5 Marijuana Games to Play at Parties Instead of Drinking Games

marijuana games using a spinner

There's nothing like a social smoking night with your friends (and family, if you're lucky). Picture this: You've got good company, great drinks, and a delectable assortment of munchies for when hunger strikes. You've got the dulcet tones of your favorite musicians ready for your cue, and a stash of flicks and shows to suit the mood of the evening. What's missing from your near-perfect pot party? Weed smoking games! You know, like drinking games, minus the escalating probability of introducing vomit to your household. Almost all games meant to maximize alcohol intake can be converted into marijuana games, but not all of them are equally suited to the translation. To narrow things down for you, we've compiled five of the best weed smoking games to try with friends.

Movie Madness

Movie Madness is the most basic of marijuana games. You need nothing except yourselves, your stash, and a screen. Practically any movie will do, but the most effective have a particular phrase, symbol, or activity that stands out. Here are a couple of examples to give you an idea of where to begin.

  • Anchorman: You'll have plenty of opportunity to get ultra-faded by instructing the group to take a hit every time Ron Burgundy makes a weird oath (great Odin's raven!), or Steve Carell's character says something incomprehensibly dumb.
  • The Wolf of Wall Street: This one is ideal for a marathon smoking session, due to its sheer length. To start out, see how things go when everyone takes a toke for each instance of drug-snorting. For knock-down, flat-out gauntlet mode, you can dare everyone to take a hit when you hear an utterance of "fuck".
  • Twilight: Twilight is a perfect candidate for Movie Madness as a marijuana game. Nobody ACTUALLY wants to watch it, so it's a suitable movie to leave on in the background for a super casual game. The instances of Bella staring emptily at Edward comprise half the movie, and that one person who secretly does want to watch it will be sure to let everyone else know when to toke!

Movie Madness is ideal for a variety of situations. Whether everyone's mingling and casually paying attention, or all gathered around for a mutual favorite, there's always room for Movie Madness.


Medusa is an uncomplicated activity, especially fun for a group with the giggles. The steps couldn't be easier:

  1. Sit in a circle, and ensure everyone is equipped with a smoking apparatus.
  2. Have everyone close their eyes and look down. If at a table, hunker down heads-up seven-up style for extra dramatic effect.
  3. Enlist one person to count to three. On the count of three, everyone quickly looks up and stares at another person.
  4. If you're staring at someone who is not looking at you, nothing happens. If you're making eye contact with another player, you yell "Medusa!" as quickly as you can.
  5. Whoever says it slowest has to take a hit. If a tie is determined by the group, both parties light up their joint, bong, or hand pipe.

This game is perfect for an upbeat crowd, and some truly funny situations involving reaction times can occur once you're all good and toasted.


This one's for the high-rollers! As an adaptation of Blackjack, this weed smoking game is suitable for groups of at least two, who are sober enough to coherently count without assistance. Greenjack is played exactly like Blackjack, except the player closest to a score of 21 gets the reward of a nice big hit.

To ensure the fun is fair, rotate dealer duties after each round. It's dealer's choice as to whether they take a blunt or bong hit (or two) on their turn.


For those of you with impressively dexterous friends, this modified version of Jenga will be a riot. There is a bit of prep involved, but all you need is a Jenga set, a Sharpie, and a little bit of cannabis-fueled creativity. Of course, you could stay sober for the rulemaking part – but where's the fun in that? You can go crazy and write a rule on every single block, or keep the mystery alive by only inscribing rules on half, or a third. Here are a few example rules to get you brainstorming.

  • Keep your eyes closed for the rest of the game
  • Take a hit
  • Take an extra turn (or skip your next turn)
  • Take two hits
  • Use your non-dominant hand for the rest of the game
  • Take three hits

You see where we're going with this. This is one of the best marijuana games for a cerebral sativa strain, since it requires a bit of strategy and coordination. It's also known to induce extreme fits of laughter, which is always a bonus.

Wheel of Weed

Okay, arts and crafts fans, this one's for you. This is a project that will require significant prep time and a fair bit of skill to produce artfully, so we'll leave the actual design up to you. All you really need is a spinner (you can steal one out of a game of Twister), and a paper wheel with six to 12 segments arranged in a circle a-la Wheel of Fortune. The six classic segments are:

  • Smoke
  • Joke
  • Pass the Toke
  • Truth
  • Dare
  • Spin Again

Wheel of Weed blends a classic social game with weed to make one of the most versatile marijuana games out there. The more time and effort you put into the initial build, the more fun you can have (and the more compliments you can collect).

A Word of Wisdom

We know you're not stupid, but we still want to encourage responsible cannabis consumption. Weed smoking games can go bad quickly if everyone involved doesn't know their own tolerance, or what they are consuming.

Make sure everyone knows what strain you're smoking, to avoid any episodes of paranoia or unrelenting couchlock. For the worst case scenario, you might want to keep some peppercorns on hand to help bring participants down in a hurry. As always, be safe and have fun!