Six Healthy Edibles to Boost Your High

Marijuana chicken noodle soup

Cannabis is an herb that is often associated with healing. In addition to having a whole industry based on its medicinal qualities, marijuana has perks that come with casual use too. Marijuana can be smoked, vaped, applied to the skin, and — a favorite among many — eaten. Some prefer to eat goodies like brownies and gummies, because the high from edibles last up to 3-4 hours.

When it comes to cannabis-infused foods, the best-known example is the brownie. This has left many industry connoisseurs wondering: Why waste all the benefits of marijuana on loads of unhealthy additives?

Thanks to pot making its way into the mainstream, there are a ton of options to fit various lifestyles. Do you prefer to drink your weed? Check. Infuse it into your own cooking? Done. Fit it into a healthy diet? You're in luck.

You can still get your pot brownies, cookies, and truffles. With low-calorie and health-conscious alternatives, users can still experience the therapeutic properties of marijuana without sacrificing nutritional value. That's right — it's guilt-free weed season.

Products to Try

Ripple Dissolvable THC
Sometimes good things come in tiny packages. In this case, Ripple Pure 10 comes in a small packet, containing 10 mg of a purified THC distillate. This product is a healthy additive to just about any meal — drop a pack into anything: water, shakes, smoothies, salad dressings, taco seasonings, barbeque sauces, and beyond.

Besides being flavor-free and odorless, Ripple is also calorie-free and fast-acting. A single dose is long-lasting with a controlled high, absorbed through the tongue, digestive tract, and the liver, eliminating much of the guesswork associated with eating edibles.

Outset Edibles
Athletes who consume cannabis need edibles that won't derail their progress. Reward a game, a sweaty gym session, or a strenuous hike with a taste of Outset Edibles: They're designed for users with active lives. These packages contain dried fruits infused with five milligrams of THC per serving (100 mg in a bag), which have a perfect balance of sweetness and low-cal deliciousness, ideal for an after-workout snack.

Flavors, which are organic and vegan, include pineapple, banana, and apple crisps. In addition to being tasty, Outset's Edibles are also void of extra sugar and fat. Users can relax in an uplifting high without being dragged down by unhealthy ingredients.

Auntie Dolores Savory Snacks
Protein alert: nuts are a healthy additive to most diets. Grab a handful of Auntie Dolores Savory Snacks, which mix health and pleasure in a guilt-free blend. The company has been busting out innovative flavors — like Chili Lime Peanuts, Savory Pretzels, Salted Caramel Corn Bites, or Glazed Pecans — since 2008, and has built a cult following. These snacks are infused with 120 mg of THC per bag and are easily munchable all day. Give these nuts a chance — they're made with natural ingredients that come together to make a spicy, crunchy, and salty blend that pairs well with a healthy high.

Pura Vida Health
If you've ever craved a granola bar that packs an extra punch, Pura Vida Health has a nicely wrapped solution, known as cannabis-infused energy bars. Pura Vida has a wide market of high health, low-cal edible options, like bars, loose granola, and sunflower seeds, all made with a specially-infused coconut oil that treats taste buds and cannabinoid systems to a lovely jaunt. These products are known for being all-natural and packed with healing benefits without the lagging ingredients commonly found in sugary treats. Luckily, Pura Vida products can be found all over the place, as it's one of the largest health-focused edible companies in the U.S.

Lifted Edibles
If you need a boost, look no further than Lifted Edibles. That's right, a sample of these craving, crunching munchies, which come as Ginger Bites, Cherry Mango Bites, Pineapple Delight Bites, and Superfood Brownie Bites, can take a high to the next level. Lifted Edibles are award-winning and kind to the body (thanks to the 100 mg dose of THC per package, plus a delicious array of health-conscious ingredients). They're considered a true, cannabis-infused gift.

Moonman's Mistress
Feel good about desert. It's hard to go wrong when making edibles with 100 percent organic ingredients and infused with outdoor-grown organic cannabis.

Moonman's Mistress makes weed cookies that can be thoughtfully enjoyed without any traces of guilt. The brand makes five flavors of cookies (among them are top-rated Lunar Lemon Maca Shortbread, Chocolate Chip Crater Cookies, and Cosmic Cacao Peppermint Cookies), dosed with 25 mg of THC and a whole serving of yumminess — made with natural ingredients, like coconut oil, hemp seeds, almond flower, and pecans.

The best part is arguably the cookies' accessibility: these treats can be enjoyed by members of the gluten-free, Paleo, wheat-free, dairy-free, and soy-free communities. Moonman's Mistress has gifted the cannabis community with delicious snacks inclusive to even the most tough dietary restrictions.

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