FAQ: The Oregon Cannabis Association

Oregon Cannabis Association

Oregon Cannabis AssociationOregon finds itself wedged between state and federal cannabis laws that are so entangled in years of failed policy even the perception of a thriving, well-regulated cannabis industry seems like a drug user’s dreamland. This is to someone who has been exposed to decades of “marijuana (cannabis) = illegal substance” hype. Certainly, when combined with the very real consequences of possession or use of cannabis, these opinions were reinforced.

This is why the Oregon Cannabis Association (OCA) exists.

Opinion’s about marijuana are changing the public support for marijuana, which has surpassed a majority vote in 2016, with 57% of US citizens supporting marijuana legalization. As this adjustment to the new cannabis-infused social norms and attitudes continues onward, it is up to the local community in states where residents have passed marijuana laws to navigate the new, surreal industry while going above and beyond the call of respecting public health and community welfare.

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Who is the Oregon Cannabis Association?

Started in 2014, the Oregon Cannabis Association is a collection of local small business owners, such as dispensary owners, edible product manufacturers, cultivation companies, laboratories, growers, banking officials, health specialists, researchers, legal counselors, security and transportation specialists, and financial service providers.

What does the Oregon Cannabis Association do?

The Oregon Cannabis Association is a statewide organization representing the need for sensible cannabis regulation at the local, state, and federal level. More than anything, the Oregon Cannabis Association aims to protect Oregon’s cannabis industry. However, the level of involvement in local and statewide policy, engagement with the community, and extensive lobbying of pro-cannabis reform to Congress sets the bar where the opponents had only expected a bong. And that is the point: change the old perception and appeal through reason, science, and community. The best part is, anyone can join!

How does the Oregon Cannabis Association affect the cannabis industry?

Members of the Oregon Cannabis Association testify at hearings, they offer advice to policy makers, and they even sit on advisory committees, which are actively engaged in moving policy through Oregon state and local governments. The Oregon Cannabis Association hosts a number of educational and networking events around the year, bringing together the local business communities.

What are some of the issues the Oregon Cannabis Association has represented?

The Oregon Cannabis Association has too many advocacy efforts to list here. Focusing on the most recent, the Oregon Cannabis Association took a trip to Washington, D.C. and met with 40 separate members of Congress, in late June 2017. While on the trip, members asked Congress to support federal legislation on tax equity (a.k.a. being able to file their taxes like any other business), further access to banking or financial services, and creating more federally compliant channels for cannabis research.

Members have also been involved in a number of state issues, including edible potency, package size, marijuana extraction policies, banking regulations, and tax requirements.

How do I join?

The Oregon Cannabis Association is not just a beneficial organization of businesses and individuals seeking to influence policy. It is a community of like-minded individuals seeking to make sure businesses and governments are able to work side-by-side to ensure maximum compliance while protecting public health and safety.

Memberships can be purchased one of two ways: as a business or as an individual. Being a member of the Oregon Cannabis Association is a great way gain exposure for your business. They release a variety of web and print publications through various platforms. Memberships also include free or reduced-price admission to any networking or educational event, as well as special discounts with local businesses.

Business memberships can be purchased for $500. Individual memberships are sold for $250.