Why Should I Use a Hemp Wick?

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A spark is a fleeting moment of magic when light evades the shadows of darkness. Pot smokers love the spark. And how can they not? With it, they can transform an ordinary plant into fuel. Cannabis undergoes a metamorphosis, changing into a mind-altering and delicious journey, with a subtle flick. Such a transcendental experience all started with a spark; in a flicker of a moment, it was gone.

Or was it?

Many people are changing the way they light their bowls. Instead of using a spark-initiated lighter for a quick light, users have turned toward the hemp wick.

The Power of Hemp

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Hemp is a material of marvelous proportions. It’s an incredible crop, that is quietly saving the world one acre at a time; in a year, a single acre of hemp can produce as much fiber as two or three acres of cotton, its traditional alternative. In addition to sheer ease of growth, hemp requires less water, does not mildew, doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides, can survive frost, and is able to grow in each state across the US.

After it’s grown, hemp continues to be transformative. It is used to create all kinds of paper products, a wood-esque fiberboard, plastic alternatives, and non-toxic fuel, paint, ink, detergent, and more. Hemp is seen throughout a myriad of products, ranging from an ingredient in everything from lotion to food items (hemp seed oils, flours, bread, etc.) to clothing.

Additionally, wild hemp, similar to industrial hemp, contains very little THC. Until recently, federal law prohibited the growing of industrial hemp, but the 2018 Farm Bill changed that. With legalization, though, hemp products (aka CBD products) are making a comeback. The hemp wick, for example, is becoming a more common household product.

What Is A Hemp Wick?

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The hemp wick is simply an alternative method of withholding a flame. It is similar to the white extension coming from a candle, a flammable piece of string that can burn with long-lasting control. Hemp wick is made from hemp fiers, and is typically coated with beeswax to create a natural, waxy coating that keeps a flame intact for long periods of time. Hemp wick is usually wrapped around a lighter for an easy lighting experience.

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Uses For Hemp Wicks

Beyond lighting up for a bowl or bong, hemp wicks have several other uses. Some of these include: lighting candles (when the candle’s wick is too short to reach), creating jewelry, and smoking tobacco products.

How to Use A Hemp Wick

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Like most balls of twine-looking fibers, hemp wick can look like a lot to unravel all at once. Following these easy steps can help to ensure an easy process when heating up your bowl.

  1. Unwrap a small amount of the hemp wick from its roll; just enough to wrap around your lighter. Go by how much you think you’ll need, based on both how much you plan to smoke and how much you need as a buffer to keep from burning yourself. Tip: hemp wick can burn quickly depending on drier weather and air conditions.
  2. Light the end of the wick carefully, ensuring that it is lit enough to keep a stable flame.
  3. lace the lit end of the wick on the product, pull, and enjoy.
  4. Remember: blow out any extra flame that might be burning on the wick after the pull. Be sure to blow out the flame before it gets too close to your hand, just to ensure safety against burns.

Benefits to Using A Hemp Wick

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There are very clear benefits to using a hemp wick as opposed to a traditional lighter. Perhaps the most important difference is the material: lighters burn butane, whereas a wick just enflames the hemp fiber it’s made out of. This distinction is incredibly important when it comes to inhaling toxins; putting butane gas into your body isn’t necessarily a health-conscious decision. Though you will likely still use the lighter to enflame the wick, none of the toxins are transferred. It’s a healthier and tastier hit.

Next, there’s more control over the flame when using a hemp wick, with way more precision. Lighters use gas, which combusts when it comes into contact with high temperatures. Hemp doesn’t do this; instead, hits will be less harsh, and you can determine how intense each hit is without additional lung strain. By extension, your cannabis-smoking experience gets prolonged.

Last, the hemp wick is both affordable and also lasts a lot longer than traditional butane lighters. Unless you’re an every-day, multiple-hit user, a roll of hemp wick should last you months. That’s the benefit of a nice, slow burn.

Where to Find It

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Luckily, hemp wicks are a common product within the cannabis industry. Because of this, they can be found at most dispensaries and even many natural food stores or retailers. A quick search on Leafbuyer can help you find the closest headshop.

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