Stoner Clothing for the Cannabis-Lover in Your Life

cannabis clothing

The holiday season is here again, and if you have an unabashed pothead, stoner, or cannabis culture enthusiast on your “nice list” this year, then you’ll be thinking about what gifts to get them.

And while it may not be feasible (or wise) to gift wrap a blunt of your best bud's favorite strain and leave it under the tree, you sure can pick up some stoner clothing to stuff their stockings.

Now you can be the Kris Kringle of chronic festive fashion with these nine articles of stoner clothing that make great gifts for cannabis consumers in your life.

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Hoodies for Heavy Hitters

This dope hoodie is the perfect stoner clothing gift for that weed-lover with a little swag.

Enjoy Cookies Hybrid Sweater

This sweater is inspired by Berner Cookies SF and borrows its classic styling from the cola with a Christmas image. But the recipient of this dope gift will let the world know that 'cookies' aren't just for Santa anymore.

a hoodie that reads enjoy cookies hybrid is a great piece of stoner clothing
Image courtesy of RichThreadsClothing
Price: $34.99

Sizes: Small through 3X (Men's sizes only)

Colors: Black only

Available at Etsy from artist RichThreadsClothing

T-Shirts for Tokers

Here are two terrific t-shirts that play with people's perception of pot. Whether your toying with feline puns or low-key commenting on cannabis prohibition, these shirts are ironic, ironable, and machine washable.

Smoke Meowt T-Shirt

This piece of stoner clothing lets the cat out of the bag: you are down to smoke! This shirt is the purrrfect gift for any feline loving smokers on your Christmas list.

woman in stoner tshirt gift that reads smoke meowt
Image courtesy of Cascade Collective
Price: $21.25-$28.47

Sizes: Small through 4X (Men's sizing only)

Colors: White, Deep Heather, Athletic Heather, Kelly Green, Soft Cream, Ash, Aqua, Heather Mint, Heather Orange, Heather Raspberry, Yellow, Gold, Berry, and Pink.

Available at Etsy from artist Cascade Collective

Gambling with Marijuana

Weed is 100 percent legal in Nevada nowadays, which shows you just how far the fight to legalize cannabis has come. This shirt makes a deliciously sarcastic commentary on pot prohibition and is the perfect gift for any weed warriors who still live in prohibitive states.

one of the best pieces of stoner clothing is a tshirt that reads dont gamble with marijuana
Image courtesy of 6DOLLARSHIRTS
Price: $9.00

Sizes: Small through 3X (Men's and Women's Sizes)

Colors: Sand

Available at 6 Dollar Shirts

Stoner Clothing for the Bottom Half

Here is some pot-themed stoner clothing that let you cover your nether region in nugs.

Marijuana Leaf Christmas Leggings

These subtle leggings look like normal Christmas leggings at first, but you can see the festive pot leaves in between the reindeer if you look closely. The red and green Christmas colors allow the pot leaves to blend in flawlessly.

christmas pot leaf leggings

Price: $35.00

Sizes: XS-XL

Colors: One option

Available at Etsy from ILoveMaryJaneStore

Weed Trunks

Move over Bermuda shorts; cause these leafy weed trunks are making waves.  These weedy shorts let you hang loose while rocking a kaleidoscope of cannabis colors; Panama Red, Mean Green Martian, Acapulco Gold, and Grand Daddy Purple.

weed swim trunks with pot leaves are a great piece of stoner clothing
Image courtesy of RageOn!
 Price: $48.00

Sizes: Extra Small through 5X

Colors: No options for colors

Available at RageOn!

Seasonal Socks

Here are two pair of festive footwear that let each foot be unique just like your stoner friends are.

Cheech & Chong Crew Socks

This pair of stoner clothing is a great gift for any lover of stoner comedy, because they proudly display the most iconic, chronic duo.  Finally, now even your dopiest buddy will be able to distinguish their Cheech foot from their Chong.

cheech and chong socks
Image courtesy of Good Luck Sock
Price: $14.00

Colors: Like, the colors are already perfect, man.

Sizes: Fits shoe sizes 7-13 (Men's)

Available at Amazon or


Here is the perfect gift for any chronic stoner on your Christmas list who just so happens to dabble in Cryptozoology.  The winter months should favor the foot of the abominable snowman, yet, Bigfoot may stride away as a fan favorite.  Lord help anyone who loses one, or both, because you surely will never find them again.

stoner socks with big foot and yeti
Image courtesy of Stance
Price: $14

Sizes: Medium and Large (Unisex)

Colors: only comes in Grey

Available at Stance

Hats for High Heads

Here is some stoner clothing winter head wear for your favorite pot-head.

POM-POM Weed Beanie

The ultimate in cold weather cover, this pom-pom beanie is warm, weed-themed, and comes in a ton of color options; making it a cool, customizable piece of stoner clothing.

warm hat that says weed
Image courtesy of City Hunter USA
Price: $14.99

Sizes: One size fits All

Colors: White/Red, Black/Red, Light Grey/Black, Teal/Orange, Dark Grey/Teal, Lime/Dark Grey, Kelly Green/Purple, Dark Grey, Black/Kelly Green, Dark Grey/Neon Pink, Navy Blue/Neon Orange, Red/Royal Blue, and Jamaica (Red, Gold, and Kelly Green)

Available at City Hunter Caps USA

Hopefully, after seeing these pieces of stoner clothing, you have a better idea as what kind of weedy gifts to give your favorite ganja-lover. Check back with Leafbuyer to keep up with dope gift ideas, stupendous strain reviews, and news about wonderful weed deals.

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