Marijuana and Sports to Do High

E-Sports Bangcock Headphone Computers
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I don’t know about you, but I personally love to get high and be active! While it is tougher to stay active in the upcoming winter, there are still plenty of ways to keep your blood flowing. Some of my favorite things to do involve getting baked first. Even though some activities are best done sober, most of them are pretty fun if you’re flying high! Even if it’s just a slow stroll through the park, being baked makes it even better. Marijuana and sports go together perfectly, but in case you are someone who just can’t think of things to do when you’re baked, here’s a list of fun and safe sporting activities to play high

Frisbee Golf

If you are looking for an easy, relaxing, and still active sport to play, then Frisbee golf is perfect you. Plus, it is a great game to get high for! The rules are simple and physical activity is limited. However, you better take this seriously, because it is no easy task to throw a Frisbee into a net. Personally, being nice and baked for Frisbee golf helps my game. I am much more relaxed with my throw and I stay loose throughout the game. Plus, if you lose, you won’t be nearly as mad because at least you are baked!

Snow Tubing

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a state with decent snowfall, you have a plethora of winter sports at your disposal. One of the best, cheapest, and easiest is snow tubing. Whether you live by a sledding hill or a full-on ski slope, grab your inner tube and a joint to have yourself a wonderful winter day! The crazy speed and rush of air that you get when flying down the mountain on a tube is a blast, but you can even make an awesome day out of tubing with your buddies down the small hill behind your house.

Top Golf

As a stoner, sometimes you want to be active but you don’t always want to run around. If that sounds like you, then take a hit and head on over to Top Golf! Top Golf is a bar and digital golf course that allows you to play a round of golf without walking the course. It’s the perfect game to be baked for. Not only does being high relax your swing, but it makes the entire experience that much more enjoyable. Smoke yourself a nice fat doobie and go hit par at a Top Golf near you!


E-Sports Bangcock Headphone Computers
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For those who don’t know, the electronic gaming world has now started their own sports league. It is called E-Sports, as in “Electronic Sports.” Games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and even Overwatch are now considered professional sports. In fact, there are even some NFL teams who sponsor profession Overwatch teams. This is no joke, if you are a stoner who loves video games, then E-Sports are for you! You can now make a living and become famous in the gaming world for being a top Overwatch player. Not only is this sport perfect for smoking and playing, but there is actual competition across the entire world. E-Sports are not the most active, but they sure are great to play high!


Whatever sport or activity you decide to pick up this winter, be sure to be safe, hydrated, well-fed, and well-lit.

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