#Relatable Weed Memes to Get You Through the Day

a weed meme rendering of george washington smoking a joint

Sometimes in life, an idea, joke, or universal experience can be condensed into a screenshot and pithy phrase. Who am I kidding; there are memes for every occupation, hobby, band, TV show, movie, and malady of the human condition and cannabis culture has certainly not been left out.

And whether you’re following Wiz Khalifa on Twitter, Tommy Chong on Facebook, or just group texting between best buds, you’re bound to have seen a few fabulous weed memes. 

So, without further ado, here is a collection of weed memes that every stoner can relate to.

weed meme lord of the rings
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Making dope weed memes is relatively easy; all you need is a handle on pop culture, a head full of jokes, and some simple photo editing software. Any cannabis comedian with a computer can turn a PowerPoint presentation into weed meme machine!

But be warned, meme culture is both extremely trendy and fickle. Balancing the line between fresh takes and dope vs. stale and derivative memes is an art form in itself.  And just because anyone can make a meme doesn't mean everyone can succinctly translate common human experiences with effect and aplomb.

Weed Memes We Can All Relate To

Courtesy of my420tours.com
Is that spring in the air? Or pine, or sage, or citrus, or whatever wonderful cannabis strain you’re smelling. The next time you smell the heavenly haze waft by, make sure you lift your head and close your eyes to be like Dwayne "the nug."

the face you make when someone walks past you with weed meme
Courtesy of my420tours.com
Who among us doesn't make this face in our heads when we smell the sticky-icky in a place we were not expecting. You know what's up; someone is blazing away without a care in the world.

snoop dogg weed meme when you get skipped in rotation
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Aw, hold up. What in tarnation is going on here? You might be stoned but you're not stupid, they better back that blunt back up. Ya hear?

when you drop the weed meme
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Save the casting of blame for after you find the missing nugs. And remember, its all fun and games until someone drops the wax.

homer simpson taking a dab meme
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The only thing higher than your hubris five minutes ago, is you; right now. The good news is, that space is nice this time of year.

snoop dogg "how high are you" weed meme
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You have reached a state of ganja-related gregariousness. With interminable spirit and the reddest of eyes, you’re just happy to, you know, like actually be here.

tin man weed meme dabbing
Courtesy of my420tours.com
Okay, okay. You're not at the top of your game right now, but that's because you just need a little something-something to 'get your head right.'  Why is no one listening to you; you know your body better than anyone?

dog weed meme
Courtesy of weknowmemes
Dogs getting into your marijuana stash is no laughing matter, so I’m assuming these dogs are blazed because of some really dope dog treats.

Courtesy of my420tours.com
We’ve all been there. You take too long of a hit, try to hold it in, tell yourself you aren’t going to cough, and then you end up choking on the smoke and your dignity.

football weed meme
Courtesy of reddit
We hope this selection of weed memes made your day a little brighter. Now, head to the dispensary, light a j and try to come up with your own #relatable weed memes for all of us to enjoy.