Fun Things to Do High in Seattle

As a resident of Seattle, I can say, without much reservation, that this city is one of the best in the nation for smoking weed and subsequently discovering entertaining activities. Entertainment in the City of Seattle, first and foremost, offers a visitor the most scenic views in the nation, with a booming skyline, abundant greenery, and mountains in the background that have the ability to place viewers in a majestic trance.

Why Seattle

city of seattle landscape

Located in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, Seattle has changed into an international, multicultural mecca that offers visitors countless options to partake in after smoking a fat joint. I mean, I’m not even being partial (as I live near the city), because Seattle has transformed from mostly an industrial fishing city to the city of the future. Companies like Amazon and Microsoft have turned Seattle into a robust tech hub. With this growth comes the highest quality businesses to serve the cannabis culture, offering pot smokers exceptional activities day and night.

Now, we here at Leafbuyer spent time talking with locals and Seattle aficionados in order to determine the best eateries, bars, and entertaining venues to visit. With great difficulty, we’ve narrowed that list down to the two most fun things to do while high in Seattle:

Place Pigalle Restaurant – Pike Place Market

blurry picture of people eating at a restaurant

Tucked away in a little alleyway in Pike Place Market, Place Pigalle Restaurant gives visitors a historical experience. The overall theme has been exquisite French cuisine, but the quality reportedly started to diminish under the previous owner. New owner Lluvia Walker bought the joint and put an emphasis on the need for the restaurant to return to its roots.

So what were Place Pigalle’s roots? During the 1920s, this place was known as an underground speakeasy that provided clients with alcohol imported from British Columbia. At the time, the Seattle Police Department and state authorities were cracking down hard against illegal bars; however, the original owners created an ingenious system in which the bar itself could be collapsed quickly if police knocked at the door.

In subsequent years, with the revival of Pike Place Market, the restaurant started to gain notoriety in the Seattle area. Of course, at this point, drinks were once again legal! Decade after decade, Seattleites frequented Place Pigalle in order to experience genuine French cuisine, which meant being served various delectable courses. Moreover, drinks became more specialized as a customer would to choose a beverage before eating, during eating, and after eating, all stemming from French culture.

Fast forward to now, and the restaurant has developed into one of the best places in the area. After smoking some of God’s blessing, why not head down to Place Pigalle? Before entering, the view of the Puget Sound is simply stunning, with the Cascade Mountains dominating the view. The restaurant is small and quaint, but can be very busy. By the way, you have two choices: head to the bar in the back or wait for a table. If you’re more of a cocktail and nosh type of person, then the bar is where it’s at. The drinks are very well made and the bartender has been there for years. I would recommend the house martini or a Maker’s Mark Manhattan.

If dining in, it’s imperative that you order the “raw cuisine,” which revolves around locally grown meat cuts that are exceptional in quality. One of the most commonly purchased dishes is the oyster medley; and let me say, if you’re stoned out of your mind, this dish will have you salivating and moaning in pleasure in no time.

Pacific Science Center

smoking a joint

Step aside, Neil deGrasse Tyson, I have the one of the best space-related entertainment venues to visit: The Planetarium. This awesome part of the Pacific Science Center brings visitors into a space journey unlike any other. It’s best to smoke some bud and lay down on The Planetarium floor and let your senses be pulled into another reality. The projector is incredibly high tech and shows visitors areas of outer space that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

One of their recent events centered around the Terracotta Warriors of Ancient China. The warriors themselves are statues that were created and buried with Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Shuang, built to protect the Emperor’s grave for eternity. Uncovered in 1974, the Terracotta Warriors are an international sensation and, to some, should be considered one of the Wonders of the World.

These two places are staples of Seattle cannabis culture and are ideal to go to if you’re high. Place Pigalle provides marijuana smokers with exotic cuisine, while the Pacific Science Center entertains marijuana smokers with a trippy Planetarium experience and gorgeous international art.