Weed Strains to Smoke While Watching Movies

As more and more people become familiar with the effects of marijuana, beyond just a high, the focus shifts from potency to flavor to cannabinoid profile. And it’s not just flower. Concentrates and edibles – of themselves, a different type of weed experience – have infiltrated the minds and hearts of the cannabis consuming public. As cannabis continues to become legally available, weed strains to watch movies with are similarly on the rise.

Movies and Marijuana

They are widely and rapidly being adopted as a product of preference. As the effects of marijuana are further associated with strain genetics; the good ol’ couch lock, munchies, and hazy-eyed stare, widely (and somewhat wrongly) associated with marijuana use, can now be performed with an almost clinical precision.

Looking for relaxation or a deep body high? How about a cerebral, energetic, creative, euphoric, uplifting, soothing, and focused high? How about both?

Do you want to smoke or vaporize? How about edibles? Do you know the best weed strains? Do you want earthy flavors? How about basil, lavender, or tropical fruit?


The expanding variety of weed strains, concentrates, and edible products suggest the options are only limited by imagination – the same force driving the narrative of any movie. Before surrendering a few hours to the imagination of this summer’s blockbusters, don’t be afraid to get a little creative with how you want to experience it.

Through months of product testing (call it occupational research), the results are in for the best weed strains. Individually, each of these weed strains produces a number of effects making movie watching more enjoyable.

Together these strains elevate watching a movie to a place of unrestricted relaxation and focus – so much so that the details of the plot feel less passively viewed and more actively experienced. For comedy, this means a bunch of laughs experienced so happily the euphoria melts the ego.

For action, this represents a whirlwind of playful heart racing removed so distantly from the toll of a typical day you’ll almost forget you are sitting and watching a glowing rectangle. In any case, whether in flower, concentrate, or edible form, these weed strains will have you enjoying the movies beyond the call of imagination.

Kosher Kush

The first of our best weed strains for watching movies is Kosher Kush. This indica-dominant hybrid has a pungent aroma of pine layered with sweet fruit and earth. Kosher Kush (not actually blessed by a Rabbi) provides heavy-hitting body relaxation with a cerebral, between the eyes, clarifying head high.

Due to its potency, Kosher Kush is recommended in fresh buds, as dabs may inspire sleep above the heavy body high.

Sour Tsunami

The product of CBD-focused breeding, Sour Tsunami typically carries less of the “high” while remaining a calm, relaxed, and focused experience. You can expect a euphoric, happy, energetic, and clarifying experience from this sativa-dominant weed strain, while never being at risk of becoming so stoned you cannot sort the plot from the characters.

As CBD has been shown to lessen the some of the undesirable effects of high doses of THC (paranoia, anxiety), consuming Sour Tsunami in flower, concentrate, or edible form is a great way to complement a psychological thriller or action movie.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a mix of two of the best weed strains out there: Blueberry and UK Cheese (itself a cross of Cheese and Skunk #1). Being a well-balanced hybrid strain, leaning only slightly indica, Blue Cheese packs a funky, fruity punch to the nose with the aromas of lavender, a pungent cheese, and a deep, mulling berry overture.

Compound the superior smell with the high potency buds and you’ve got a recipe for a great time. Creating a dreamy, soothing body high and an attentive focus forges the perfect mindset for taking in some drama, comedy, or basically anything.

Blue Cheese, though rare in places such as Colorado, is one of those weed strains which creates an almost perfect edible experience. The high is heady with clarity and relaxing to the point of you feeling lighter, yet not enough to make you couch locked or tired. Focus and euphoria create a truly fantastic mind-body experience. Add in some well-written, imaginatively directed film and you have a movie watching experience to rule them all.


Remember: the marijuana plant is a complex biological organism with hundreds of chemical compounds found only within its plant species, with 60+ cannabinoids having been discovered (including THC and CBD). Plant genetics and how strains are grown and adjusted over time directly impacts how much of which of these naturally produced cannabinoids or other natural compounds are ultimately passed on to the consumer.

After all, these are times for experimenting and figuring out which marijuana products, edibles, or strains provide you with the best experience. Luckily, the experience is context-dependent and weed strains, cannabinoids, terpenes, edibles, topicals, patches, concentrates, and oils can answer – in some states – the legal beck-and-call of your dollars.