The Rise of Floyd’s Fine Cannabis: A Premium Portland Dispensary

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Portland, Oregon is a culture-driven community with quite active consumers. From hiking and camping to cycling alongside the coastline, Oregon is deeply ingrained with the grassroots lifestyle. Add cannabis to the mix and Oregon is easily one of the greenest states in the nation!

With the rise of the state’s recreational marijuana market, Portland dispensaries are playing a significant role in the city’s community. Of the plethora of dispensaries in the city, Floyd’s Fine Cannabis aims to stand out amongst the rest and alter the cloudy stigma glued to the cannabis consumer. It is finally the age of the productive stoner!

The History of Floyd’s Fine Cannabis

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Floyd’s Fine Cannabis is an up and coming Portland dispensary with quite the long-term plans for their role in the local community. Founder and visionary, Floyd Landis, is not new to the social limelight as he took home the gauntlet in the 2006 Tour De France.

Throughout Landis’s cycling career, and beyond, he recognized the remarkable use of prescription drugs and over the counter pain medication in the athletic community. From renowned athletes being prescribed insane amounts of pain killers to the average cycler using Advil every day, Landis saw first-hand the harm prescription drugs have on active athletes.

As Floyd Landis watched the marijuana industry grow at a rapid pace, he saw his opportunity to change the norm towards approaching pain in the athletic community. In 2017, Landis opened his first recreational dispensary in Leadville, Colorado. With the widespread success of their first recreational location, Floyd Landis looked to expand the brand and vision. In turn, leading him towards opening three recreational Portland dispensaries!

Providing Quality Marijuana to the Active Portland Community

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Floyd’s Fine Cannabis opened its first location in Portland, Oregon a year after their dispensary opened in Colorado. It is intriguing that Floyd Landis chose to move to the coast instead of remaining in the well-established Colorado market. Nevertheless, Mr. Landis had his reasons for expanding Floyd’s Fine Cannabis into the Portland community;

“Portland was a natural choice when it came time to establish the Floyd’s brand in the recreational cannabis market. The culture there is outdoor-focused, relaxed and welcoming.”

Not only does Portland have a hodge-podge of cultures, but cannabis helps to bring them all together. Floyd’s Fine Cannabis is all about a deeper connection with the community, and they value developing a compassionate, professional, and active Portland dispensary.

It’s much more than merely selling cannabis for Floyd Landis. While many dispensaries aim to appeal to the classic “stoner” consumer, Floyd’s Fine Cannabis attracts on-the-go consumers that appreciate how marijuana supports an active lifestyle. Every one of their locations individually engages with the local communities. Mr. Landis is all about enhancing the community through long-term relationships;

“We are also focused on serving the neighborhoods surrounding our locations, and our store managers are planning new ways to engage with our neighbors; both inside our stores as well as out in the community.”

It is no shock Floyd’s Fine Cannabis quickly became a local favorite in 2018. Moving into the New Year, Floyd Landis has quite the plans for enhancing the Portland dispensary’s community engagement. With the 3 locations in Portland, the Floyd’s brand is catching consumers by surprise, but it’s the higher-echelon cannabis and culture that keeps them coming back.

Floyd’s Portland Dispensaries:

What to Expect from Floyd’s Fine Cannabis in 2019

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Floyd’s Fine Cannabis is expanding into multiple areas in 2019. From growing the in-house CBD brand to hosting dynamic cannabis events, Floyd’s is making some noise on the Portland cannabis market. One of their locations is even a two-story dispensary with the ability to serve more consumers daily.

This Portland dispensary’s cycling theme fits in perfectly, and the loyal consumers are eager for what Floyd’s Fine Cannabis has in store this year. Floyd Landis even announced some potential plans for the future of their Portland dispensaries;

“Moving into the second year of Floyd’s Fine Cannabis we plan to expand our connection with Portland’s strong cycling culture, hosting rides and events at the stores.”

Floyd’s Fine Cannabis is putting in work this year to get ahead in the Portland weed scene and truly grasp the dispensary's core values. The stigma that is still on many disbelievers’ minds is that all cannabis consumers are lazy stoners. While this stigma is no longer the social norm, it is still widely ingrained into our society. The unique branding and theme of Floyd’s Fine Cannabis is a game changer for the social stigma behind puffing on some weed.

Be on the lookout for Floyd’s Fine Cannabis as the Portland weed scene continues to expand!

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