At Home Marijuana Drug Tests

Urine Drug Test and marijuana
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There comes a time in life when submitting to a drug test is an unfortunate reality. These substance screenings may come from employers or probation agencies, which involve assessing and monitoring drug-related consumption habits. Fun, right?

Unlike other substances found on a state-administered seven-panel test, marijuana can remain at detectable levels in the body for weeks. With habitual use, THC can even be detected for up to months.

An at home marijuana test could be the answer for anyone looking to see how much THC is floating around in their system. Whether it’s motivated by pre-employment drug screening, an upcoming visit to the county testing facility, or maybe just simple curiosity, acquiring an at home THC test can provide a clear idea of where one stands in regards to testing hot–all before leaving home.

At Home Marijuana Drug Tests

A 2015 estimate claims that about 40 percent of workers in the United States go through drug testing as part of the hiring process. For the most part, even in states with marijuana-friendly policies, employers still hold a negative opinion on cannabis consumption.

So, what exactly are the options for an at home marijuana test? And what ensures at home drug test accuracy?

The At Home THC Test

In many regards, an at home marijuana test is similar to an at home pregnancy test. Self-administered, usually involves a urine sample, easy to buy, see results in your own bathroom–it’s basically the same thing.

The same way pregnancy tests will give a positive result if it detects a certain hormone in the urine sample, an at home THC test results will be determined by the levels of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) that is detected.

THCA is the biomarker used in many drug-testing applications to detect for marijuana use. It is a metabolite that floats in the blood stream, entering after the THC is oxidized following its consumption, or over time, as it is stored in the fat cells until the body burns those cells for energy. In which case, THCA is released into blood stream again (this is why marijuana can remain detectable for such long periods of time).

The numerous options available for an at home marijuana test:

Over the counter

  • Quick, simple and within budget. Corner stores, supermarkets, the occasional gas station, and many other places carry OTC, at-home THC tests. Many like this approach because it’s generally confidential and anonymous. Most products will contain a one-time use device that will be able to read back results within minutes. Often times referred to as a one-panel, and sometimes in the form of a dip test/quick test approach.

Popular products available in store and online:

Order online

  • Offers the same benefits as over the counter strategy, except with a wider selection of products and potential for finding wholesale prices.

*Go to a testing facility, or a similar location offering drug-testing services

  • While this method is likely to be more accurate, because of better equipment and a staff trained in pee-handling, results could take days to come back.

At Home Drug Test Accuracy

No matter what kind of at home THC test is being used, accuracy is always something that will cross the mind. People are usually pretty anxious when it comes to drug testing. Most over the counter products claim to be 99 percent accurate, or more. While no, they aren’t lab-grade tests, and therefore not as accurate, an at home THC test will provide results that are trustworthy. How could they afford to stay in business otherwise?

What makes a drug test truly accurate is whether or not it is a one-step or two-step process that includes a confirmation screening. Most over the counter at home options are a simple dip test, that confirms if a substance is detected. Lab tests have two-parts, which includes screening the confirmation and identify of the actual substance present in the sample.

Final Notes

Some last thoughts concerning the at home marijuana test:

  • While urine tests may give a negative result at home, hair tests can detect consumption further back in time.
  • In the workplace, it’s normal being subject to a random or for-cause drug screening. Most often job applicants will have a pre-employment drug test. Once the hiring process is complete, some organizations might require ongoing testing. Use an at home THC test to help prepare for any type of at-work testing.
  • Low on money but want to see if there are detectable levels of substances in your system? An at home marijuana test could be the low budget answer to your problem.
  • An at home THC test is just preparation for the test that actually matters. Think of it as a scrimmage before the big game.
  • If all hope is lost, use someone else’s urine. Wear gloves. Or…
  • Check out how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours.

By Diego Felix