3 Strains for the Holidays

Marijuana Holidays Stocking Stuffer
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As the holidays roll around, a lot of us are beginning to think about bulking up our stashes before the end of the year. Whether you’re looking for something to pass around the yuletide fire with friends or keep to yourself for a relaxation session after family events, there’s a weed strain out there for you.

Blue Diesel

macro shot of marijuana strain

When you’re looking to get in the groove before a party or gathering, or just want to kick back and feel great, Blue Diesel is an effective choice.

  • Genetics: Blue Diesel is a hybrid cannabis strain that’s a cross between the mostly indica Blueberry strain, and the ever-popular NYC Diesel, a sativa dominant strain.
  • Look & Smell: This strain is known for having a ton of sticky crystals and a pungent skunky smell of diesel. The best batches have a gorgeous purple-blue tint to the buds. Behind the skunkiness is a fruity sweetness from its parent Blueberry. The smoke of a good Blue Diesel should be slightly sweet and smooth.
  • Effects: Consumers report this strain kicks in fast, melting all their cares away and leaving a relaxed and uplifted feeling. It’s one of the enjoyable and versatile strains for the holidays.


focused shot of marijuana strain in a jar

When you’re trying to get really – we mean really high – in a social and energetic style, Chronic is the strain. It remains one of the best of the best, including as a strain for the holidays!

  • Genetics: Although “chronic” has become an umbrella adjective for good weed, the official Chronic strain was developed from three crazy-good strains. AK47, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1 all contributed to the hallmark power of this strain.
  • Look & Smell: You can expect dense, popcorn-sized buds stuck together with amber trichomes and dark pistils. The smell of Chronic is unlike any other, with a huge skunky odor that carries strong hints of spice. When you break open the buds, the hashy smell combines with the skunk and spice to create an extremely pungent scent. Beware trying to smoke this discreetly, as the smoke is highly pungent as well!
  • Effects: If you want to double over in laughter, exchange ideas, or even work on solving a problem, Chronic has you covered. It’s remarkably versatile, and the elevated energy consumers report when the high kicks in is perfect for partying. Be warned that the smoke from this strain is known to be harsh. But hey, sometimes a little hacking is half the fun.

White Rhino

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Once all the fun is over and you feel like crashing, you’re going to be glad you grabbed some White Rhino!

  • Genetics: The background of White Rhino is somewhat mysterious, but most experts think that it’s a cross between White Widow and an unknown North American strain. Either way, it’s a heavy indica that’s extremely powerful.
  • Look & Smell: These buds are medium-sized and densely packed with sticky, frosty white trichomes. The aroma is bitter, earthy, and a little bit woody when you break the buds open, with a little bit of pungency that sneaks up on you.
  • Effects: This strain takes a few minutes to kick in, so be careful when you first start, and take it slow! This strain is ideal for evenings and nights. Consumers report experiencing an uplifting euphoria that will improve mood, and soon the physical effects will have you melting into your bed or couch. It’s a great wrap-up after a night (or day) of partying!

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We hope this list has given you some new insight into good strains for the holidays. And if you have any suggestions, let us know! Happy smoking!