California recently legalized the recreational sale of cannabis, causing a major boom of excitement for locals who wish to grow and sell California’s cannabis. The recent increase of grows and marijuana shops opening up is not making every citizen happy. In fact, the citizens of Calaveras County are not only unhappy, but a majority of them are looking to repeal the legalization of cannabis.

The crazy number of farmers flooding into the areas is causing too much noise, commotion, traffic, and unappealing work sites, according to many citizens. The locals of Calaveras County have pushed their representatives to stop the influx of cannabis cultivation centers. The local voters have replaced 4 out of 5 past representatives who voted for the legalization of cannabis in their county. Local farmers have been able to push off the upcoming vote regarding legalization in Calaveras County, and it is now a split decision amongst local citizens and cannabis farmers.

It is safe to say that the 2015 wildfire is what pushed the county into legalizing cannabis, to begin with. They were in need of a boost in cannabis jobs and on the overall economy. The flood of cultivation facilities served its purpose for the county, but now locals are not too thrilled about their decision.

Yet, a repeal the ban on cultivating cannabis in Calaveras County would force many to lose their jobs. Both sides have a valid argument. Stay tuned to see which direction Calaveras County takes!