3 Essential Denver Cannabis Activities

Denver Skyline at Dusk
Photo by: Neil Podoll/Shutterstock

How perfect is lighting up at 5,280 feet above sea level? The Mile High City lives up to its reputation. Denver, Colorado is a landlocked oasis, sitting between an impressive urban culture and towering mountains. Thanks to the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2012 (thank you, Amendment 64), cannabis has seeped into the infrastructure of the city. Now, visitors to Denver are pleasantly situated between metropolitan living and mountainous wonder, with their heads in the clouds.

While other parts of the country are still sorting out the how-to regarding marijuana legalization, Colorado has it (for the most part) all figured out. Starting in the state’s capital, citizens, businesses, and government have embraced cannabis tourism. At the 2017 Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference, leaders within the state tourism department discussed the “Gray Area of Cannabis Communication,” and emphasized the value of both accepting and embracing the experiences that make Colorado unique, which includes an incredible cannabis culture.

In turn, the innovative faces behind the pot scene in Denver have reacted. The city has a wealth of activities geared toward the exploration of the marijuana industry, leaving no (hemp) leaf unturned.

Denver cannabis is some of the best around, but it’s more enjoyable when you get off the couch and go do something! When in Denver, tourists and locals alike should keep in mind the following three must-see cannabis-related activities.

1. Classes

Denver is known for offering interesting classes that incorporate cannabis. Classes are an ideal way to get actively involved while learning something new. There is a wide variety of options to ensure that just about anyone can find something that sparks their fancy.

Art lovers can check out a variety of classes that combine creativity with a little psychoactive inspiration. “Puff, Pass, Paint” is an iconic take on a group art class; follow step-by-step instructions to create a masterpiece while taking leisurely tokes in an easy-going environment. If painting isn’t really your style, there are classes available for pottery and pin cushioning, following the same relaxed and herbal style. For more hands-on creation, cannabis enthusiasts can go to MaryJane Muse, which deals with sculpture and jewelry making, or Colorado Cannabis’ renowned glassblowing class, perfect for any pipe lover.

Ganjasana LogoFor people who enjoy exercise, marijuana can be a helpful additive. Twisted Sister Yoga and Ganjasana offer classes that combine the healing powers of both cannabis and yoga. Each session is spiritual and available to anyone over the age of 21. Embrace the power of dank.

What’s the missing ingredient in traditional cooking classes? That’s right: a little extra green. Several Denver classes incorporate pot into the cooking process, transforming a classic activity into a blissful art form. There are multiple venues across Denver that offer both beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes involving cannabis-infusion. Grab your apron and look to expand your menu.

2. Weed Tours

Like the wine trips in California, the volcano explorations of Hawaii, or the music experiences in Tennessee, Denver has its own set of well-known tours.

A popular option for tourists are “grow tours,” which take visitors through the cultivation process and beyond. My420Tours offers a greenhouse grow and dispensary tour, which gives users a behind-the-scenes peek into Euflora, one of Colorado’s well known growing facilities. After, a 420-friendly party bus visits several Denver dispensaries.

Colorado Cannabis Tours lists several tourist-approved tours, including The Essential Colorado Cannabis Tour. On this trip, a group of professionals lead the experience, stopping at all the Denver essentials: River Rock Denver, Cheba Hut Restaurant, and the Illuzion glass gallery. This tour is a quick-yet-thorough introduction, lasting only 2.5 hours. The business also offers tours exploring Denver’s Medicine Man growing facility, party busses and limos, and live glass blowing demonstrations, all with plenty of toking.

Tours can be an exciting way to get to know the city, have fun in large groups, and get extraordinarily high while learning a lot of new information. Tourists can see Denver behind the scenes, through industry experts’ perspective.

3. Dispensaries

Last, but not least, are dispensaries. What better way is there to get to know the local weed scene than going into a dispensary and seeing for yourself what there is to explore?

In Denver, there are hundreds of dispensaries awaiting. Inside, budtenders are willing to help guide an individualized cannabis experience, offering their own expertise and suggestions for both novice and advanced users. Usually dispensaries offer deals and specials for first-time patrons, so take advantage of that perk at each location.

Each dispensary offers something a little different, through diverse menus and products. A quick search on Leafbuyer can help you find more information on the highest-rated dispensaries, coupons for first-time users, and a full listing of menu items updated regularly.

Get Out There!

Denver has no shortage of cannabis-related activity. Between hands-on classes, exciting tours, and a wealth of dispensaries (it’s hard to know whether there’s more Starbucks or pot shops at this point), the Mile High City gives tourists the best blend of must-see marijuana action in Colorado.