Most Popular Strains of Marijuana

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One of the more interesting things about marijuana is the sheer variety of strains available. Each one has a different effect and purpose, not to mention smells and tastes. It is rare, in today’s world, to find any original strains on the market. They are still out there, but are usually used in most grows to cross their genetics with other superior genetics. In today’s market, there are a ton of different strains due to all of the crosses that have been made. This has caused a lot of strains to have similar features to flowers further back in their lineage, but with a modern twist.

The legalization of cannabis has greatly expanded the number of strains available to the consumer. This has also caused a majority of strains to be hybrids and not full Indica or Sativa. With so many different strain options available, it is hard to really pick out the best strains. But that won’t stop us from trying! What follows is an unofficial, but deeply researched guide to the top 5 most popular strains of marijuana in the world

Chemdawg #4

(Indica Dominant)

Chemdawg #4 is a highly sought-out indica-dominant flower. It’s an original phenotype of the Chemdawg line and happens to be the top phenotype of this strain. The Chemdawg line is known for being the parent of OG Kush, Headband, and Sour Diesel. Chemdawg #4 is known for its high-testing THC, typically ranging from 20-25%. However, it is not unusual to see batches testing as high as 28-30%. This heavy indica has been found to have a strong relaxing and euphoric high. A little too much of Chemdawg and you may wind up needing a mid-day nap.

Gorilla Glue #4

(Indica Dominant)

Gorilla Glue #4 is easily one of the most popular strains in today’s market. It is known for being one of the highest-testing strains available, testing upwards of 30% in a lot of batches. This strain originated in California and was created when a Chem Sis plant pollinated a Sour Dub plant. Those seeds were then crossed with a Chocolate Diesel to make the Gorilla Glue that you see today. Gorilla Glue #4 is the most well-known phenotype of this lineage, and rightfully so. Its strong pinene terpenes provide the smoker with a satisfying sour and nutty flavor. It’s sure to put even the most seasoned smokers on the couch.

Collin OG

(Indica Dominant)

Collin OG is becoming one of the most popular indica strains available. It’s a cross between The White and Deadhead OG. While it is a very high-testing strain, Collin OG is well known for having that classic OG flavor. Its skunky smell hides the strain’s sweet and somewhat berry-like flavor. The overall high is very relaxing and is definitely known for its couchlock sensation. The usual testing of Collin OG is around 25% THC.


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(Sative Dominant)

Tangie is a very popular sativa-dominant strain. Its lineage is California Orange crossed with Skunk. Tangie is known for its citrusy aroma and taste, and it typically tests around 20-22%. This strain came about as a tribute to the old-school Tangerine Dream. Tangie’s sweet aroma and uplifting terpenes provide the smoker with a very happy and clear high. If you are looking for a high that gives you the high school giggles, then Tangie is your best bet. Just like a tall, frosty glass of orange juice in the morning, Tangie is a great way to get your day started. Tangie is also well known for its tendency to produce some mad munchies. This strain is used in many crosses and is favored amongst concentrate smokers, due to its strong taste.

Lemon Skunk

(Sativa Dominant)

Lemon Skunk is an extremely popular sativa across many legalized states. Its lineage comes from a cross of two skunks; Lemon Skunk is thought to have a very spicy taste, but it is known most for its citrusy or lemon flavor. It is said that Lemon Skunk receives its lemon taste from its mother plant. Like Tangie, Lemon Skunk is excellent for an on-the-go smoke. Typically testing at around 20-22% THC, Lemon Skunk is an all-around great smoke.


While these are the most popular strains at moment, the cannabis industry is always discovering new and exciting crosses. The vast variety of strains means there is a ridiculous amount of possible crosses. That also means the most popular strains are always changing. So get out there and find yourself some smoke. Maybe shop at a dispensary you’ve never been to, and you just might come across the next best flower.

Author: Justice Council