6 Of the Best Colorado Cannabis Events You Haven’t Heard Of

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For pretty obvious reasons, Colorado is quickly becoming a tourist hub for more than just skiing and enjoying the great outdoors. However, tourism isn’t all that’s booming! People from all over the country are flooding into our wonderful state to establish their lives here. Whether the reason behind it is to get away from marijuana misdemeanors, or to just raise a family in the shadow of the rocky mountains, the Green Rush has definitely made an impact. It’s a fact that almost 14% of our adult population takes part in the use of cannabis, and we’re hoping to share a few of the best lesser-known cannabis events in Colorado to take part in while you’re visiting or looking for something fun to do when you get all settled in!


1. The Cannabis Wedding expo
Forget an open-bar, and consider a cannabis bar! The Cannabis Wedding Expo is a relatively new player to the cannabis event community, but it’s definitely note-worthy and one of the most original expos I’ve ever been to. The whole idea is to bring people and cannabis businesses together to make their weddings special and unique. The goal is to create sophisticated and classy weddings that incorporate the use of cannabis, whether it be an open ganja-bar, an infused wedding cake, classy cannabis decorations (don’t even think about those tacky marijuana leaf lights you had hanging up in your college dorm), or something more. You can find an amazing vendor or a wedding professional to bring your ideas to life. There are even cannabis professionals that will teach folks all about pairing cannabis with certain foods and drinks, consumption safety, and moderation.

The event founders are also AMAZING people, and you can read about them bringing the green to the conservative wedding industry right here. So if you and your fiance are loving the cannabis movement, check it out!

2. The 420 Games
Set on September 24th 2016 in Denver for the very first time, The 420 Games will be a fun run set up to remove some of the negative stigma around cannabis and it’s users! The run is 4.20 miles, and the winner will receive a medal and free entry to the concert. The core ideals of the event are to prove that cannabis users aren’t stupid, lazy stoners, and to educate people about ways to use cannabis responsibly for a healthy lifestyle. The event will feature music, educational guest speakers, and lots of fun. You can grab your tickets here!

Check out all the momentum this event is gaining right here.

3. Puff, Pass and Pottery
Remember high school ceramics class where your frazzled art teacher would frantically make her way back and forth through the classroom, weaving through desks, scanning the students’ work desperately trying to make sure none of her students were crafting ashtrays or pipes? Ah, nostalgia.

This class is different! Puff, Pass, and Pottery is a class designed to bring creativity and marijuana together. A typical class consists of a few tables with some awesome bud waiting for you, a ton of clay, and a couple of joints getting passed around the room to really get those creative juices flowing. However, this class isn’t all about pot, it’s about the process. It’s a really normalized atmosphere. In this case your teacher, Jessa Decker-Smith, isn’t exasperated, and she loves what she does. This is definitely one of my favorites since it feels so zen and relaxing. Jessa continuously reminds you to relax and have fun, since there’s no wrong way to create. The Puff, Pass and Pottery class is available for anyone 21+ every Friday from 7-9PM

4.Puff, Pass, and Paint
Fitting into the same family, another noteworthy mention is the Puff, Pass and Paint classes taught by Heidi Keyes. The Puff Pass and Paint classes are held every Thursday and Saturday from 7 to 9 PM. Following a similar story to the Pottery class above, cannabis is encouraged, and you’re totally free to create whatever comes out in a relaxed and open-minded environment. Heidi describes the class as “canvas and cocktails with a twist”. A lot of us have been to sip and paints with wine or cocktails, but these are more focused around the creative aspect of marijuana.

5. Colorado Camp Fest
The Colorado Camp fest is a 420 friendly music festival for all the music lovers out there. The festival has been running for 24 years and originally started as a gathering for friends. Now it’s gaining a ton of momentum, and people across the state are coming together for a few days of food, music, camping, and fun. The event takes place annually at Meyers Ranch in Conifer Colorado. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for some awesome photos of people from all walks of life getting together to enjoy nature and music. The goal is to make people feel free and smile like never before!

6. Cannabis Charity Open
This one isn’t about enjoying marijuana, but it’s still a pretty key marijuana event! The Cannabis Charity Open is presented by The Hemp Connoisseur magazine in partnership with High Roller’s Dispensary and Premium Pete’s Cannabis to benefit the Denver Colorado AIDS Project (DCAP).

This event is all about giving back to the community that voted for the legalization of marijuana both medically and recreationally. If you’re a fan of golf, or you’re passionate about cannabis making a difference, or just making a difference yourself, this event is for you through and through. Proceeds from the open help to pay for transportation, counseling, and housing for people affected by HIV and AIDS.

You can take a closer look into this years open on their event page. We’re looking forward to another great event next year!

So there it is, 6 pretty awesome events a lot of you may not have heard of! Have you ever been to any of these events?