The Most Magical Harry Potter Smoking Accessories

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You know what's wild? Marijuana is incredibly accessible. While there was a point in time where cannabis was reserved for the counter culture and societal outcasts, the herb has broken through barriers and has transcended different groups of people.

From athletes to musicians, professionals to health nuts, weed is something that someone in every single group can get behind. The cannabis industry has shifted to include just about every demographic and preference, as seen through innovative smoking gear.

That reach also includes book lovers. Even more specifically, Harry Potter fanatics.

It's not like it's that out of bounds; the fantasy series revolves around magic and friendship and adventure and even mind-altering potions – some of which aren't too far off from the experiences, thoughts, and feelings associated with smoking marijuana.

If you are a lover of cannabis and also a huge Harry Potter fan, you're in luck. You can bring the magical wizarding world of HP to your favorite herb. You can show off that you are no muggle the next time you light up, with these Harry Potter smoking accessories.

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The Best Harry Potter Smoking Accessories

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Golden Snitch Pipe

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If you are a Harry Potter fan and a stoner, there is one essential smoking accessory that bridges both worlds seamlessly. It's sleek, zippy, and sought-after. It's the golden snitch. In pipe form, of course.

The Snitch Pipe, created by Chameleon Glass, is an epic replica of the ever-elusive Quidditch accessory. The pipe is made out of chrome gold glass and has a set of fitted wings, which look fit for flight. The base is thick, and the bowl large. If you're able to catch this pipe, you automatically win. Game, set, smoke.

Harry Pothead Mug

harry potter pothead
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There's nothing quite as satisfying as a good pun, especially when it has to do with weed. Even more so when Harry Potter is involved. So naturally, combining the two is an excellent fit.

This mug, available on Etsy, is perfect for someone that loves cannabis, the glasses-wearing wizard himself, and a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Some might go the extra mile and even drink a CBD-infused drink, if they're feeling like the cross-over combination wasn't enough already. It's also dishwasher and microwave safe, ideal for all sipping endeavors.

Cheers to all the Harry "Potheads" out there, who might be asked, "are you serious?" only to reply, "no, I'm Severus," sipping out of your special weed-wizard mug.

Wand Pipe

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Made out of glass and to-order, these Etsy wand pipes are an essential Harry Potter smoking accessory. They are beautiful, functional, and artistic, making for an easy hit and entry into the magical wizarding world. Dab away.




'I Get All My Herb from Neville Longbottom' Shirt

etsy neville shirt
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This hilarious shirt pays homage to one of the greatest side characters within the Potterverse: Neville Longbottom. Also from Etsy, this shirt is a cheeky announcement to everyone around that a), you smoke weed, and b), you love yourself some Neville. (But really, who doesn't? Especially after his unexpected glow-up.)

The shirt reads "I get all my herb from Neville Longbottom," in that classic Harry Potter lightning font. You'll be saying, "Petrificus Totalus" in no time while you get high in honor of the bumbling-yet-sincere, nearly-the-Chosen-One Gryffindor himself.

Better yet, this tee is like an inside joke; while most people remember Neville as the try-hard boy that struggled with most tasks, real stans will appreciate Mr. Longbottom's talents in the herbology department. Since that was widely considered one of his only skills (along with his bravery and loyalty), he was pretty keen at it. If your weed is as good as Neville's would be, by all means, brag about it with this fun cotton shirt. 

Owl Grinder

etsy owl grinder
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Astronomy was an essential part of life at Hogwarts, as it was required for first year students, according to Pottermore. This sacred geometry owl herb grinder, complete with glass windows and a laser-engraved design, is a thoughtful Harry Potter smoking accessory dedication to both Hedwig and the importance of astrology.

This Harry Potter smoking accessory – while very on the nose in term of meaning (I mean, Hedwig is on it) – also comes with all of the amenities of a super high-quality grinder. First of all, the product is handmade and made to order, out of Zinc, which is known to outlast aluminum counterparts. This celestial Hedwig grinder is heavy duty – tough, durable, and made to last, with a lifetime warranty.

The seller includes that because there are four layers, including a first layer with 54 diamond-shaped sharped teeth, there is a perfect crush with every single use. It's also made with a thin poly-O-ring for a smooth grind, as well as a corrosion-resistant surface that prevents rusting. It's fast, requires less effort thanks to its small surface area, has a strong center magnet, and has a micron mesh filter and free included scraper.

Grind on, and avenge both Hedwig and the Astronomy classes, neither of which got enough screen time.

420 Hufflepuff Necklace

etsy harry potter pendant
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If you want a slightly subtle way to declare your love for marijuana but an outright declaration of your admiration for Harry Potter, go for this pendant necklace. It reads "420 points for Hufflepuff," complete with a cannabis leaf charm.

This playful accessory is a part of the joke that affirms Hufflepuff as the house of slackers, jokingly declaring stoners a perfect fit. It's fun, beautifully made, and is a non-pretentious way to embrace the underdog house you and your joint were destined to be sorted into.



Harry Potter Stash Containers

As far as Harry Potter smoking accessories go, storage devices are all the rage. Jars and boxes and containers of all shapes and sizes easily fit into the HP and weed fandom. Here are some popular options:

Harry Pothead Stash Jar, Amazon

Fans just can't get enough of the pothead joke. It never expires – kinda like the Sorcerer's Stone. This tiny jar is airtight, handmade, and can store anything from bud to chocolate frogs.

Wooden Harry Potter Music Box, Amazon 

While not outright considered a stash container, this carved wooden box would make for a perfect holder for all smoking accessories, Harry Potter themed or otherwise. In addition to being beautiful and roomy, it also plays music when opened. Yes, you can get high listening to the HP theme song. And why wouldn't you?

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Hogwarts Crest Glass Jar, Amazon

Made specifically for keeping weed airtight, this odorless glass jar is adorned with a crest intended for wizards. There's a sticker on the lid representing the four houses, with a nice throw-back design and regal vibe. Solemnly swear that you are up to no good, and you will get access to the goodies secured inside.

Marauder's Map Lighter

No smoke sesh, themed or not, would be complete without a source of heat. This affordable Marauder's Map lighter is on Etsy and is beautifully designed to light up your marijuana. It might not be as easy as saying "lumos," but it's pretty darn close.


Be sure to pair your Harry Potter smoking accessories with your favorite magical herb.

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