Pass a Drug Test: Fast Marijuana Detox Kit by Herbal Clean

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All weed test kits are not created equal. By the time you need one, you’re already on the hook either at work or for a job you’re applying for and need a product right now. Herbal Clean‘s Fast THC Marijuana Detox Kit might just be the ticket. It is specifically designed for same-day use for both the heavy-duty user and the occasional smoker. Essentially, this product is intended for urine drug tests looking for THC for pot smokers who use at least three times per week, with a body mass of over 200 pounds.

What You Get and How to Use It

Herbal Clean LogoThe kit includes a 20-ounce bottle of QCarbo Plus Detox drink complete with Super Boost Tablets, one pack of QChew Chewable supplements, and one home THC Test Device. Here’s how it works, "you should drink 20 ounces of clear water and wait 20 minutes before drinking the detox. You are instructed to shake the bottle of QCarbo Detox Drink thoroughly and be sure to consume the entire bottle. This should be followed by downing four of the Super Boost Tablets. Next, wait another 20 minutes and refill the QCarbo bottle with plain drinking water, shake it, and drink.

This will result in you urinating several times. One hour before your deadline, you should test yourself using the testing device. You will see two lines if your test is negative and you can go ahead and submit your sample. But if you see only one line, the test is positive. So move on to the next step. If you get a positive test, you should chew the QChew tablet with about 30 ounces of clear water. Wait an hour, urinating several times prior to the next test. At this point, you should be clean.

Be sure that you avoid any and all toxins for at least 24 to 48 hours ahead of your test. The longer you can wait, the better. Consume as much water as you can (within reason) in the days leading up to the test. On test day, eat and drink normally, making sure not to exceed the recommended amount of water listed in the instructions. If at all possible, schedule tests for the afternoon so that you’ll have plenty of time to urinate before your test. Keep in mind that the effects will only last for about five hours.

Safety First

Be mindful of any health concerns you might have. For pregnant or breast-feeding females, a doctor should be consulted prior to consuming the product.

Urine THC TestThe primary ingredient in most detox products are diuretics which causes you to expend water. Therefore, plan on urinating often. Directions will call for you to drink gallons of water and other fluids. When cleansing yourself of toxins like pot, the increased liquids and urination are key to the process. The goal is to excrete the polluted substances from the bladder, which in turn lowers the concentrated drug metabolites to a level that should be undetectable.

It is critical that you know that THC metabolites are always building up in the bladder, which renders the dilution process effective only when there is constant urination. This is one of the main reasons why you should pee ate least a few times prior to going to your testing location. Doing this keeps the toxins at bay and does not allow time for them to accumulate to a point where they can be detected.

The “Number One” Problem

There is one serious caveat, however. Please make sure that you do not overdilute. If you do, your urine will appear extremely pale, which might trigger the attention of the technician. If you are suspected of attempting to alter your test results, you may be in trouble. In order for you to avoid this, this detox product contains huge amounts of vitamins and minerals that are designed to restore your urine to a more natural color. For instance, vitamin B makes the urine yellow, and creatine monohydrate replenishes the level of creatinine. Labs will check this if they suspect that you are cleansing. In order to be sure that this does not happen, be sure that your urine is restored to a natural-looking color and composition.

All marijuana kits are not 100-percent safe. The ingredients in this product are mixed with natural substances with very potent cleansing abilities. Herbal Clean QCarbo Plus with Booster has Guarana Seed Extract, Cayenne Pepper, Milk Thistle Seed Extract, Juniper Berry, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa Leaf, Echinacea, Purpurea Herbal Extract, Dietary Fiber, Creatine Monohydrate, and Vitamin B.

The chewable supplement, on the other hand, has UvaUrsi Leaf, a blend of Fennel Seeds, Glutamine, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Calcium, Ligustrum Berry, Riboflavin, Alfalfa Leaf, Milk Thistle Seed, Juniper Berry, Dandelion Root, and Taurine.

Good Luck!

As with any marijuana kit, you should follow the instructions as closely as possible in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. Failure to do so may come with dire consequences. So look for Herbal Clean’s Fast Marijuana Detox Kit when you absolutely, positively must be clean today.

Article by: Alfonzo Porter