Meditating While High: It's Just Better

meditation_buds_cannabis_By Roxana Gonzalez
Photo by: Roxana-Gonzalez/ shutterstock

At some point in every person's life, there will be a time where there is so much going on; you have a problem focusing on anything. You are being pulled different directions every day. Your mind is always going, and all you want to do is puff on the stash you have at home. And because this has become a usual routine, it’s easy to think this is all the peace you'll ever get. Meditating while high can change that routine before it corrupts the harmony of life.

You may not be able to control your chaotic life, but there are ways to approach it. Meditation has become a popular trend having provided positive effects on the body and mind. This is a learned behavior allowing people the opportunity to understand themselves intimately. More importantly, the impact of meditation cross with the effects of using cannabis. So it's only natural that with their powers combined, the experience can be a phenomenal one.

Meditating While High Is an Experience

Meditation is conditioning the mind, helping to turn negative characteristics into positive ones. In return, meditation provides peace, happiness, and constructive thoughts. It's not a time-consuming exercise. 10-15 minutes daily is all a beginner needs. Keep in mind taking control of your mind and body takes practice and must become a habit to be successful. Go ahead and combine that habit with another one.

Why Should I Use Cannabis?

People use their vices to relax and meditate. Some use candles, while others have a specific pillow or favorite spot. Choosing to use marijuana while meditating is a great idea for users. Those who do, have said that its high heightens the reflection. With every type, there are marijuana strains that can add to your session of relaxation and inner peace.

Choosing the Right Strain

You don't want to fall asleep when meditating while high, so a pure or almost pure indica strain like Afghani Kush may not be the best idea. Just as you should take into consideration the use of sativa strains. Some are known for their energy effects. A strain with an appetite stimulant effect could be distracting. You may start thinking about your empty stomach and not an empty mind. All strains are not the same.

But again, it's about you, what relaxes and comforts you.

Posture and Breathing

photo by: Jan Mika/ shutterstock
Different meditation practices require different mental techniques, but all have the same foundation. Posture and breathing are essential. It begins the process and determines the results of your session. You don't always have to sit the way you see on TV, though it is widespread and does help.

Don't feel bad if the position is not for you. I have stumpy legs that refuse to cross and usually can't touch the floor when I sit on a chair. My choices had been to find the most comfortable way to position myself or find myself distracted because my legs are already asleep.

Whatever position you decide, your back and spine must be straight and your body needs to be in a position that will not distract you from your mind.

Focusing on your breathing in itself provides at least two outcomes. A way to concentrate and a way to observe your heart rate. Both change with different emotions and focusing on it will allow you to sense your current one. For instance, anger causes heavy breathing with a faster heart rate.

When Does Cannabis Enter The Equation?

Don't wait too long to start meditating while high. You want to make sure your high doesn't come down in the beginning. It may be distracting. You can wait a few minutes after consuming it so while meditating its effects are potent. If you're like me, you would already be in position before smoking. The high usually comes as you fall into your meditation.

Types of Meditation

When meditating while high, your mind needs to get rid of all noise clutter to be able to concentrate. It won't happen on the first day. Everyone has a wandering mind. The point is to consistently train the mind to concentrate on one significant item, symbol, or subject.

Concentration Meditation

This method is a popular one. The technique focuses on a single point. Select something that will catch your attention. Something symbolic or of personal significance. For beginners, focusing on your breathing is a good start. It's a natural way to better your concentration. Pay attention to what your body is doing with every breath. Feel the rhythm. You will be distracted inside and out at some point. Once you realize you've lost attention, just bring yourself back to your breathing.

Repetitive movements is another way to concentrate. I find at times when I'm in a deep thought, I'm rubbing my hands up and down the top of my thighs. I don't know why, but focusing on that helps me block out everything else.

Nebula and strains like it are great tools when meditating this way. It provides focus with a relaxing undertone.

Mindfulness Meditation

This type of meditation observes wandering thoughts allowing focus on the here and now. Find what is or was distracting you and then pay attention to your breathing. Scan your body, focusing on different sensations; physical, mental, emotional, etc. Don't freak out if you find patterns or combinations when meditating while high. It's very normal, and if it happens, it means you are in a deep meditative state.

If using this style, strains like LSD will help the process. The psychedelic characteristics allow the mind to wander.

Compassion Meditation

This time is spent turning negative thoughts into positive ones. Compassion helps you understand your connection with a loved one, yourself, an enemy, and someone in your life that's neutral. As you focus on them, feel your heart rate while you breathe. As said earlier, it changes with emotions.

Your goal is to make sure that whoever the person is, you can find the positive and elevate your compassion.

Compassion for a Loved One

Think about someone you love. Someone who brings positivity and joy in your life. Think of what you would say to them if they were standing in front of your face.

Then think about that person suffering. Whether it's a 'what if' scenario, or something that they are currently going through, focus on it. Your breathing and heart rate will change. Then focus on having the ability to relieve them of their suffering and see how your heart rate and breathing changes again.

Compassion for Yourself

Look within yourself and your suffering. Think about how you felt when it happens and how you think of it now. Focus back on your breathing and begin to imagine your life without the anguish. Imagine the weight lifting from your shoulders.

Neutral Compassion. Reflect on a random person in your life. You don't love them or hate them. Consider how you feel about their suffering and see if your heart rate and breathing changes.

Now imagine if you had the opportunity to get rid of their suffering. Focus on how you would feel.

Compassion for an Enemy

Focus on someone who you feel is making your life difficult. Then think about their suffering Contemplate on what you would do if you had the opportunity to relieve it. If you feel like you don't know if you would do anything, try to thinking of a positive situation that you had together and try again.

A strain compatible with your goal is Blue Dream. It allows creativity, focus, and euphoria. Its uplifting effects to help make it easy to find the positive.