5 Weed Strains for Camping to Make Your Trip Unforgettable

woman looks at mountains near tent - weed strains for camping

Camping is one of those activities that you either love or hate, bring along these weed strains for camping.

When you spend a night in a tent, the back of a car, a camper, or even exposed under the stars, it's an opportunity to escape, relax, and explore. Some love huddling around the campfire, bonding with friends or going on a hiking expedition. Others could do without the bug bites, cold mountain air, and lack of amenities, especially when it comes to using the restroom.

Here's the thing: whether or not you yearn for the next outdoor adventure or would rather do anything else, marijuana can enhance the camping experience you find yourself on. Hiking becomes more vibrant, nature is even more inspiring, and beauty is just magnified. If nothing else, lighting up gives anti-campers a chance to unwind and let go of their nature-related frustrations.

When packing for the trip, bring supplies that don't take up a lot of space and impede the woodsy surrounding beauty. Options include a vape pen (no lighter needed), an edible, or a joint, though be cautious of fire restrictions and danger.

Here are five top weed strains for camping to help elevate your next trip.

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Weed Strains for Camping

Sour Diesel

Type: Hybrid

Sour Diesel, often shorted to Sour D, was named for its pungent, fuel-like smell. Sour D is sativa-dominant and acts fast: Consumers are energized into a state of cerebral dreaminess quickly after taking a hit. Often times, it is ingested for stress, pain, and depression relief for medical patients.

This strain, earthy in flavor, is uplifting and gives users a sense of happiness. These effects are perfect for being outdoors on a camping trip and jumping into activities. Ready for a hike? Want to take the kayak out on the water? Is fishing on the agenda? Regardless of the activity, Sour D puts campers into the right mood to have fun and get through rigorous activities.

Willie Nelson

Type: Sativa

Willie Nelson is an uplifting cannabis strain that calls forth many of the best traits of the famed musician: happiness and creativity. This weed, which tastes earthy, sweet, and pungent, gives users clear-headed energy, taking them to a next level happy place. If nature is already one of your special, joyous spots, you're in luck: The experience can only get better.

If you get high from Willie Nelson before going on a hike, it will be a trip into nature that you soon won't forget. The melding feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and joy will help you to connect to nature on a deeper level than you ever expected and will likely lead to epiphanies and understanding to both yourself and the life around you.

Redwood Kush

Type: Indica

The campfire isn't just a place where camp counselors gather to sing cheesy songs. The fire, usually encased by rocks and surrounded by firewood, folding chairs, and a cooler, is a sacred place. This is where stories are told, friendships are strengthened, and hot dogs are cooked.

Redwood Kush is an indica strain that is relaxing and blissful. With a hit of this earthy, woody, and flowery bud, users are able to transcend into a state of relaxation and bliss. Its top side effects are sleepiness, euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. You'll get tired, but you'll be happy as you do, onlooking a forest of sugar pines.

If your muscles are sore and feet are tired, or if you are not prepared for the hard ground underneath your tent floor, Redwood Kush is an opportunity to fall into a sedative sleep. After a few hits, feel free to enjoy the calming trance of the fire before retreating to the comfort of your sleeping bag.

Super Lemon Haze

Type: Hybrid

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a complement to any sunny summer day spent outside. Super Lemon Haze, armed with lemon, earthy, and citrus flavors – similar to the puckering taste of Lemonhead candies – cultivates a happy, uplifted, and energetic high.

With Super Lemon Haze, being active is easy. On the camping trip, use this weed strain to achieve a clear-headed cerebral high – you won't be disappointed. The results will be vibrant: hiking and sightseeing will be enhanced, and every accomplishment will seem celebratory. Liveliness is a symptom, so expect to tackle any hill and cross any river in your path and will leave you wanting more.

Green Crack

Type: Sativa

Though its name doesn't do anyone any favors, Green Crack (made from 100 percent cannabis) is actually an excellent camping companion. This strain gives users a sharp boost of energy and focus while dousing the mind with an invigorating buzz.

Green Crack has earthy, sweet, tangy, and citrus notes, and is known for its energetic, happy, uplifting, and focusing qualities, wrapped in a bright green bud package. In everyday life, this type of weed is good for fighting fatigue, depression, and stress.

Out in the woods, it's the perfect companion piece to creative endeavors. Start your morning by getting high off of Green Crack, then feel free to paint a picture (don't forget your easel!), take photos of the mountains, or cook a fabulous campfire delicacy.