What to Do with Your Already Vaped Weed

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Uninitiated vapers, or anybody who just doesn't know any better, may dump their brownish-colored buds in the trash after a vape session, but did you know there's a lot more you can do with your already vaped weed? I'm guilty, too, of sometimes throwing away the charred remnants of my Pax vaporizer in my wastebasket. Despite its unappealing exterior, though, already vaped weed contains trace amounts of cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds that can be still used in a variety of new ways!

Is All Vaped Weed the Same?

Throughout the constantly-growing cannabis industry, there now exists a whole plethora of vaporizing products; they differ in size, function, effectiveness, and overall design. They also allow users to tinker with temperatures to achieve low or high-temperature dabs.

Dabbing enthusiasts typically use temperatures ranging between 315 and 440F to produce a flavorful and potent inhalable vapor. It's important to note that high temperatures can end up burning the cannabis, making it less likely to contain any residual cannabinoids.

What Can You Do with Already Vaped Weed?

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Can You Smoke It?

Already vaped buds typically feature a strong brown hue. When smoked, these ground-up buds often taste harsh and burnt— albeit, users may still feel light effects due to the remaining activated cannabinoids. Vaporizers may also end up burning your cannabis flowers if they are not cleaned properly or if the flower is vaped for too long. While you may not be able to effectively smoke your already vaped cannabis, there are plenty more ways you can reap its therapeutic compounds!

Bake Edibles

Already vaped weed can be used when baking or cooking cannabis-infused edibles. Edibles typically require decarboxylated cannabis. Consumers may choose to activate the cannabinoids by cooking them in an oven and then infusing the plant into an oil or butter. Already vaped weed, however, is already decarboxylated, and can be cooked or baked into any recipe.

When cooking or baking with cannabis, lower temperatures help to ensure that your cannabinoids don't degrade; a low simmer is advised to keep the potency intact. If you want to infuse it into an oil or butter, simply add your vaped bud into your butter or oil in a slow cooker, or any other cooking method on low heat.

Make Drinkables

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Keep in mind, your already vaped weed won't produce the freshest or most flavorful taste you've ever experienced, but you can still make decent tea or coffee with it. Ground-up cannabis that's been vaped has already been decarboxylated, meaning that its acidic compounds have transformed into their therapeutic parent cannabinoids.

Already vaped weed can simply just be added into your coffee grounds or tea leaves as they brew or steep. Some users may also prefer to add some cannabutter along with their already vaped weed for an even more robust experience. Adding already vaped weed in cannabis tea or coffee can be an excellent way to re-use your material!

Water Curing

Already vaped weed has one major problem — it's dark and it doesn't taste very good. Other bold flavors can be used in a recipe to mask this bitter taste, but ultimately, you'll probably still be able to taste the brown bud. Water curing cannabis flower reduces the harsh odor. This method requires you to wrap your vaped cannabis in cheesecloth and leaving it submerged in water for a few days.

After at least four days, you can strain the cheesecloth and dry the weed in an oven for a couple of hours, at around 200F, while carefully mixing it every half hour. The dried vaped weed will no longer have such an acrid taste, and can then be added to any food or drinks!


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Already vaped weed can also be used when making cannabis tinctures. Once you've finished consuming your vaporized cannabis, place the remains in a mason jar with high-proof alcohol such as Everclear. Cover the jar and shake it daily for a few weeks or a month. Then, just filter your plant material with a coffee filter or similar straining device, and you've got your tincture extract! Tinctures can be added into food or drinks as well, or just consumed sublingually.


Already vaped weed may not make the most refined or flavorful products, but they are a great way to re-use weed that you would otherwise just throw away. Vaped weed can make cannabis concentrates by using a rosin press or solvent-based extraction. After extraction and solvent purging, users can be left with a wholly-usable and fully-effective cannabis concentrate made from their own recycled vaped weed.


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If you aren't a fan of concentrates, you can also make capsules, or even suppositories, with already vaped marijuana. The used cannabis can be infused into a carrier oil such as coconut oil and mixed with lecithin into a capsule for super easy consumption. Keep in mind, however, that homemade capsules may be hard to dose because the already vaped weed contains an undetermined amount of cannabinoids.

Fire Crackers

Don't want to go through the hassle of baking, cooking, or infusing your already vaped weed into a food item? Fire crackers are one of the simplest cannabis-infused snacks you can make. All you need is some vaped weed, graham crackers, peanut butter, aluminum foil, and maybe some Nutella. You can even spice up your creation or make a similar concoction.

Simply place your open-faced toast or sandwich inside an oven for 10 to 15 minutes at 365F. After your ingredients have cooked together, you can enjoy your cannabis edible right on the spot! You will definitely taste some of the grainy cannabis bits, but it'll give you a nice slight buzz from recycled already vaped weed.

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Your used weed may not look particularly appealing, but it's what's on the inside that counts! This burnt-looking plant may still contain a significant amount of cannabinoids that can be infused into food, made into concentrates, and more. Don't throw away your already vaped weed — instead, make the most of it by creating a delicious, homemade snack or beverage!