Best Eye Drops for Weed

Subtly is key. Even more so when consuming marijuana.

Perhaps the only downside to cannabis is the noticeable condition the plant leaves you in after ingesting it.

Apart from a funky smell and a trail of munchies, what’s the most obvious tell if someone is high? Well, like most know, it’s all in the eyes.

Before deciding what the best eye drops for weed are, it’s vital to understand why and how our eyes are affected when we use cannabis.

Red-Eyes: Why Do They Happen?

While THC helps lower blood pressure in the body, those looking to avoid bloodshot-eyes should look for the best eye drops when high. First, let’s look at how they work:

Since ingesting marijuana decreases eye pressure, it becomes the job of the eye drops to narrow and constrict the blood vessels within the eye. This eliminates the redness in the eyes and restores them to their original hue.

The best eye drops for high eyes are ones that deliver redness relief and mitigate any discomfort or irritation.

Best Eye Drops for Weed

Best Eye Drops For Weed

When cannabis is consumed, a decrease in inner-eye pressure occursThis allows room for blood vessels and capillaries within the eye to dilate. Blood comes rushing in, and your eyes swell up like stoplights.

Here’s a look at some of the best eye drops when high:


A mainstay in the cannabis culture, Visine has been helping smokers remain discrete and inconspicuous for years. After 10 seconds and a slight burn, those cherried-eyes turn snow-white.

Clear Eyes

This brand of eye drops has been a go-to for cannabis connoisseurs. In terms of accessibility, Clear Eyes can be found in most corner stores and supermarkets and is often times considered one of the best eye drops for high eyes.

Rohto V

Billed as the “Cool Redness Reliever”, this special edition of Rohtos offers enhanced irritation relief, specifically for extremely sensitive and dry eyes.


Half-antihistamine, half-redness reliever: Opcon-A can deliver a well-rounded selection of benefits. Any irritation in the eyes should be alleviated.

Pro Tips for Being Discrete With Weed

  • Eye drops are one of the easiest cannabis-related accessories to lose, apart from those elusive lighters. To make sure you never misplace your redness relievers again, intentionally discard the cap. This way, your eye drops won’t disappear in a backpack or in your toking buddy’s pocket–never to be seen again. The best eye drops when high are the ones you have access to.
  • If remaining discreet is of primary concern, consider adding hand sanitizer to your post-smoke kit. It helps to eliminate residual odors lingering on your palms and fingers.
  • If all else fails, get some sunglasses. Think Eazy-E. But being realistic, what happens when you lose your shades? The lesson is never be unprepared.

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Rounding up, the best eye drops for weed provide redness relief, don’t sting or burn, and are around when you need them.

By Diego Felix