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Jack Frost Strain

Sativa Hybrid Northern Lights X White Widow X Jack Herer
  • 22.0% THC
  • 0.1% CBD
  • 0.01% CBN
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Jack Frost is known as the perfect winter strain because of its dense display of trichomes and its ability to make you feel like there isn't snow on the ground but sand in your toes. After more than five years of breeding, an obsession of aroma, appearance, and potency, breeder Goldenseed made magic and history when he temporarily sold the cannabis strain on eBay. Fluffy and delicate like most sativa strains, Jack Frost is no punk with THC levels between 21-23%. This euphoric high lends you focus, stress relief, and pure joy and can be found in marijuana dispensaries across North America.

Overview of Jack Frost

Persistence has paid off for one breeder in the form of a sativa-dominant hybrid by the name of Jack Frost. Bred from Northern Lights, White Widow, and Jack Herer, Jack Frost was a passion project for breeder Goldenseed. The strain was developed for more than five years, improving potency, appearance, and aroma. It is said about halfway through the process Goldenseed started breeding with Rainbow Kashmiri in the mix as well. In 2004 this strain came on the scene hot, rising to popularity because of the wide availability of its seeds on eBay. From this, it generated a worldwide fanbase and great reviews.

Effects of Jack Frost

Like most sativa strains, Jack Frost is no punk, offering users average THC potency of between 21-23%. CBD potency is minimal, often hovering 0.1% CBD by weight. Get ready for an instant high! Said to be a good winter cannabis strain, Jack Frost stays true to that not just in name but with an overwhelming feeling that you've been transported to a tropical island or to the top of an airy mountain, giving you an overwhelming of sunshine and joy, even if you're really sitting inside an apartment looking at three feet of snow outside. It hits hard at first but levels out smoothly. Just when you think you're coming down, you're lifted into another phase. A Jack Frost high is a vehicle for a better time and stimulates the same feelings and endorphins that make you feel happier on a sunny day or more agreeable when it's warm out. This strain is good for a daytime smoke because you'll be transformed by feelings of high energy, focus, and sheer happiness. It will enhance all your senses and may make you giggly or talkative. Outside of parties and social events, use in the afternoon when wanting to keep up your momentum or on a Saturday when you have tons of errands to run but you're moving on only a few hours of sleep.

Negative Effects

An easy smoke, two hits can get you a three hour high. But buyers beware: If you tend to dry out when using cannabis, keep some water nearby and eye drops on hand. Jack Frost is known to bring on serious cotton-mouth and dry eyes.

The Lineage of Jack Frost

Jack Frost was bred by Goldenseed, a collective of growers hailing from the U.K. The strain itself a cross of Northern Lights, White Widow, and Jack Herer. Northern Lights is a classic indica-hybrid. First inspired when a humble grower crossed Afghani and Thai genetics, Northern Lights is best known for its quick and heavy high, complemented by skunky citrus and pine. White Widow is a hybrid strain boasting a relaxing high, enhanced creativity, and an overall euphoric high. Flavors of sweet berries, earth, and black pepper are common. Jack Herer is named after the prolific cannabis enthusiast and activist Jack Herer. As a strain, Jack Herer is known for producing an uplifting high, while easing pain and depression. Jack Herer has an aroma of lemon and pine wood.

Growing Jack Frost

Want to grow Jack Frost at home? No Problem. The sativa-hybrid is easy to grow, resistant to many common molds or mildews, and grows best in warm and temperate outdoor climates. While growing, the green suede chunk lures you in with its woody citrus smell; kinda like lemon Pledge if you will. Upon closer inspection, you'll find Jack Frost has fiery red hairs and an extreme trichome density. The resin quality of Jack Frost is largely unrivaled and can grow indoors or outdoors. Each plant will produce a good-sized yield of 2-3 ounces. The average height of the plant is debatable but it's sure to be a fast growing period with an eight-week flowering process indoors. Expect a mid-September to mid-October harvest time if grown outdoors. This strain is best suited for temperatures of the Northern Hemisphere.

Where to Find Jack Frost

You can find this strain all through North America, with seasonal variability. Jack Frost is a popular cannabis strain at numerous dispensaries, with core markets including: United States: Canada:
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
Jack Frost may be in the spirit of winter, yet the strain remains one of the most pungent sativa-hybrid strains due to high THC content pungent and resin-coated nugs.

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