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American Cannabis Company is the premier consulting company for business owners and prospective business owners. There’s no doubt that American Cannabis Company understood the wave of states legalizing marijuana and they capitalize based on the industry’s presumed trajectory.

Founded in 2013, the American Cannabis Company centers on assisting marijuana growers and sellers with the best business practices, industry guidance, product sales, forming partnerships, and creating new age concepts for the marijuana industry.

Company culture revolves around ensuring compliance and informing the general public about the economic benefits of cannabis, and we here at Leafbuyer appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of American Cannabis Company as many of their talking points coincide with our business model.

The American Cannabis Company – History

American Cannabis CompanyAfter marijuana was legalized in Colorado, the founders, Cory Hollister and Ellis Smith, opened the American Cannabis Consulting (the name was later changed). It was their belief that new marijuana businesses that were opening all over the state, and country for that matter, would need guidance.

Let’s be real: the average business owner doesn’t look too deep into regulatory schemes and statutes – the American Cannabis Company intended to fill that void of knowledge to protect marijuana entrepreneurs.

In a matter of months, the company was moving into markets in Connecticut and Massachusetts and bided for the support of a few clients. The company was successful in starting with only a few clients, and the owners experienced success quickly: the company went public in 2014.

With this success, the company expanded into a few other states by obtaining more clients, mostly as a result of “The Satchel,” a marijuana cultivation bag that is child proof. The company’s revenue skyrocketed to over a million dollars a year.

The American Cannabis Company – Company Approach

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“When you succeed, we succeed.” The previous phrase is representative of The American Cannabis Company’s culture – a culture that is expressed by intelligent advice and proper steps for potential marijuana business owners so they can safely enter the market.

Firstly, the company ensures clients with statistical knowledge of the medical marijuana industry with the intention of directing companies in the most beneficial directions. The staff has spent years in various components of the industry, and they are well-versed in law, marketing, and business advice. This isn’t the typical start-up consulting firm as the two CEOs chose some of the best employees in the nation.

Furthermore, the company has a strong track record of achievement with clients, and this can be validated with client success and positive reviews. When a client chooses this firm, the company sits down and plans accordingly, with infrastructure and design coming first. Many individuals delving into the marijuana industry don’t have an educational background in architecture and city planning.

Due to this reality, consultants of the American Cannabis Company have conducted thousands of hours of regulatory and compliance research in order not to waste a client’s time. With hundreds of potential business owners applying for licenses, it’s imperative for the American Cannabis Company to expedite the process.

Another wonderful service of the company’s revolutionary consulting firm is its ability to supply business owners with the equipment they need to launch a medical marijuana oriented business. The company seeks to provide clients with the best return on investment as the consultants will gauge the market in a way that offsets labor and equipment costs. Through years of experience, the American Cannabis Company understand the nature of the contemporary American economy as it relates to smaller sized firms.

Marketing is crucial to business in the age of technology and the American Cannabis Company is focused on bringing clients into the new age. Whether it be social media marketing or SEO, the consultants at this company will simplify what is required to be recognized in the market. Growing a brand in this day and age isn’t the easiest, especially for those that aren’t proficient with computers and tech.

This is why the company focused intently on hiring people who have been working in internet sales for years. The fact is, opening a business without the presence of social media can entail plummeting profit and a lack of a consumer base.

Platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, have unparalleled potential benefits if done in the right manner. Yes, placing ads in the newspaper and going door-to-door is still considered a decent way to increase outreach, but without accepting the ability to grow a business online, business owners may lose thousands, if not millions, of dollars in business. __________________________________________________________________

The American Cannabis Company exudes excellence with its obsession of satisfying customers. And, most important, this isn’t the fast food of consulting companies because the step-by-step method is ingenious and demonstrates the company’s commitment to creating robust businesses. So, if you’re contemplating jumping into the fray, make sure to contact The American Cannabis Company as it is possibly the best marijuana consulting firm in the United States.

Author: Jason Newell