Tips to Pass a Drug Test

Drug Test Form

Let’s face it, more and more employers are looking for a way to obstruct the legalization of recreational marijuana by administering a drug test. It’s odd, as countless employers have become fixated on controlling the personal lives of those who live in recreational marijuana states; and if a “lack of productivity” is an apparent issue, then why are the states that legalized weed booming? (See Washington, Colorado, and California).

What’s even odder is increased scrutiny of those living within recreational states – it’s not as if thousands of productive employees weren’t smoking marijuana before state instituted legalization. Moreover, employers are diversifying the way in which they test for marijuana: hair follicle tests, urine, and cotton swabs are commonly being employed. So, due to this reality, it’s important for marijuana users to be prepared for testing upon obtaining a new position. For those currently employed, some bosses and HR departments are specifically looking for a change in behavior, so don’t bring your collection of Doritos to the office to alphabetize them by flavor on the bookshelf.

There is hope, however, for those facing a drug test: there are both natural and artificial ways to cleanse the body of this “vile substance” that makes users both happy and hungry. Some advocate shampoos and certain chemicals to cleanse the hair of THC, while others recommend chugging gallons of water (please don’t do this as your electrolyte levels will quickly diminish to unsafe levels). And while it’s your choice to try to beat the drug test, in actuality, not smoking would be the best approach. We here at Leafbuyer would like to provide some safe ways to cleanse the body of THC. It’s quite possible that these tips could help you get the job. One thing I should note: a person might want to cleanse the body for the sake of purity, so we’re not assuming that it’s only for employment purposes. So sit back, grab a jumbo bong (well, maybe after you go through the blog), and read the following information.

Pass the Urine Drug Test

Many people advocate excessive water consumption before a urine test, but this has its fallbacks as well: clear urine will typically concern the employer as it’s a sign of trying to rapidly cleanse the body, especially leading up the day of the drug test. If the urine is completely clear, the employer will likely ask you to retake the test the same day, but without drinking excessive water. And yes, one counter-argument could be: “well I should be allowed to drink as much water as I want at work.” While this is true, the employer also has the discretion to fire you based on a refusal to comply with in-house rules. With that said, there are ways to make the pee remain yellow even when drinking a bunch of water.

Vitamin-B and creatine can continue the process of producing waste – meaning, the yellow in your pee will remain. Remember, the yellow tint in pee is a waste byproduct, so, if your employer doesn’t spot any yellow, it will raise a major red flag. Still, vitamin-B and creatine are natural cleansers that will continue the process of detox but not to the extent whereby THC shows up in high concentrations.

The plan should go as follows: drink 2-3 liters over 4-5 hours before the test. Make sure to space if about evenly because constantly fidgeting to pee at work will look suspicious. Furthermore, do not take more pee breaks than usual. Why reveal your poker hand before the blind? On that same day, take the vitamin B and creatine; dosage is dependent on weight and other factors. So make sure to conduct the right research prior to consuming vitamins.

As we have written, detox drinks are now and always have been a “go to” method for passing a urine test fast however our preferred solution are permanent cleansing pills that flush your blood and urine clean permanently. Well.. until or unless you put THC back in your body. These detox kits are about 5 days long on average and come with two Marijuana home drug test kits to confirm you are clean.

Pass the Cotton Swab Drug Test

The swab is a bit different, but it’s used with the same intent. Due to marijuana cannabinoids cruising through the blood stream – and also, making contact with the gums – your saliva will contain a certain concentration of THC. Now, the total amount will vary based on the amount of consumption, but even small amounts can show up with in a cotton swab test.

Cotton Swab Drug TestA way to prevent a positive test is quite simple nonetheless: leading up to the test, brush your teeth at least 5 times a day. This is not your typical brushing: scrub your gums lightly as that is where the saliva is going to get swabbed. Furthermore, rinse your mouth with a potent, alcohol based mouthwash 3-4 times a day. The day before the test, rinse your mouth at least six times thoroughly. If you successfully pass this test, an employer won’t have much recourse to do the second test as it’s typically only done once, as opposed to a pee test.

Pass the Hair Follicle Drug Test

Of the three tests mentioned here, this by far is the hardest one to pass for two reasons. One, drugs can stay in a users hair for up to ninety days, and two, if someone wants to try to hustle the system by shaving their head, they better be prepared to shave everything else, including armpit and leg hair. To be more exact, the employer will require 1.5 inches to be cut off, which represents 90 days of growth. So, shaving your head is not the best idea. Rather, a user should shampoo their hair with various products, primarily, vinegar, salicylic acid, and detergent. Here’s how the steps should go:

  1. Rub the vinegar vigorously into your hair so it’s saturated. Let sit for 15-20 minutes before the next step.
  2. Douse your hair with 2% salicylic acid. Let both the vinegar and salicylic remain in your hair for 30 minutes more minutes.
  3. Again, douse the hair with powder detergent. Rub from the follicles to the strands.
  4. Finally, add water and one scoop detergent to hair. Leave for 30 more minutes.
  5. Rinse your hair clean all the products and don’t use conditioner. Using conditioner will remove the products.

Thankfully, these three tests can be combatted with some simple in-house fixes involving really easy steps. To be honest, I don’t mind promoting these steps, especially for legalized marijuana states, as people should be able to consume what’s legal. However, these are not guaranteed ways to pass a test; they are more of a guide to help you. Find more ways to detox here!

Article By: Jason Newell