What is the Best Potting Soil for Growing Weed?

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Cultivating marijuana is a phenomenal past time for any cannabis consumer. Not only does it turn into a passionate hobby, but it saves a ton of money in the long run. Nevertheless, growing marijuana is more robust than it sounds. It takes a wide range of knowledge and expertise to master this plant but once established; there’s nothing better than puffing on your own homegrown.

For those interested in getting started, let’s talk about one of the first, and most vital steps to growing cannabis; picking the best potting soil for marijuana plants.

The Importance of Quality Potting Soil for Marijuana Plants

potting soil with tiny marijuana plant

When growing marijuana, it all comes down to the genetics and the cultivation process. The first step in the cultivation process, after deciding the genetics, is to choose the soil or medium. This step is one many beginning growers make mistakes with and tend to set their crop up for failure before its even planted. The potting soil can make or break a marijuana plant for a variety of reasons. Potting soil determines if the plant:

  • Has Proper Water Drainage
  • Good Water Retention
  • Correct Nitrogen to Phosphorus Ratio
  • Correct Balance of Fungus to bacteria
  • Maintains pH Balance

The potting soil is what determines all of the above standards which directly effects the quality of the buds and overall yield. For these various reasons, choosing a quality potting soil is vital to the success of your cannabis grow. There is no reason to cut corners on the potting soil if it practically determines the quality of the harvest. Why produce reggie when you could grow some craft cannabis?

Choosing the Best Potting Soil for Marijuana

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Ultimately, there are a ton of soil brands available that are fit for growing marijuana. Nevertheless, those who are up for a bit more work and time often go for a super soil recipe. Both are solid options, but the super soil tends to produce higher quality buds if done correctly.

When deciding what type of soil to use, ask yourself these questions first:

  • Are you growing indoors or outdoors?
  • What strain are you growing?
  • Do you wish to use liquid nutrients?
  • What’s your budget?

The range of potting soil for marijuana is a bit overwhelming, but don’t merely fall for a branded soil. There is a lot more to it than purchasing regular gardening soil. If a soil has any sort of time-released nutrients or chemicals, it can drastically alter the cannabis plant. Be sure to know precisely what is in the soil and what is missing from the soil.

Organic Potting Soil for Marijuana

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When it comes to choosing pre-packaged soil for growing marijuana, it is best to stick with organic soils. It is the only soil without containments or time-released nutrients which may harm the plant. It is likely to produce lower quality buds than a super soil mix, but it still does the trick.

Fox Farm Organic Potting Soil

trichomes on a marijuana plant

When it comes to branded organic potting soil, Fox Farms has it down. Some consider this brand the best potting soil for marijuana plants, and cannabis growers are very fond of this potting soil for marijuana. They tend to utilize it with a multitude of genetics and growing methods. While it is a bagged soil, they offer a range of organic mixes to fit each grower’s needs. There are even some growers who use Fox Farm as the base for their super soil mix. Here are a few of their potting soil options growers prefer to use:

  • Ocean Forest Mix
  • Fox Farm Original
  • Strawberry Fields Mix
  • Salamander Soil
  • Happy Frog Mix

Big Rootz Potting Soil

rows of marijuana plants
Editorial credit: Dan Holm / Shutterstock.com
Another solid option, especially for beginning growers, is the Big Rootz Potting Soil. Not only is it a completely organic soil with no time-released nutrients, but the pH of the soil is already adjusted to maximize the plant’s yield and quality. It is a more basic option, but a great place to start for smaller growers.

Crafting a Super Soil Mix

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Bagged potting soil for marijuana is not the best option, but it does a good job. Sometimes the best potting soil for marijuana is homemade. For those looking to maximize quality and weight, it’s best to work with a super soil mix. There are a ton of super soil recipes online but getting a recipe from an established grower is always best.

It is possible to find premade super soil mixes, but it’s not the same as mixing it yourself. Not only does a personal mix allow for adjustments to be made for particular strains, but it gives the grower a peace of mind knowing they have control of the ingredients.

Here is a simple, super soil recipe ideal for marijuana:

  1. Dig a hole in the ground, or grab a large container to mix the soil in.
  2. Place a four-inch layer of carbon material to cover the bottom of the container or hole.
  3. Add a layer of nitrogen material like manure or coffee grounds.
  4. Add another layer of blood meal or bone meal.
  5. Repeat the above steps until the mix is about three-foot-high in the container.
  6. Let the soil sit and begin to decompose.
  7. Every week for about 2-3 weeks, mix the pile by turning it over to ensure the bottom is being mixed.
  8. When the soil is soft, black, and crumbly, it is ready to go!

After completing the super soil mix, it’s time to start planting. Some growers mix the super soil with a 420 fertilizer to support their plant’s needs throughout the cannabis growing process. At this point, it is up to the grower as to what types of fertilizer and nutrients are used. It all varies on the kind of genetics and growing method.

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