Marijuana Fertilizers: Keeping Your Plants Healthy from Flowering to Harvest

Growing Weed Soil Fertilizers

Marijuana Plants Sprouts in SoilThe kind of fertilizer you use with your cannabis plants will make all the difference in the world. It will determine whether your plants will thrive or just turn out average. High-quality nourishment will result in healthy flowers. You’ll need to decide early on what your plants will need over the course of their lifecycle. There is a difference between what happens at the beginning of the cycle and what is required as the plant grows.

Procuring the right fertilizer is a critical decision. Be sure to educate yourself prior to beginning your growing process. Garden centers and other experts can be very helpful in this process. Consider a marijuana booster: this product can help to enhance your plants because it already includes the kind of ingredients and balance of the right nutrients you’ll need to produce a quality, robust yield.

You will have two options when looking to produce your cannabis. You can go with a professional system or elect to develop a homemade process. The usual fertilizer mix will include the right mix of phosphate, cottonseed, limestone, wood ash and kelp meal. Using a professional mix can ensure that you don’t mistakenly blend the wrong substances and therefore feed your plants a disastrous mix, resulting in total failure.

Here are some practical options if you are growing your plants in soil:

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Growing Weed Soil FertilizersFlower Power

This is a good product to use if you want to make sure that you have the right balance of ingredients and nutrients. For a marijuana plant to thrive, you’ll need potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. Most potting soils are already infused with these components, which are a must for the first three to four weeks. Afterwards, your plants will need additional nutrients.

There is a difference when you are planting indoors versus outdoors. Indoor growth requires that you dilute your formula by one-quarter strength. Indoor grows do not handle the full-strength dosages of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen.

Fox Farms Trio

This a high-quality selection for the novice grower. You can grow virtually any strain of cannabis without the need for additional treatment. This brand includes both soil and hydroponic options, and you’ll have to be careful to pick the right one for your specific needs. It can also be used with the coco coir.

Perlite/Vermiculite Fertilizers

If you want to make your life a bit easier, you can purchase a so-called “smart pot” to cultivate your cannabis while adding a mix of Fox Farm’s Happy Frog soil, using about 30 percent of perlite to start with.


This is a cost-effective and simple solution for marijuana growth. Look for Foliage Pro and Bloom fertilizers under the Dyna-Gro brand. It is a good option for growing in either soil, hydro or coco coir. Use Foliage Pro when your plant is in the vegetative phase and Bloom during flowering.


Yes, urine! It is a good fertilizer because it is rich in nitrogen and it is a healthy option to cultivate cannabis. Of course, you’re not going to urinate directly into the pot or even the ground around it, but you will mix your commercial plant food with a bladder of urine per gallon of water. 


Many of us elect to grow our cannabis with the roots immersed in water. This process is referred to as hydroponic growth. This method is effective because there are no loose particles and your delivery pumps and tubes will not clog.

General Hydroponics Flora Series

This is a good system to use for both the beginners and experienced growers. It can be used with both soil and coco coir. It is sold in what is called a “performance pack,” which has a pH balance kit and everything else you might need to begin your grow. The feeding schedule couldn’t be easier.

Botanicare Nutrition

Here is another great way to grow hydroponically. You will need Base, Bloom, and Grow supplements. These will help free you up to play around and experiment with nitrogen and calcium levels. If you follow the instructions too closely, you may not get the desired results. So using this system has a steeper learning curve.

Advanced Nutrients

This is on the high end of the cost spectrum, but many growers really like it. You don’t really need the more expensive products to produce the desired results. Expensive products are not necessary for appropriate cannabis growth. Make sure you follow the feeding schedule for the best results.


Growing in coconut coir may yield similar grows of hydroponic. Coir comes from the coconut husk and you can find it in a variety of products. Be sure to maintain the pH level between 5.5-6.5. Be sure to provide plenty of water infused with product and plain water every other time you water. Add extra calcium and magnesium, because coco coir is known to experience calcium and magnesium deficits, so be prepared to supplement it.

Canna Coco A + B and Call-Mag

These are both very popular with growers who like to work with coco coir. Created in Amsterdam, they are the first specialized marijuana nutrients. The products are available worldwide. 

Fox Farms Nutrient Trio for Hydroponics

This is a great system for avoiding deficiencies in calcium and magnesium. However, it still helps to add Cal-Mag for extra insurance.

Remember to manage the pH of your roots effectively in order to shield them from nutrient issues. The pH has to be right so that your plants can absorb all the nutrients provided. Also, don’t forget that different systems require different procedures. Watch for coloration. Unless your plant leaves are turning yellow, you don’t need to add more nutrients. It is normal for bottom leaves to be yellow in color at the end of the flowering period.

Good luck with your grow!

Article by: Alfonzo Porter