5 Tips to Avoid Getting Red Eyes from Marijuana

image of a person with red eyes to show what can happen when you have irritated red eyes from weed

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No one enjoys having red eyes from weed. It doesn't matter if you're a first-time smoker or a lifetime stoner, red eyes from weed are annoying at best. There's nothing that screams "I just consumed cannabis" quite like those stereotypical stoner eyes, often accompanied by a goofy smile and the unmistakable smell of weed. And even if you don't care about people knowing about your cannabis habits, red eyes still serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Lucky for anyone looking to avoid getting red eyes from weed, it's easy enough to experience all the cannabis products you want — without the red eyes. All you need is a few tips and tricks and you'll never have to deal with marijuana-induced red eyes again!

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What Causes Red Eyes from Weed?

While most people who smoke weed get red eyes, few truly understand the reasons behind this common phenomenon. Marijuana-induced red eyes occur because of the psychoactive component present in most cannabis strains: THC. When you smoke weed that’s high in THC it lowers your blood pressure which allows blood vessels and capillaries to expand. Since the whites of your eyes are full of little veins, consuming THC allows them to fill with blood, turning them red. Consuming more weed or more potent weed increases the amount of THC in your system, effectively making your marijuana-induced red eyes worse. Almost everyone who consumes cannabis will experience red eyes, and those who don't are just plain lucky ducks.

How to Avoid Getting Red Eyes from Weed

If almost everyone who consumes cannabis gets red eyes from weed, then there must be some way to get rid of them, right? Right! Since marijuana-induced red eyes make it hard for stoners to hide their weed high, tons of methods have been developed to counteract the effect. Just read our prevention methods below and decide which way of avoiding getting red eyes from weed works best for you!

Carry Eye Dropsimage of a woman sitting on a rock in the woods, smoking weed and blowing the smoke up above her head, showing how you can avoid marijuana red eyes by staying away from smoke

The best, most foolproof trick to stop red eyes from weed is to always carry eye drops. The best brand of eyedrops is debatable, but just about any eye drop that promises to relieve red eyes and irritation is a winner. Stoners who wear contact lenses should be careful with eyedrops since some products will cause damage if used with lenses. Marijuana-induced red eyes are easily eliminated with eye drops, so consider trading in your contact lenses for glasses if you want to stop having red eyes from weed.

Stay Away from the Smoke 

One of the most overlooked, but obvious causes for marijuana red eyes is smoke exposure. While this may not be the main reason for red eyes from weed, it's still a point worth considering. Smothering your eyeball in smoke at a close range will cause irritation and, in some cases, redness. If you want to stop experiencing red eyes from weed, try avoiding the smoke. Blow away from yourself and always angle the pipe, joint, or bong so that the smoke does not rise directly into your eyes. Doing this will at least cut out the chances of further irritation, if not entirely eliminate the problem.

Build up a Tolerance

Longtime stoners sometimes experience a built-up immunity to marijuana-induced red eyes. Repeated exposure to cannabis over a long period of time can reduce how much you experience red eyes from weed. While not everyone can build up a tolerance to weed-induced red eyes, it may at least be worth a shot. At worst, you'll just end up smoking a ton of good weed strains, so there's not a lot to lose with this method!

Smoke Weed Low in THC image of cbd oil and some flower sitting on a wood table to show that smoking weed low in THC, or with no THC at all, can help you avoid red eyes from weed

Since THC is the main reason your eyes turn red in the first place, the simplest solution for consuming weed without red eyes is to consume weed low in (or entirely without) THC. High-CBD strains are great for medicinal cannabis consumers and help provide a relaxing vice without the head high. If your main reason for cannabis consumption is, in fact, the THC, then perhaps this method is not for you. Still, always remember that switching from THC to CBD weed is an option worth considering!

Stay Hydrated

While pounding water won't necessarily eliminate your marijuana-induced red eyes, it will help flush your system and (maybe) your eyes too! Drinking water is never a bad thing, so it can't hurt to keep a bottle close by whenever you plan to smoke. Water is also great for splashing your face, which sobers you up and is known to alleviate red-eye symptoms.