What Is Terp Sauce?

thca crystals in terp sauce

Cannabis is a growing industry with fans across all age groups, geographical locations, and cultures. With legalization sweeping the globe, the market for quality cannabis products, and the demand for bigger and better ways to consume weed is expanding rapidly. While not too long ago, people were happy to just smoke some low-THC flower, those days are long gone. Now products like terp sauce, moonrocks, and cannabis-infused soda (to name only a few) are hitting the shelves almost as fast as they're flying off them!

From gourmet edibles to unbelievably potent concentrates, new ways to consume weed are developing almost faster than the stoners can keep up. That's why Leafbuyer is here to give you the latest and greatest explanation on one of the most high-tech extraction methods to date and, more importantly, give you the inside scoop on the potent result: terp sauce. Here you'll learn what this wacky weed product is, how it's made, and, above all else, how to smoke terp sauce like a pro.

The world of weed may be an ever-evolving place but we're here to make sure no one is left in the metaphorical cannabis dust. So, without further ado, let's jump right in and learn everything there is to know about terp sauce. The name for this product may be silly, but this particular cannabis concentrate is no joke.

What is Terp Sauce?

thca crystals

Even with all the hype growing around terp sauce, it's completely understandable if you're still wondering exactly what it is and why people want it. Simply put, terp sauce is a potent cannabis extract which preserves the natural terpenes of the plant more than other methods of extraction. While many concentrates lose their terpenes in the process of becoming a concentrate, terp sauce does the opposite by celebrating the terpenes.

For a deeper understanding of terp sauce (also called 'sauce'), you need a basic understanding of terpenes and their function in cannabis. Terpenes, for the uninitiated, are naturally occurring plant compounds responsible for the flavors and aromas in cannabis. Terpenes occur outside of weed too, in commonly known plants like conifers and lemons — hence the piney and lemony notes you sometimes notice when smoking weed!

Not only do terpenes make your weed taste and smell good, but they also contribute to your high as well! The influence terpenes have on a cannabis high is called the "entourage effect" and you'll be surprised by just how much terpenes contribute to the weed game. It's more than just making a joint smell like lemons; it's the varying effects and how they present as well! When you feel cerebral vs. sleepy or giggly vs. introspective, the entourage effect of the terpenes interacting with the THC is partly responsible. Given the facts, it's clear why preserving terpenes in extracts is a good idea. Enter terp sauce, the potent and delicious cannabis concentrate which celebrates terpenes instead of canceling them out.

How is Terp Sauce Made?

The process of making terp sauce is very involved with multiple steps, crucial to the final result. The first steps are similar (if not identical) to making any ol' cannabis oil from live resin. To make terp sauce, one starts by freezing or refrigerating a live cannabis plant to preserve the integrity of the resin. Then the desirable cannabinoids and terpenes are removed through an extraction process which involves pressurized separation of plant matter and resin, most commonly done with Butane (like Butane Hash Oil or BHO). Only when one is essentially left with BHO does the process of making terp sauce truly begin!

Instead of selling the cannabis oil as is, terp sauce is created by setting the oil aside in a cool, dark space to cure. This curing process gives the THCa in the live resin concentrate time to crystallize, as it naturally does, and separate the cannabinoids from the terpenes. In the process of curing and crystallization, the terpenes are pushed out in a liquidous and deliciously aromatic form, leaving behind 'cannabis diamonds' of crystallized THCa. Terp sauce and cannabis diamonds are often sold together for a pretty penny since the psychoactive ingredients are in the crystals and the flavor is in the sauce.

When the liquid terpenes are combined with the THCa crystals, the resulting concentrate is potent, highly flavorful, and chock-full of the best psychoactive products of the cannabis plant. So, in short, terp sauce is made by curing live resin concentrates and extracting the purest terpenes as they naturally ooze out of the crystallizing THCa. Whoever the mastermind behind this process is, they sure were a crazy cannabis genius! Who else would have thought to cure concentrates and dab the liquid oozing out, after all?

How to Smoke Terp Sauce

terp sauce

Now that you know what terp sauce is and how it's made, the only question left on your mind is probably how you can smoke the stuff. Well, lucky for all the cannabis oil enthusiasts out there, the process of learning how to smoke terp sauce is rather easy! All you need is a dab rig, some sauce, and the will to get yourself super baked. If it sounds easy that's probably because it is. Since terp sauce is, in essence, just another cannabis concentrate, it makes sense to dab it like you would any other oil.

The difference isn't in how you get this cannabis concentrate into your body. Rather, sauce is unique for its flavorful and aromatic delivery and its high impact on your weed high. Do be careful when trying your hand at terp sauce, even if you're a dabbing pro. With the terpene content almost doubled in this concentrate, the amplified entourage effect from terp sauce might just sweep you off your very feet. While a weed high that strong may sound fun now, it's always better to play it safe and start small — you can always hit the sauce later, but you can't take back the sauce you've already had. So, no matter how good your terp sauce may taste, don't go crazy and consume it all at once!

Buying Terp Sauce

So, now you're filled in on everything there is to know about terp sauce. Everything except where you can get some for yourself, that is! Well, no worries — we're here to show you exactly how and where you can buy this aromatic and potent concentrate. The first thing you can do is head over to your local dispensary and ask your budtender about the full spectrum concentrates they carry. More likely than not, the person helping you with your purchase will be able to suggest an awesome terp sauce product.

Just make sure to double check your purchase to ensure it was specifically made to preserve the natural terpene profile and that it isn't just an uncured concentrate. Even if the product sounds amazing, it won't be the same without some terp sauce. And if visiting a dispensary in person doesn't work out, check out some online products and choose from the best terpene sauce product collection to plan ahead for your visit to the dispensary. A flavorful and potent weed high might be just a click or two away, so don't waste time — get yourself some terp sauce today!