Enjoy The Big Game with These 3 Strains

college football marijuana

We’ve watched months of football; from preseason games this summer to countless regular season games, all leading up to weeks of Playoffs, but the main event is finally here. It feels like the 2018 Game just happened, but now it’s time Bowl LIII. You’re not having deja vu: the New England Patriots, or should I say Tom Brady and company, are back again, this year facing off against the Los Angeles Rams.

Top 3 Strains for Game Day

Football on Green Field
Photo by: Axstokes/Shutterstock
The Rams are making their first Big Game appearance since 2001, where they faced off (and lost to) the New England Patriots.

Fans of both teams are obviously excited to see their teams competing in the most popular sporting event in the U.S. The rest of the country will be watching to see whether someone can finally bring the Pats back to reality and because the Bowl has become an American tradition.

Some people head to their favorite bar to watch the game and others might head to a friend’s house to watch with a group. Maybe you’re planning on watching intently at home or maybe you’re just into the commercials and halftime performance. No matter how into the event you get, if you’re going to be watching the Game, we’ve got some ideas for what to smoke.

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Green Crack

nug of green crack

Green Crack is a spunky sativa hybrid that’s sure to get you jazzed up for the big event. With effects that consumers report last a good while, you’ll be able to find joy in every snap of the game. Even if you’re not that into football, a few tokes of this potent pot might make it that more interesting (or, at the very least, the colors might seem a little brighter).

Take care, though: too much of this strain might bring you a psychoactive head high with side effects like paranoia. You’ll probably be stressed enough watching the game unfold, so be cautious.

Extra Point Munchies

Green Crack brings the party to you. Why not return the favor with an equally fun selection of munchies to snack on? Chex Party Mix, fruit salad, or a cookie platter can all complement the pop of this strain.

Super Silver Haze

nugs of super silver haze on wood table

Super Silver Haze is a yummy sativa that’s perfect for sitting on the edge of your seat during the season’s most anticipated football game.

It’s a great high for hanging out with a group of football-loving friends, as it encourages stimulation, which could lead your group to discuss in-depth play analysis and maybe even play a game of backyard football at halftime. Super Silver Haze will help you to enjoy every aspect of Football Sunday.

Extra Point Munchies

Did I mention this strain is a great one for munchies? Make sure to have your favorite crunchy foods on hand. I recommend a balanced spread: tortilla chips and artichoke dip on one side of the coffee table, and a veggie tray (with your dip of choice) on the other. You might be able to use the crunchy veggies as a way to take your stress out.

Amnesia Haze

cannabis nug of amnesia haze

For those of you watching the the Game with little background or understanding of football, Amnesia Haze is the sativa hybrid for you, with a smoke that goes down smooth.

But don’t let the name deceive you; although this powerful strain isn’t ideal for long-term concentration, it might be good for activities like bar trivia, brainstorming, or daydreaming.

I know what you’re thinking: What does this have to do with sports? Think of it this way. While Amnesia Haze might not be ideal for keeping track of an entire football game, it could work for watching and analyzing individual plays, ranking the infamous commercials, and cheering on your team during the halftime Kitten Bowl.

Extra Point Munchies

Amnesia Haze works well with light food that doesn’t crunch (you don’t want to spend your focus on how your food sounds while it’s being chewed). Try it with pizza, popcorn, or deli-fresh subs. You won’t be disappointed.

Hut, Hut, HIKE!

lighting a bowl for the super bowl

Whether you’re a football fanatic or you’re using the game to veg out and watch a bunch of shiny new commercials (no judgment), make sure to bring some bud along. So while one of the best defenses in the league might be blitzing Tom Brady into the dirt (please, please, please), pack your very own Super-Duper Bowl (ha, ha) and go ahead and get blitzed yourself.