing color, just in case!

Detox From Weed

Pass Your Test is my personal go-to website and it has been for years. They offer a 3 to 10-day process, but it’s a process that is worth doing. this stuff will clean everything out of your urine and your blood, making it an ideal tool for getting weed out of your system.

Each kit comes with two (2) THC test kits so you can test yourself and make sure you are clean. The difference between this detox and the detox drinks you can buy at any headshop (or gas station in the case of Colorado) is that this product genuinely flushes the toxins out, whereas the detox drinks will essentially just mask the toxins temporarily.

This is why you only have a short window to go wherever you need to go and pee. The detox drinks are a viable option too, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes they fail. These permanent cleansers are the best bet for anyone who has the time and wants to be sure they are clean for an upcoming drug test or blood exam.

There are a ton of other detox kits to get weed out of your system as well, such as Mega Clean (fruity!). You can find more information on

Stop Exercising

Ah yes, my very favorite part of the detox process. “I can’t go to the gym, I’m cleaning up my insides”. I don’t mean to stop exercising altogether, but for at least 24 hours before your tox screen, you should slow down and enjoy life a little bit.

The reasoning behind this is that whatever method you’re choosing, you’ll still have a few THC metabolites floating around in there. They’re not enough to throw your tox exam out the window or come up as positive, BUT exercise causes them to spike, and that can be the cause of a super bad day. It turns out, getting weed out of your system can be a relaxing endeavor.

Pass the Spinach, Bro

I love carbs, fats, and oils. Love em. However, these fatty foods will slow down your digestive system, making getting weed out of your system a lot harder than it has to be. THC loves fat. That’s why edibles are so good. But if you’re trying to get weed out of your system, it’s best to hold off.

Eat some leafy green vegetables and lemons instead.

To recap, if you want to get weed out of your system, either wait it out, dilute your urine, or detox. Also, eat better and stop exercising. As some extra advice, if you’re worried you may fail our tox screen, feel free to grab some marijuana home tests. They’re pretty accurate, and they’ll save you from being nervous about it the whole time.