What’s the Buzz About Malia Obama, Weed, and Spain?

Malia Obama Weed
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Buzz is just another way to say “conspiracy theory.” From Obama’s 2008 victory to his exit, the White House has been at the forefront of a right-centric smear campaign that sought to delegitimize his presidency. Birtherism, Benghazi, insidious globalizing, and other far-fetched arguments were directed at President Obama. The attacks were never solely limited to Barack Obama; Michelle was brutalized by the Alt-Right as a pretentious nanny state proponent (i.e. you must only eat peas). It can be reasonably argued that the Obamas were one of the most verbally degraded presidential families in American history – one needs to not look any further than conservative talk radio.

The Daughters

Sadly, this sensationalist journalism made its way all the way to the Obamas’ daughters, Sasha and Malia. One such false accusation being that Malia Obama was fired by the Spanish Embassy for smoking marijuana. We here at Leafbuyer pride ourselves on spreading the truth about marijuana, and, in Malia’s case, refuting fake news intended to make her out to be a spoiled, drugged out brat. And first off, even if she did, why is this criticism justified when marijuana is permitted to be consumed and cultivated in Spain? Smoking a joint wouldn’t have violated Spanish Law or have endangered anyone.

However, there’s one major problem with the story: Malia Obama interned at the Spanish Embassy in 2016, not 2017. Moreover, she traveled with her parents around the world, with the likes of Richard Branson, so she wasn’t even in Spain! Another failure in the article accusing Malia Obama to have smoked on top of the Spanish Embassy didn’t even have the name of the current ambassador.

Fake News

This year, there was another bogus story circulating about Malia Obama arguing that she was expelled from Harvard because of drug addiction. The claim itself focused on her excessive marijuana consumption – absent any legitimate sources of course. Apparently, Malia Obama was caught by the chancellor taking massive bong rips and therefore expelled. The website spreading this lie publishes fake news on a daily basis and the argument was inspired by Malia taking a year off after high school before entering college. As most of us rational individuals know, the claim was refuted by a majority of sources and laughed at by various Washington D.C. insiders.

Another infuriating piece of fake news circulated by conservative media outlets was the accusation claiming Malia was busted in a drug ring in Chicago. The story went as follows: Malia Obama was hanging out with some shady people in a public park and decided to smoke marijuana and partake in illegal dogfighting. It was said that Barack Obama told her to stay away from certain shady individuals from back home.

Last Line of Defence, a conservative parody website, took credit for the blog going viral. However, despite the fact of the blog being a parody, it was shared on thousands of conservative Facebook pages and obviously fed this false assertion in order to destroy Malia Obama’s character. There was even a photo included in the “news report” showing Malia in a mug shot along with 8 other criminals – a shitty photoshop job if you ask me. The photo itself was from a 2013 roundup of some drug dealers in the City of Chicago, thus making it impossible for Malia to have been affiliated with the criminal group.

In Conclusion…

Malia Obama Lollapalooza
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Incidentally, the only Malia Obama weed story that has merit was her rocking out at Lollapalooza. Two separate videos circulating the internet purports to show Malia smoking a joint and rocking out to the music. The first video, released last year, reveals Malia’s fondness of God’s magical plant – she’s seen standing next to a friend and is handed the J. She takes a sweet hit and then gets back to jammin’.

In the second video, Malia plays some savage air drums and then proceeds to roll on the floor while laughing hysterically. The “underlying assumption” here is that of Malia being completely “roasted toasted.” In all honesty, Malia looks to be having a good time, but, some other party-goer claims to have smelt weed in the area. I laughed myself when I saw how much fun she has had, and I find it incredibly unfair for every decision she makes to be judged by the entire world. Let’s give her a break because she has been in the spotlight ever since she was 11 – it’s time for her to live a life apart from the unfair, sensationalist media.

Article by: Jason Newell