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Have you ever been in the market for new pieces or accessories for your marijuana collection, but you’ve been worried about what people might think if they see you go into a head shop? It’s not an uncommon experience, and it’s the very reason why many cannabis users use online smoke shops to fulfill their needs. (Another reason is that they’re too high to drive anywhere.) Unfortunately, many online retailers offer low-quality products that have not been well researched or tested all they want to do is make a quick buck. Where can you shop online for quality products at fair prices?

Enter LiveStoner (, an easy-to-navigate website dedicated to bringing stoners and potheads (they use those terms lovingly) the best selection of marijuana accessories from online retailers around the globe. The company focuses on quality, convenience, and enhancing the lifestyle of the cannabis user, with each member of its team investing time and effort to make sure every hand-picked item offered on the website is well researched and well-crafted.

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Let’s start with what you’re probably doing most of your pot-related internet shopping for anyway: pipes and pieces. LiveStoner separates their favorite finds into top shelf pipes, cool & unique pipes (maybe some of these could make the cut), pipes under $100, and pipe screens. The selection is of the highest quality, as aligns with the company mission. In addition, there are countless pipes featured on the site that are unique in design and color, meaning it’s unlikely that you’ll come across someone else who owns the same style.

My favorite section on the website is the selection of discrete pipes that LiveStoner offers. What are the chances that the security guard searching your bag at the entrance to the concert venue would suspect your Hi-Lighter permanent marker is actually a pipe? Or that your bracelet turns into a portable puffer? From a flashlight keychain to an innocent spark plug, you’ll be amazed at the different disguises pipes can take.


Livestoner Beehive BongThe bongs on are similarly organized, with top shelf bongs, bong bowls, and cheap bongs each having their own page. In addition, the company features an entire page dedicated to the dabbers out there. Dab Lyfe houses a remarkable selection of rigs & accessories that let you enjoy concentrates, oils, or dry herbs. As an added bonus, some of these rigs will make you feel like a mad scientist as you dab.

Miscellaneous Weed Accessories

Remember that scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, where they open the doors to the Chocolate Room and everything is made of delicious, edible candy products? Gene Wilder is singing “Pure Imagination” while everyone gorges themselves on what can only be described as a sugar hangover waiting to happen, and everything seems pure and good in the world. Yeah, that’s kind of what it’s like shopping on the Accessories section of the LiveStoner.

From marijuana-related tools to secret stash containers to pot-themed jewelry, mugs, decorations, and phone cases, they’ve found it all. Look at efficient ashtrays from around the web or find your perfect grinder. Search through stoner bags and 420 stickers. “If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.”


Want to declare your love for the bud loud and proud? has you covered and I mean that literally. Browse through a wide selection of hats and beanies to always keep your love for marijuana top of mind. Pick out your favorite stoner shirts and hoodies, whether you simply want to proclaim your stoner lifestyle to the world or you want to make people laugh as you do it. You can even find cannabis-themed socks and shoes, so you can ensure that you’re showing your pot pride from head to toe!

But wait, there’s more!

It’s like they’ve thought of everything. Not only can you search for the best pieces, apparel, and accessories for your pothead lifestyle, but you can also find movies, artwork, gift ideas, and more. Dive into LiveStoner’s Health & Lifestyle section to find natural hemp and cannabis products. Check out Innovated Stoner for some of the more exciting and creative smoking products. Whether you’re an active stoner, a gamer stoner, or a stoner on a budget, these guys have already researched, found, and linked to the perfect pot-related item for you!

Monthly Giveaway

What could possibly add any more icing to this delicious cake of a website? How about a monthly giveaway? gives away a prize every month to a randomly-chosen Instagram follower who enters the contest!

In Conclusion

LiveStoner is working to change the public perception of marijuana, from a hippy or shady drug to the medical and recreational miracle that cannabis users know it to be. No matter your background, your profession, or your pot-smoking history, they believe that you deserve a wonderful experience while shopping for marijuana accessories. Now that’s a company mission that I can get behind. Check out for a first-hand look at what they have to offer, and go ahead – treat yourself!

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