Buying Marijuana in Portland: Sightseeing and Weed

Buying weed in Portland? Get high and visit the Oregon Zoo and the Asian elephants that live here.

As a tourist visiting Oregon, there are a few things you should do. Sightseeing important attractions and landmarks is at the top of the list. Smoking the legalized weed is a close second. For the ultimate amount of fun, combine the two. When you are on tourist mission, buying weed in Portland, be sure to swing by these must-see stops.

That's right. Get the full Portland experience by indulging in activities unique to this pacific northwest state, whether that happens to be appreciating the Japanese gardens or lighting up another herbal delicacy.

Make it a priority to see everything that makes the city famous – or weird, as they say – but don’t forget to take a few moments to enter a higher state of mind. Marijuana, along with giving an extra dose of energy to squeeze in a full itinerary, can also enhance the sightseeing experience to full capacity.

Attraction: Washington Park

If you want to experience Oregon in some of its most beautiful forms, Washington Park is the spot to go. This place has it all, from a Japanese garden to a major zoo to a rose garden to 15 miles of trails, all held in a massive space conveniently located in Portland.

The International Rose Test Garden – the oldest public rose garden in the United States – has more than 10,000 rose plants, plus an amphitheater. Add marijuana into the mix, and the beauty will dazzle in new and exciting ways.

The Hoyt Arboretum is also located in Washington Park and contains about 6,000 trees and shrubs. Not only is this section cool to wander through, it also contains the bulk of the park's trails. Ensure you pick up a strain ideal for hiking before making a trek through this 12-mile labyrinth of natural beauty.

The Portland Japanese Garden is a way for visiting stoners and locals alike to connect with nature. With the right strain, consumers can embrace the inspiring and healing vibes of the surrounding plants with clarity and admire the garden's status as the top-ranked Japanese Garden in North America.

While you are in Washington Park, also take a peek at the surrounding structures. Art and sculptures are littered throughout. Additionally, the Washington Park station is also a work of art: Marvel with marijuana in your system at the brick and stone terrace housing the area's light rail system.

If gardens and breathtaking nature are not enough, check out the Oregon Zoo. Also located in Washington Park, the Oregon Zoo has a huge collection of more than 1,800 animals. Since opening in 1959, the zoo has become a favorite Portland attraction, especially for elephant lovers – their Asian elephant breeding program has a beloved following.

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Attraction: Pittock Mansion

Though 'Pittock' doesn't mean 'pretentious,' this Portland attraction has visitors feeling the air of luxury and the tone of an upper-class life. The Pittock Mansion, located in the West Hills, is a French Renaissance-style chateau that was built in 1909. The home, though seemingly more like a palace, has 46 rooms and an expansive, sweeping view of the city. After buying marijuana in Portland, take yourself here: without a little extra green, the property might be overwhelming. Calm your not-a-millionaire nerves with some weed, then enjoy both the history and the sheer extravagance of the mansion.

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Attraction: Pioneer Courthouse Square

Known as Portland's living room, Pioneer Courthouse Square is a public square situated right smack in a city block downtown. The space, popular with tourists and locals alike, has light rail stops, art, chess tables, fountains, and an amphitheater, and is popular for hosting city-wide events and celebrations.

Make sure to consume your cannabis prior to showing up to the square – the space has been smoke-free since 2007 – and take advantage of the easy-to-use, accessible public transportation. Enjoy the eclectic mix of people, statues, and bustle of the Pioneer Courthouse Square, which might serve as a reminder of why Portland likes to keep things weird.

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Attraction: Oaks Amusement Park

Lauded as the Coney Island of the Northwest, Oaks Amusement Park is one of the oldest amusement parks in the U.S. Since its opening in 1905, the park has become a classic staple for Portland, known as a small adventure park filled with fair games, two dozen seasonally operational rides, a year-round skating rink, and a historic wooden carousel that's Noah's Ark-themed. It's fun, nostalgic, and a perfect place to be high – both on life and marijuana.

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Attraction: Mill Ends Park

What is this, a park for ants? This Portland attraction will have you quoting Zoolander throughout your entire visit, through weed-producing giggles. Though small – the park is only as large as a median strip downtown – Mill Ends Park is a hilarious sightseeing stop. It has the official designation as the "smallest park in the world" by the Guinness Book of Records, and is worth a peek after buying weed in Portland.

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