Cannabis and Fitness: Top 5 Strains to Smoke Before Exercise

Man and Woman Weightlifting
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By now, most people are aware of the stereotype of the lazy stoner is a misrepresentation most of the time. Cannabis and fitness actually can have a symbiotic relationship, enhancing the experience of both.

We all know of at least one or two successful individuals who use cannabis without it destroying their intelligence and motivation, but the idea of people using marijuana and then going on a run is still a little far-fetched for most to believe.

It’s still a well-kept secret that cannabis and fitness can actually go hand in hand. Obviously, you can’t go around smoking heavy body-stone indicas and then expect to run a record quarter mile, but the right strain can enhance your workout by providing focus and energy.

In the interests of setting you on the right path to a healthy harmony between cannabis and fitness, we’ve made a list of the top five strains that will help get you in the right space for a successful workout.

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1. Durban Poison


Woman Stretching Before Exercise
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A perennial favorite among sativa lovers, Durban Poison is an ideal strain for anyone who wants to feel energized and focused when heading into a workout. Its primary effects are to wake you right up and provide a clear-headed, stimulating high within seconds of inhalation.


You’ll find no danger of couchlock here!

Durban Poison has a somewhat sweet flavor when smoked or vaporized. Its buds are medium to large, forest green, and delightfully sticky.

2. Harlequin

Harlequin is for those who may be more sensitive to THC, or just want a more relaxed feeling as opposed to a psychoactive high. It has a high ratio of CBD to THC, so the primary effect you get is a sensation of weightlessness, which is especially fantastic when you’re going to be running!

It’s also ideal for tasks that require you to keep a clear head. Harlequin has an earthy flavor overlaid with aromas of citrus fruits when smoked. Its buds are medium-sized, a medium green, and densely packed.

3. Super Lemon Haze

This is a strain for people who are into all things “hardcore.” It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that can reach potencies up to 25% THC, so be careful! Super Lemon Haze provides an energetic, social high that melts away fatigue and stress. This mood elevation could be just what you need to get out of bed and into your gym shoes. Super Lemon Haze tastes lemony, sweet, and a little sour. Buds are dense with trichomes and orange pistils.

4. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the most popular strains around, and for good reason. It provides an all-around uplifting effect, rather than a jolt of energy, so it’s ideal for activities like yoga and hiking. Jack Herer comes in unassuming dense buds of medium size, with a fairly pale green color.

5. Green Crack

Man and Woman Weightlifting
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A name can tell you a lot, and this one is pretty straightforward! This strain was originally called Cush, but was rebranded after Snoop Dogg sampled it and decided it was more like Green Crack.

Its intense sativa effects start with a burst of energy that feeds a highly cerebral experience. It’s great for mundane tasks that require physical energy, and for a lot of us that’s exercise!

Green Crack is a little tangy on inhalation, with a little bit of spice on the back end. Its buds are dense and clustered together in small bits. Expect trichomes and a lot of them!

We hope this list will inspire you to see what happens when you mix cannabis and fitness with the right strains! Now get out there and show the world that the lazy stoner myth is just that.